Electro Sex Electro Sex egg
Lux Fetish 9PC Electro... £158.33
Unleash electrifying pleasure and unparalleled excitement with the Lux Fetish 9 Piece Electro Sex Ultra Shock Set. This luxurious collection is a must-have for those who want to take their pleasure to thrilling new heights. Featuring a range of accessories, this set offers a complete electrostimulation experience. With three attachments designed for intense internal stimulation and four stimulation pads for exploring electrostimulation externally, you'll have endless possibilities for pleasure. With 10 speeds and three unique patterns, this set allows you to fully customize your electrosex experience. From gentle pulsations to powerful vibrations, you can discover the perfect combination for incredible pleasure. One of the key features of the Lux Fetish 9 Piece Electro Sex Ultra Shock Set is its versatility. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, this set is designed to cater to all levels of experience. The included blindfold adds an element of mystery and anticipation to your intimate play, heightening the excitement. In addition to its incredible performance, this set is also travel-friendly and discreet. The remote control and the included bullet, plug, and wand are perfect for taking your electrifying pleasure on the go, while the storage bag ensures easy and discreet storage. Elevate your pleasure to new heights with the Lux Fetish 9 Piece Electro Sex Ultra Shock Set. Experience the thrill of electrosex and indulge in luxurious pleasure like never before. Order now and embark on a journey of electrifying sensations. Customizable electrostimulation with 10 speeds and 3 unique patterns Travel-friendly and discreet design for pleasure on the go
a glass vase with a handle on a white background Scandals Long Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug Butt Plug Scandals
Scandals Long Hollow T... £16.66 £20.83
Experience the ultimate in daring pleasure with the Scandals Long Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug. This exquisite pleasure toy is designed to take you on a wild and electrifying journey of intense sensations. The Long Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug features a unique hollow tunnel design that sets it apart from the rest. As you indulge in its luxurious curves, you'll discover a whole new world of pleasure that will leave you craving for more. This premium butt plug is crafted with precision and attention to detail using high-quality materials for your comfort and satisfaction. Made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), it offers a perfect balance of softness and firmness, ensuring a delightful sensation every time. With a length of [insert length], this butt plug provides a satisfying fullness that will enhance your intimate moments. Its tapered shape allows for easy insertion, while the flared base ensures safety and peace of mind during use. Unleash your wild side: The unique hollow tunnel design of this butt plug delivers intense sensations that will leave you breathless. Experience mind-blowing pleasure as you explore new depths of your desires. Luxurious comfort: Crafted with your utmost comfort in mind, this butt plug is made from premium materials that feel heavenly against your skin. Its smooth and velvety texture enhances the overall sensation, making each moment an opulent indulgence. Elevate your intimate experiences and explore new dimensions of pleasure with the Scandals Long Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug. Let your desires run wild and surrender to the electrifying sensations that await you.
Prowler RED Diamond Plug Butt Plug Prowler RED (ABS) Prowler RED Diamond Plug Butt Plug Prowler RED (ABS)
Red Diamond Anal Plug ... £14.16
Indulge in a world of opulence and ecstasy with the Prowler RED Diamond Plug. Designed for advanced anal stimulation, this exquisite masterpiece features a pleasure-enhancing diamond texture that will leave you craving for more. Crafted from high-quality PVC, this plug ensures both your safety and pleasure. Its seamless design guarantees a smooth and comfortable experience, while the flared base provides an added layer of security, allowing you to explore without worry. What sets this diamond plug apart is its unique and stimulating diamond texture. With every movement, this mesmerizing feature creates an exhilarating sensation that will take your anal play to new heights of ecstasy. Whether you're indulging in solo pleasure or exploring with a partner, the Prowler RED Diamond Plug is your ticket to unforgettable experiences. Let your desires run wild as you unlock new realms of pleasure and passion. Unparallelled Pleasure: The diamond texture of this plug delivers unrivalled stimulation, intensifying your anal experience like never before. Safe and Reliable: Crafted from body-safe PVC and featuring a flared base, this plug prioritizes your safety without compromising on pleasure. Elevate your intimate moments to new heights of luxury and satisfaction with the Prowler RED Diamond Plug. Surrender to the allure of the diamond and treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence.
