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First of all, make sure you’ve used your product a few times to really get a sense of how well it performs for you. And remember, even if you didn’t like the product, we’d still appreciate a review. Customer feedback is an essential part of us deciding which products we buy in.

If you did enjoy your product, you don’t have to go into explicit details! Keep the dirty talk in the bedroom. Just let us know what you liked most, and why you liked it. Try and get as much information across as possible for other customers: aim for around 50-150 words and break it up into paragraphs to make it easy to read. And remember, it’s your opinion we’re after. Try not to repeat information that’s already in the product descriptions. You’re the star here, and it’s yourthoughts that we want to read.

Also, if you came into store to purchase your item- or interacted with us via our online chat, social media or email- please let us know how you found our customer service. The Scandals team pride ourselves on being available as a brick and mortar store, and being able to transfer that care and attention into our online presence. We are always striving to improve and make our customers as happy as possible, so let us know what you thought!

Some ideas of information to include in your review would be:

  • What did you think of the material and texture? Did it feel soft/hard/luxurious/squishy?

  • How powerful was it? What kind of vibrations did it have- buzzy, surface level? Or more of a deep rumble? What was your favourite vibration pattern?

  • Did it do what it was supposed to? Did it ‘hit all the right spots’?

  • If it was wearable, how was the fit?

  • If you bought it in store, how was your visit?

  • Most importantly… did you have fun? Tell us how it made you feel! Emotionally and physically.

Here’s an example review for you:

Sinful Black Ball Gag

As a vegan I find it hard to find leather alternatives that still look luxurious when it comes to BDSM gear. This ball gag is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s vinyl strap looks far more expensive than it actually is, and that shiny black effect is really sexy paired with latex.

The breathing holes make it more comfortable to use than solid ball gags, and this also makes it nice and light. Though, if you suffer from jaw ache then I would maybe try a smaller ball gag or only keep this one on for a short period of time, because it’s pretty sizeable.

Also, if you have long hair I’d definitely recommend tying it up. Though a bit of hair pulling never goes amiss!

Based on 244 reviews

Very good product , very good service

Sensually satisfied

Bet you can't say that with a lisp

This liquid vibrator is absolutely amazing gives the user a hightened orgasm when used will definitely recommend to buy this product

It is a very pleasant lubricant with great results from the warming sensation it gives in all areas it’s used

Excellent product

Used many times 100% does what it says. Little or know side effects. Much better than viagra. Would recommend to all.


Does exactly what it says. Harder and stronger for longer . Well worth a purchse for special occasions and events. Using half does also give the desired affect too.


I purchased this set for my wife and it is beautiful and feels so sexy I find it irresistible would like to get it in white

Butt buster

Too much for me ☹️...Bonus for me, wife loves it=Happiness.

Superhero Strong Performance Spray by PJUR - 20ml

Very good product, it works very well


Nice ring, fits nicely, feels good to wear, does its Intended job, would recommend

Good product

This is a good flogger/whip, very sturdy handle, good quality and my wife seems to enjoy it

Does the job

Does exactly what you want it to do. Hard for hours!

Great Paddle

First time using a paddle rather than my hands and the lady loved.

Way better than viagra!!!!

Kept me hard for ages my girlfriend loved that I continued after I came and she had multiple orgasms

Real Feel Deluxe 9.5" Suction Vibrator

Real Feel Deluxe 9.5" Suction Vibrator

Perfect - 5 stars

Bought this version for the other half - and what a perfect addition to our fun. Smooth, powerful or softer variable settings, and it seemed to hit the spot - several times !!!

Xa Xa Xoom Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Great couple toy! Would highly reccommend

Girlfriend loves her new toy!


100? Guaranteed to do the job

Great cleaner

Great cleaner easy to use. Spray, wait, rinse, let dry. That simple. No odour, no stickiness. Quick to use.

You won’t find any better than this...

Superb product, very effective, highly recommended!

Does what it says on the tin

I have used both capsules and found that on both occasions there is no headache. I also found that it is best taken on an empty stomach with at least a large glass of water. On both occasions my erections can last up to three days after taking the capsules, I mean not for three days solid, but when aroused in those three days then things start to happen!!!!!!!!
I think it might be a good idea to break the capsules in half and bind them up with cling film until used I am sure the effect will be as good

Polka Dot Cupless Bra, Skirt & G-string Set 1X-3X

Polka Dot Cupless Bra, Skirt & G-string Set 1X-3X

Happy wife

I give them his a solid 7 /10 as There is some stiff competition out there

DreamGirl Heart Cup Babydoll - Small

DreamGirl Heart Cup Babydoll - Small