Glas Curved 7 Glas Curved 7
Glas Curved 7" G-spot ... £29.16
Stimulate your G-spot like never before with the Glas Curved 7" G-spot Stimulator! This smooth glass dildo offers 7 inches of pleasure, featuring a realistic penis head and a satisfyingly thick girth throughout. Not to mention the unique sensations that only glass can deliver, perfect for deep and pleasurable penetration. Get ready for oomph-filled satisfaction! It is bulbous handle allows for excellent control of all the fun. Get ready for a night of pleasure with your new favorite lover. Fracture resistant and hypoallergenic, the Glas 7 inches Realistic Head Glass Dildo is ultra safe and durable for repeat use! All Glas toys can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Make play time extra fun by using plenty of lube with this glass dildo.
Glas Mr. Swirly Glass Dildo 10 Glas Mr. Swirly Glass Dildo 10
Glas Mr. Swirly Glass ... £58.33
Mr. Swirly is everyone’s favourite pleasure companion with its stimulating design that aims to please. Swirling along the shaft of this clear glass beauty is a thick red spiral that will provide the delicious friction that you crave with every thrust. The curved shape of the 10 Mr. Swirly Dildo's shaft makes it perfect for targeting the G-spot and can also reach the P-spot with ease during backdoor play. Its tapered tip allows for easy insertion and its flat base ensures safe penetration. 9.25 of insertable length Swirly shaft texture for inches and inches of insertable stimulation Curved Shape for direct G-Spot penetration Extra sturdy glass design Flared base for safe anal insertion
Glas Double Ended Glass Dildo with Anal Beads 12 Glas Double Ended Glass Dildo with Anal Beads 12
Glas Double Ended Glas... £83.33
Get a triple bump of pleasure with the 12 Double Ended Glass Dildo with Anal Beads from Gläs. Spread your sphincter for a double feature of fellatio with this nubby, bumpy life-like masterpiece of anal intrusion. With a realistic bulbous head on one tip and 3 beads of graduated spheres on the other, your booty will barely be prepared for the versatility of penetration that awaits it. Crank up your coitus with cooling sensations of temperature play or with your favourite silicone lubricant. With its borosilicate glass material, this dildo is compatible with all your favourite lubricants. 7 or 4 of double-ended, insertable length Nubby textured shaft for bulbous, bumpy penetration Double-ended for double the pleasure Extra sturdy glass design
Glas Extra Large Glass Dildo 10 Glas Extra Large Glass Dildo 10
Glas Extra Large Glass... £62.49
You'll need a bucket and a mop for this 10 Extra Large Glass Dildo by Gläs. Featuring 9.75 inches of cave-dripping, delectable nubs, this girthy dildo goes extra-large and extra hard for experienced anal or vaginal play. Get bubbly over these nubblies with added temperature sensations or by using your favourite lubricant for a textured slide that will have you cumming all night. Super long design to hit your A-spot or G-Spot, as well as a tapered base for backdoor shenanigans. This versatile giant might not be gentle, but it certainly knows how to show you a good time.
Ns Novelties Pinstripe Egg Ns Novelties Pinstripe Egg
Ns Novelties Pinstripe... £24.99
The entire Crystal collection is made of 100% hand-blown, premium Borosilicate glass. These items are of the highest quality, and represent the most vibrant and durable glass products available today. Â Crystal items can be heated/cooled to personal taste. Â These artistic gems are made from 100% Borosilicate glass, and are designed to bring pleasure to PC muscle exercises. Once inserted, they will help strengthen the Kegel muscle, while providing rippling effects of stimulation. These eggs are a delicious, yet discreet item. Crystal premium glass eggs include a silk storage bag and a detailed instruction manual that outlines PC muscle exercises designed to give pleasure and maintain healthy muscle control.