Precious Metals Silver Butt Plug Butt Plugs Scandals Precious Metals Silver Butt Plug Butt Plugs Scandals
Precious Metals Silver... from £11.66
Indulge your desires with the Precious Metals Silver Butt Plug. Luxurious, daring, and designed to razzle and dazzle, this anal plug will satisfy your craving for a full metal sensation. Perfect for solo or partner play, the smooth surface and tapered tip make insertion a breeze. With a jewelled base for safety and spectacle, it's the perfect accessory for carefree kinky adventures. Comes with a convenient drawstring bag for storage and is easy to clean with hot water. Pointed tip for easy insertion, wide base for safety Jewelled base for added aesthetic pleasure Easy to clean smooth surface Suitable for temperature play For beginners and advanced players alike Use with water-, silicone- or oil-based lubricants Comes with drawstring bag for easy storage
A-Play Groovy Silicone Anal Plug 4 inch Butt Plug Doc Johnson A-Play Groovy Silicone Anal Plug 4 inch Butt Plug Doc Johnson
A-Play Groovy Silicone... £14.16
Discover a new realm of delight with A-Play's Groovy Plug! This multicolored silicone plug is supple and totally malleable for superior comfort--plus, its tapered tip and broad base ensure play is secure and easy. Enjoy effortless insertion and a sensational, body-temperature warmed session of anal pleasure. Nonporous and odorless, the Groovy Plug is made for taking risks and experiencing an intense rush of joy!
Intro Anal Training Kit Anal Kits Me You Us (ABS) Intro Anal Training Kit Anal Kits Me You Us (ABS)
Intro Anal Training Kit from £8.33
Take your anal exploration to the next level with the Me You Us Anal Training Kit, featuring three sleek body-safe PVC plugs for your pleasure. Each plug features a tapered tip for easy insertion and a flared base for worry-free play. Start small and work your way up, exploring new heights of pleasure in no time – satisfaction guaranteed!
Anchor Plug Anal Training Kit Anal Kits Prowler RED (ABS) Anchor Plug Anal Training Kit Anal Kits Prowler RED (ABS)
Anchor Plug Anal Train... from £10.83
Upgrade your pleasure and comfort with the Prowler RED Anal Training Kit. This body-safe set comes with three plugs in various sizes - small, medium, and large - to match your experience level. Each plug has a sleek silicone texture and boast a tapered tip and slim, flat, flared base for an enjoyable and safe experience. Enjoy an incredible sensation as you progress from one plug to the next – perfect for any and all fans of anal pleasure!
Inflatable Anal Plug Butt Plug Me You Us (ABS) Inflatable Anal Plug Butt Plug Me You Us (ABS)
Inflatable Anal Plug w... £20.83
Experience the ultimate in backdoor pleasure with our luxurious Inflatable Anal Plug. Crafted from the finest quality silicone, this masterpiece offers unparalleled durability and comfort. Indulge in the exquisite sensations of its ribbed texture as it expertly stimulates your every nerve ending. With its attached hose, you have complete control over the length, allowing you to tailor your experience to perfection. Thanks to an easy-to-use pump, this anal plug can be gently inflated to your desired size, providing you with a truly customized and intensely pleasurable encounter. The power is in your hands, enabling you to amplify your pleasure to unimaginable heights. Designed with your safety in mind, our inflatable anal plug features a carefully crafted flared base that ensures secure placement during even the most vigorous moments of intimacy. You can immerse yourself fully in the pleasure without any worries or distractions. Unrivaled comfort: The high-quality silicone material and ribbed texture offer unmatched comfort during use, ensuring a luxurious experience every time. Customizable pleasure: With the attached hose and easy-to-use pump, you have the freedom to inflate the plug to your desired size, allowing for personalized satisfaction like no other. Unlock a world of pleasure and excitement with our Inflatable Anal Plug. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey into anal play, this exquisite toy promises to elevate your pleasure to new dimensions. Embrace the luxurious sensation and explore your deepest desires in style.
