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  • I Didn't Have An Orgasm Until Twenty-One- By Ellie Wiseman

    I Didn't Have An Orgasm Until Twenty-One- By Ellie Wiseman

    I didn't have an orgasm until after I had birthed a child. Until three years after I had had penetrative sex for the first time, and 5 years after anyone had touched me intimately.

    Not by myself and certainly not with a partner.

    I have now been orgasmic for almost three years and it's been quite a process of breaking down misconceptions and getting to know myself. For a long time I felt broken. I felt like there was something wrong with my body, that I couldn't do this thing that everyone else seemed to find so easy.

    But that's the thing: it's not easy. Especially not for women, and especially not in the society we currently live in. And this is why I wanted to write this blog post, in case there are any others feeling broken, who feel let down by their own bodies. To let you know that this is not your fault!

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  • You, Me, Disability and Sex

    You, Me, Disability and Sex

    When is comes to sex, sex toys or porn, people with disabilities are often overlooked, but why should we be? We have vaginas, penises and everything else in between, just like the rest of the population. However, there seems to...

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  • All Things Masturbation

    All Things Masturbation

    Its no secret that masturbation has been considered wrong or sinful in times past. However, masturbation has come full circle in modern times and is now wonderfully celebrated, not only amongst men, but increasingly so amongst women too.  Scandals is...

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  • Perfect Period Sex

    Perfect Period Sex

    In a woman’s life, she will menstruate approx. 450 times, for a total of 2,280 days. If you can do the maths on that, its 6 years total! And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss...

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  • The Porn Block

    The Porn Block

    Mark July 15th in your calendars, folks. If you hadn't heard, the UK is passing a new legislation that will make it harder for under 18's to view pornography. This will happen by adult sites asking or proof of age...

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  • The Prostate Awakening

    The Prostate Awakening

    Women have been blessed with many pleasure zones on our bodies, the clitoris for example is the only body part in either gender that is solely for the pleasure of its owner. However, don't be fooled into thinking men's bodies dont...

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  • Vaginismus: A Pain In...The Vagina

    Vaginismus: A Pain In...The Vagina

    We've all heard of Erectile Dysfunction. However, there exists a rather troublesome and downright painful sexual condition that effects thousands of women in the UK alone. Vaginismus. What is it? Vaginismus is the body's autonomous reaction to the fear of...

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  • Product Spotlight: Vintage Cross-Dressing Zines!

    Product Spotlight: Vintage Cross-Dressing Zines!

    We are always asked by our lovely customers about erotic or semi-erotic literature, and we have listened. We have in stock a very limited supply of the 1990's zine series "Tales Of Cross-dressing".  The series features lighthearted fiction surrounding willing...

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  • Is The Cervix The New Clitoris?

    Is The Cervix The New Clitoris?

    For years, the clitoris has been the be all end all of female pleasure. All we see is clit this, clit that. But have we been lied to that this is the main source of a woman's pleasure? Are they're...

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