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      Anal Beads

      Sex toys are evolving gradually with the evolving preferences of the users. At Scandals, we understand the evolving needs of our users and therefore try to bring the latest sex toys for your pleasure. One of the most popular categories of sex toys on our platform is the anal beads. In fact, anal beads happen to be amongst the most popular anal toys with users across the world.

      What are anal beads?

      Anal beads are amongst our most popular sex toys that are used by couples as well as individuals to increase the pleasures experienced during orgasm. If you are new to anal beads, then you need to know that they are essentially beads prepared from different materials attached with a cord and a grip on the other end. You insert them into the anus and remove them repeatedly to stimulate the sensitive parts of the anus for an enhanced sexual experience. The end grip is attached to a retrieval ring which makes the usage even easier.

      Depending on your preferences, the size of our anal beads ranges from small to large, depending on the degree of anal penetration required. During sexual intercourse, your partner would insert and remove the beads repeatedly to deliver you an incredible orgasm. Do not worry if your partner is not there; you can use the anal beads during masturbation as well to enhance the pleasures manifolds. 

      The usage of anal bead is becoming extremely popular during intercourse or foreplay with people across the world. The stimulation of your anal zone would be a new experience, thus opening you to an entirely new world of sexual experiences. Even experts vouch for the efficiency of anal beads as they stimulate the sphincter muscles in the anus. While using our anal beads with your partner, ensure that you both keep on communicating to get the usage right and avoid any discomfort

      Anal Masturbation

      Apart from anal beads, we also offer an extensive range of Anal Masturbation for you. These masturbators are available in manual or battery-powered options, allowing you the option to choose the best option as per your requirements. Moreover, the Anal Masturbation are available in a range of size options to allow you complete control over the usage. They are prepared from high quality materials and are completely safe for anal insertion and repeated usage. You can use our Anal Masturbation over and over again for extended durations to experience explosive orgasms as many times as you like. For enhanced comfort, you can use high quality lubes from Scandals with the Anal Masturbation. 

      All our products are prepared from high quality materials and ensure along with life with minimal maintenance. Whether it be our Anal Masturbation or Anal Beads, you are in for extended orgasmic experiences with our sex toys. We regularly add the latest selections of Anal Masturbation and Anal Beads to let you access the best options available in the market.

      At Scandals, we offer you the best selection of sex toys to choose from at the most incredible prices. Become a member to access exclusive deals and loyalty bonuses. We appreciate your concerns for privacy and therefore ship all the products in discreet packaging boxes through trusted shipping partners. With our strategic relationships with shipping partners, we are able to ship the products across the world at the lowest prices. 

      If you have any questions and queries regarding our products or services, then get in touch with our team right away. We will ensure to answer all your questions right away and resolve all your doubts. Contact us now to know more. 

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