Exploring Ecosexuality for Earth Day

Exploring Ecosexuality for Earth Day

If you've never heard the term ecosexuality before, today is probably the perfect day to get acquainted with it. It was coined by adult performers, artists and activists Annie Sprinkles and Beth Stephens to describe a movement and sometimes sexual identity related to a deep love and often sexual attraction to the Earth. Ecosexuals believe that by loving, honouring and cherishing the Earth we can save it from destruction.
April 22, 2018 by Ellie Wiseman
Bigger, Better Orgasms

Bigger, Better Orgasms

A commonly searched topic on our website and a regular in-store enquiry from our customers is how to intensify their partner’s, or their own, orgasms. As a firm believer that everyone should be equipped with the necessary knowledge to maximise their sexual and pleasure potential, I’m excited to bring you some useful tips and techniques for enhancing your orgasms. These suggestions are useful for people of all genders, orientations, and whether single or dating.
April 09, 2018 by Ellie Wiseman
Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Today is officially the first day of spring! I had a beautiful walk to work in the sunshine, spotting all the fresh flowers budding, and watching the ducks and geese on the canal.

And do you know what all of this got me thinking about?


Okay, you've got me, this is something I obviously think a lot about seeing as I work in an adult store. But it's a common theme this time of year, and with good reason.

Spring Equinox is traditionally known as Ostara, an ancient Germanic celebration of equal day and night, new-life, and fertility. Oestrogen is derived from this word, as Ostara particularly reveres female sexuality and it's life-giving abilities.

So I think today is the perfect day to celebrate your sexuality, whether female or other. To embrace some softness in yourself, get back in touch with your body, spring clean that toy box, and start getting excited about what the next few months will bring for you!

March 20, 2018 by Ellie Wiseman