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Find the Best Anal Toys for You

When it comes to solo play, having anal sex toys is the best way to go! There is a wide variety of anal toys for men and women to enjoy. Some people think that it's not safe to play with anal play toys if there's no one else in the room to help, but this is a misconception because we have a selection of some of the best anal toys that are made with high-quality, gentle materials and are a great way for you to start exploring your body and enjoying what feels good before incorporating anal play into partnered sex.

Types of Anal Toys

For many people, the concept of self-love involves pampering themselves, reading self-help books, or simply doing what they love. But with different needs, the definition keeps on changing for other people. And that's when our products come into use. From the popular prostate massagers, butt plugs, and insertable vibes to the more advanced thrusting Sybian and electro sex toys, there is sure to be something to satisfy your needs. 

  • Vibrating Anal Toys

With a diverse assortment of powerful and low-range products, this type of anal toy is perfect if you want to have those intense orgasms. Made from body-safe silicone, it's extremely easy to use and lets you enjoy hours of controlled play. 

  • Glass Anal Toys

Glass toys are a great choice if you want something that offers control, endurance, and durability. Not only do they add a touch of class to your experiences but they're also made from non-porous and body-safe materials that allow for temperature play as well, making them a must-have in your collection. 

  • Anal Plug Sex Toys

If you are looking for something fairly easy to clean, non-porous, and has a non-threatening feel about it then anal plugs are for you. Whether you want a beginner toy or one that's designed for more advanced players, these will help you hit those spots perfectly and offer some amazing orgasms as well.

  • Metal Anal Toys

Designed with advanced anal play in mind, these toys are made from high-quality stainless steel metal that adds a touch of class and style to your toy box. With smooth bodies that slide easily inside and an incredibly slick design, they're sure to be your top pick.

Anal Toys for Men

Anal sex toys for men have been the hottest trend lately. These anal toys for men come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials to make anal play more enjoyable. The best male anal toys are small and lightweight, so they're easy to insert and remove. Also, there are plenty of options for beginners who may not be used to the idea of anal sex yet. If you're looking for anal toys for him, we also have a large selection of high-quality male anal toys that are sure to help you achieve that passionate satisfaction. So, the next time, you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with an incredible collection of anal toys for guys, you know where to go!

Anal Toys for Women

Many people believe that anal toys are only for men, but we can assure you that this is not the case. Women can use anal toys as well, and they often enjoy it. At Scandals Love, we have an amazing collection of the best anal toys for women. From dildos and butt plugs to beads and plugs, we have a wide variety of different female anal toys for your next romp in the bedroom. With different anal toys for her, these are sure to add some to your next experience and make you ready for an enthusiastic anal stimulation!

Anal Toys for Couples

Anal toys are becoming more popular than ever and for good reason! With all of the pleasure that can be derived from anal play, it is no wonder that many couples are using toys specifically designed for this purpose. So, if you want to experience these intimate pleasures, don't wait any longer because, with us, you can have all these extraordinary anal toys for beginners and anal toys for couples at hand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everybody use anal toys? Yes, it's easy for most people to use anal toys. However, beginners and experienced users should take note of a few things before trying their hands at these toys.
What are the best anal toys for him? There are many options available in toys for men. The cock ring is one of the most popular sex toys for males. Men who want to experience a different kind of penetration may enjoy prostate stimulators which massage internally while still providing that penile feeling they desire. And with so many options to choose from, we have made the process a little easier for you as you can easily order your favourites with us and get them all at your place.
What are the best anal toys for her? When it comes to women, they have many options available for anal play. And all these toys have the speciality to take your sexual experiences from ordinary to extraordinary. From vibrating butt plugs to anal beads, there are plenty of options that will surely make her feel amazing.
What are the best anal toys for beginners? When it comes to beginners, might find some of these toys a little intimidating. This doesn’t mean that you should not explore your kinky side with them. One of our best suggestions for you if you're a beginner is to start with a finger or anal beads.
What type of lube should I use with anal toys? Anal toys need to be used with a lubricant as it reduces friction during penetration and makes sure that you don’t hurt yourself or your partner. Using a lube that is too thick or slippery can make it difficult for your toy to stay put or will slide out of place while in use. But, if you are using a butt plug, which doesn’t move around during sex, then you can make do with water-based lubes alone.


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