You, Me, Disability and Sex

You, Me, Disability and Sex
When is comes to sex, sex toys or porn, people with disabilities are often overlooked, but why should we be? We have vaginas, penises and everything else in between, just like the rest of the population. However, there seems to be a cultural stigma that dictates to disabled people that they should not have or want sex. At Scandals we believe this ends now!  
We have compiled a list of disability friendly sex toys and sex positions for all abilities!

Sex Toys

1. Magic Wands: When it comes to sex toys 'Magic Wands' (or wands of any type for that matter) cannot be matched. Their power and ferocity are unbridled. However, these toys are very disability friendly. A friend of mine with MS once explained to me that "the long handle of the mains powered wands make it easier for her to get a grip, unlike some of the more teeny and fiddly bullets". Magic Wands are also designed to either be held in place or moved, meaning that you can simply hold the wand in place and it will do the dirty work for you. Perfect for those of us with mobility difficulties in our arms or fingers. Let the magic begin HERE.

2. Bondage Tape: Not a sex toy in a matter of speaking. However, this baby can be adapted to hold sex toys in place. You can use it to attach your sex toys to pillows, beds, wheelchairs or other people, allowing you to use the toys hands-free. Another use for this little miracle is that it can be used to attach grips to sex toys to help improve their accessibility. Bondage tape can be found HERE.

 3. Strap-Ons: Penis having people with disabilities know that having penetrative sex with a partner can sometimes be downright tough, or even seem impossible! However, penetration doesn't need a penis at all! You can still penetrate a partner with the help of a strap-on and a good quality dildo. What matters when buying a strap-on is the quality of the harness. Too loose and it will slip off, too tight and you're going to feel it. Ouch! So take your time choosing the right strap-on for you. We cannot recommend the Vac-U-Lock harness and dildo set from Doc Johnson enough! It has adjustable straps and is padded at the front, hips and rear, making it comfortable to wear. 

4. We-Vibe Match: This little toy is designed to be worn half internally, with the other half sitting just on your clitoris. As if the dual stimulation didn't sound good enough, this little guy is remote controlled! You can simply pop the We-Vibe in place (or have someone do it for you) and then have all that power in your (or a play partners) hands. This little toy is literally hands free! The We-Vibe Match can be found HERE.

5. Cushions and chairs: There exists a variety of sex aids in the form of cushions, bolsters, ramps and chairs. These are designed to make the act of sex easier for everyone, especially disabled people! Here at Scandals we are more than happy to source these products, even though they might not be in stock at the time. 

Sex Positions

1. Oral with a twist (For Her): When it comes to having oral sex with someone who is unable to move their body or has hip convulsions, it can be made more comfortable for them to have oral sex by laying down on their side. Simply lay on your side, with your partner in between your legs (from behind) and get hot and heavy!

2. Alternative doggy (For Him): To master this position its best if your partner or  yourself is able to use their legs and that they're pretty strong in them. This position is as simple as doing squats over your lover whilst they sit, either in their wheelchair, or on a chair of sorts. This position requires some leg strength and can be tiring, but is well worth the effort!

3. More than missionary (For Her): This position is great if one person is able bodied. To master this position have the able-bodied person stand at the bedside whilst you lay at the edge of the bed. This makes insertion a breeze as well as adding extra comfort for you. 

4. Oral for those of us in wheelchairs: Giving oral sex from a wheelchair doesn't have to be a chore. Simply ask your partner to lay on the edge of a bed and place their lower half on your lap. 



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