Inflatable Beaded Anal Plug Butt Plug Me You Us (ABS) Inflatable Beaded Anal Plug Butt Plug Me You Us (ABS)
Inflatable Beaded Anal... £20.83
Experience a new level of pleasure with our high-quality Inflatable Beaded Anal Plug. Specially designed for ultimate satisfaction, this luxurious plug is a must-have addition to your collection. Our inflatable plug boasts a smooth texture and an innovative beaded design, ensuring delightful and thrilling sensations that can be tailored to your desires. The attached pump allows you to effortlessly control the size and intensity, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced users. Indulge in the exquisite pleasure this anal plug provides. Its elegant design and solid construction make it a reliable and durable companion during your intimate moments. Customizable Experience: With the attached pump, you can easily adjust the size of the plug to match your desires, giving you complete control over your pleasure. Exceptional Comfort: Crafted from high-quality materials, this plug ensures a comfortable and seamless experience. The smooth texture and well-designed shape guarantee pleasurable sensations without any discomfort. Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury and explore the world of anal play with our Inflatable Beaded Anal Plug. The targeted keyword "inflatable beaded anal plug" perfectly describes this product, reflecting its outstanding features and benefits. Take your pleasure to new heights and unlock infinite possibilities with this essential addition to your pleasure collection.
The Ass Midget Butt Plug Domestic (Shots) The Ass Midget Butt Plug Domestic (Shots)
The Ass Midget £74.99
Introducing The Ass Midget, the perfect companion to make all your wildest butt dreams come true! This gnome-inspired butt plug comes in a size that's sure to dilido your night away! Get ready to be huge-ly impressed! Take your pleasure to the next level with The Ass Midget! From its comfortable design to its top-notch materials, this plug will make your booty blush with delight. Go ahead, take the plunge and get ready for a wild ride!
Mojo Spades Butt Plug Butt Plugs Mojo Small Mojo Spades Butt Plug Butt Plugs Mojo
Mojo Spades Butt Plug from £10.83
Get Your Mojo Working!!!The Mojo Spades Butt Plugs are made from 100% medical grade silicone, are fully waterproof and have a powerful attach-to-any-flat-surface suction cup at the base. The textured, tapered design ensure a pleasurable experience and they come in two sizes.
Acrylic Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug with cap Butt Plug Scandals Acrylic Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug with cap Butt Plug Scandals
Acrylic Hollow Tunnel ... from £6.66
Take a daring plunge with the Acrylic Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug. Its hollow tunnel delivers thrilling sensation and a unique thrill. Challenge yourself to a wild and electric experience today!
Prowler RED by Oxballs Pup Tail Butt Plug Prowler RED by Oxballs Pup Tail Butt Plug
Prowler RED by Oxballs... from £70.83
Prowler RED by Oxballs Pup Tail Butt Plug is a silicone buttplug and tail duo—one ergo-plug with a smooth bean-shape, and one hand-poured, Liquid Platinum Silicone tail. Together, they provide a luxe feel and super-stretchy comfort, plus a waggy tail that moves with you! Its tapered neck and humps at the top and bottom keep the plug in place and the tail wagging high. Enjoy comfortable insertion and a buttplug that won't twist or pull. Buy it once and wag forever!
Oxballs Glowhole Small Oxballs Glowhole Small
Oxballs Glowhole Small £62.49
The small GLOWHOLE MORPH by Oxballs is a fuckplug with a gaping hole perfect for penetration or toy stuffing. With a frosty look inside and featuring an LED lit gape-glow this plug is made from the new MORPH PLUS+SILICONE rubbery blend. Its ergo shape is designed to fit all around, the plug sits just deep enough and wider where you want, but narrow where you need so you can grip it in. Every part of this plugs is designed for the play that you crave, with inner plug humps the right spot and has rings and humps in the knob-chamber for your partner’s pleasure. The crack-stretching thick rim keeps your hole gaping wide, and from the outside you get an amazing hole-view as it is lit up by the LED insert hidden in the base.