Fifty Shades: Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand Fifty Shades: Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand
Fifty Shades: Drive Me... £24.99
Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand An explosive G-spot massage is yours thanks to the gentle upward curve of this stunning glass dildo. Enjoy different sensations from each end and thrilling stimulation from its orgasmic textures. Warm up or cool down for teasing, new pleasures. "I come, loudly, gripping for dear life onto the sink as I spiral down through my orgasm, everything spinning and clenching at once." - Ana Steele Enjoy the versatile option of 2 different shaped ends for double the pleasure. At one end is a single bulb with a semi-realistic shape, while the other has a double bubble of fun with a rounder, slightly thicker curve. Experiment with both sides for progressive play that slowly builds you to an intense orgasm. Revel in the textured delight of the slimline shaft as the raised bumps caress your clitoris and internal pleasure zones with every stroke, escalating your orgasmic pleasure to dizzying heights. Made from strong and durable borosilicate glass, Drive Me Crazy can be warmed or cooled for exciting sensory experiences, making it a versatile wand that expands your sexual horizons. Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James. Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey storage bag, Drive Me Crazy is the ideal erotic gift for fans of the trilogy. Key Features: A double ended glass dildo for thrilling internal stimulation One end features a single bulb whilst the other has 2 bulbs and a thicker curve for G-spot stimulation 6 x glass nubs along its length caress you internally and externally - whichever end you choose to use Temperature responsive for sensation exploration Suitable for beginners and experienced sex toy users alike - take full advantage of the versatile nature of this attractive dildo Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection Approved by E L James
Glas Realistic Double Ended Glass Dildo With Handle (11 Glas Realistic Double Ended Glass Dildo With Handle (11
Glas Realistic Double ... £62.49
Double your orgasmic opportunities with the 11 Realistic Double-Ended Glass Dildo with Handle from Gläs. Featuring an ultra-textured, veiny shaft making every inch a pleasure point, this double-sided dildo is sure to give you or your partner hours of versatile, vivacious stimulation. Crank up the coital pleasure with temperature play by warming or cooling this glassy, girthy, goliath for added layers of sensuality. Usable with any lubricant, Gläs toys can be paired with your favourite specialty lubes for jolts of joy and varieties of pleasurable self-exploration. 6 or 4 of double-ended, insertable length Veiny textured shaft for outrageous orgasms Double-ended for double the pleasure Extra sturdy glass design
Icicles No.38 Glass Whip Icicles No.38 Glass Whip
Icicles No.38 Glass Whip £34.99
Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious glass flogger will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass piece is sleek, unique, and made to play hard. The hypoallergenic glass is nonporous and body safe, and when cared for properly, is designed to last a lifetime! The glass Cat-O-Nine Tails features genuine bull leather tresses that are soft enough for beginner play but heavy enough to deliver a firm whack! The heavy-duty weighted glass handle is hand-blown and doubles as a glass dildo for vaginal or anal play! Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher. Total length - 67.5 cmDiameter - 3.8 cmInsertable length - 17 cmBodysafe - YesMaterial - Glass, Leather
G Spot Pleasure Glass 2pc Set G Spot Pleasure Glass 2pc Set
G Spot Pleasure Glass ... £66.66
Get the ultimate variety pack of vaginal play with our 2 Piece G-Spot Pleasure Glass Dildo Set. Perfectly curved for hitting the G-Spot or P-Spot, this dual dildo pack is ideal for those wanting a smooth and versatile play experience.  With their tapered bases and easy-grip handle, these dildos can double as the perfect prostate companion. Both dildos are made of hypoallergenic and shatter-resistant material that is 100% body-safe. The hand-blown glass is non-porous for use with any lubricant and can even be matched with stimulating silicone lubes for a variety of stimulation. Perfect for temperature play, wrap your dildo in a warm towel, or place under a cold tap for a never-ending variety of sensations! Features Slimline Size: 8 inches Ribbed Size: 8 inches Slimline Insertable Length: 6.75 inches Ribbed Insertable Length: 4.5 inches Slimline Insertable Diameter: 1.35 inches Ribbed Insertable Diameter: 1.15 inches
Glas Full Tip Textured Glass Dildo Blue Glas Full Tip Textured Glass Dildo Blue
Glas Full Tip Textured... £24.99
Carefully crafted in dazzling clear and blue glass, this dildo is an impressive addition to any expert's collection, as well as a unique way for beginners to start their sexual exploration! The Full Tip Textured dildo features a pronounced head at its tip for increased stimulation. This product is made from dependable, body-safe borosilicate glass and is compatible with every type of lubricant. It is easy to clean with a quick rinse of soap and water. The Full Tip Textured dildo also retains temperature, granting it the ability to stay warm or cold for adaptable pleasure! Features Size - 6.5 inches  Hand-blown artisan-crafted glass Designed for penetration and clit stimulation Spiralled end for stimulation Bulbous end serves as handle Durable design Hypoallergenic Fracture-resistant Compatible with all lubricants Non-porous & hygienic Easy to clean Temperature responsive for sensory play Lightweight, easy insertion
Chrystalino - Blaze - White
Chrystalino - Blaze - ... £16.66
The slightly curved 'blaze' gives it that extra touch for sumptuous sensations during insertion and removal! Place the plug under a stream of lukewarm or cold water and the premium borosilicate material will heat up or cool down for enhanced temperature play. This butt plug is shatterproof, non-porous, body safe and will give a lifetime of pleasure!
Nubby Textured Glass Dildo Nubby Textured Glass Dildo
Nubby Textured Glass D... £20.83
Stimulating nodules Hypoallergenic glass Easy to clean 6" insertable length Suitable for temperature play The Spectrum Nubby Textures Glass Dildo is a beautiful and quirky instrument of pleasure that will delight and satisfy you with every single little blue nub pushing you closer to orgasmic ecstasy. Wrap yourself around the hard glass and get acquainted with the unrelenting stimulation or discover temperature play and send shivers down your spine. Explore and exceed your limits bump by bump and enjoy a whole spectrum of sensations with the nubby glass dildo!

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