Masters Degree Anal Education Set Masters Degree Anal Education Set
Masters Degree Anal Ed... £0.00
The B-Vibe Anal Education Set Masster's Degree Edition has been specifically created with the optimal tools for the true bussybuilder. Complete with a varied array of products including a set of large anal beads and a training cone, a Snug Plug 6 and a Rimming Plug XL for experiencing deep anal euphoria. The Masster's Degree Edition includes a set of body-safe nitrile gloves and a deep wash enema to master anal hygiene, B-Vibes signature lubricant applicator, and the Masster's Collection Guide to ensure you're well equipped to take your anal play session to the next level!
Ass Vault Locking Ass Expander Ass Vault Locking Ass Expander
Ass Vault Locking Ass ... £124.99
The Master Series Ass Vault Locking Ass Expander will have you discovering exciting new ways to dominate and lock up your lover. Made of strong, sturdy metal with a cleverly designed mechanism, this anal toy is unlike anything you've had before. With this plug inserted remove the plunger to make the bulb expand within your backdoor, this is the perfect toy for power play as you can then lock the plug-in place and take full control of your partner’s hole! If you like temperature play, try warming or chilling this toy to add different sensations to the play! 
Dirty Words Anal Plugs- Sl*t, Wh*re & Slave Dirty Words Anal Plugs- Sl*t, Wh*re & Slave
Dirty Words Anal Plugs... from £10.83
This butt plug is a total game changer! Get ready to call the shots and show off your suave slut”, “whore”, and “slave” names - in style! Made for those who don't take themselves too seriously - this butt plug wraps you up in quirky, humorous fun.
Pedigree Puppy Butt Plug Tail Pedigree Puppy Butt Plug Tail
Pedigree Puppy Butt Pl... £37.49
Plug up your pup with this slim, smooth anal toy! This tail will instantly transform your partner into your pet when you slide it in their tight hole! The tapered tip and sleek material make for an easy and comfortable insertion. The flexibility ensures that the narrow plug will bend with the internal contours of your body. Firm, but springy, the tail will wag as your happy pup shakes their hips and crawls around at your feet! Compatible with silicone or water-based lubes. Clean with mild soap and warm water.
Booty Bloom - Silicone Rose Anal Plug Booty Bloom - Silicone Rose Anal Plug
Booty Bloom - Silicone... from £23.33
Decorate your derriere with this blooming anal plug rose! Crafted from velvety silicone and shaped with individual petals for a realistic and satisfying texture - the long neck and tapered tip make this plug easy to insert and comfortable to squeeze on, perfect for all anal skill levels.
Doc Johnson Round Butt Plug Black Small Doc Johnson Round Butt Plug Black Small
Doc Johnson Round Butt... from £12.49
Introducing the delightfully dainty yet deviously delightful Doc Johnson Round Butt Plug in black! Get smooth satisfaction with this petite PVC playmate; a perfect way to make your booty pop! ;)
Fox Tail Plug No. 3 Fox Tail Plug No. 3
Fox Tail Plug No. 3 £30.83
Feel the soft tickles against your legs from the faux fur tail and experience the filling sensation from the beautiful curves of the attached aluminium butt plug. The plug is formed with a tapered tip, smooth bulbous body and slender neck, so inserting and wearing your toy is easy. Heat or cool in warm water or the fridge for extra sensations! Feel foxy with this gorgeous tail!  
Master Blaster Master Blaster
Master Blaster £34.16
The Master Blaster Black is a long bullet. Made of top quality soft rubber, odorless, non-toxic (free phthalates) and very easy to clean with, for example, a little detergent. This Domestic Partner anal dildo is resistant to any lubricant!
Fist 5 Fist 5
Fist 5"/13mm All black £24.99
This All Black buttplug has the shape of a fist and gives the ultimate fisting experience. Lubricants based on both water and silicone can be used herein. It is important to clean the buttplug well after use. Each toy is individually tightly wrapped in a transparent plastic protective case
Fluffy Bunny Butt Plug - Magenta
Fluffy Bunny Butt Plug... £26.66
The amazing Fluffy Bunny Butt Plug features an aluminium plug for increased resistance to wear and tear, and easier cleanup. The plugs are a comfortable size, designed to fit snugly inside your butt and prevent the plug from falling out during your play.

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