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Every time you shop online, use an app, stream music or a movie or even 'like' a social media post, you generate data. The scale is huge – every minute of every day, Google performs 3.6 million searches, spammers send 100 million emails, Snapchatters send 527,000 photos, and the Weather Channel forecasts rain or shine 18 million times.1

To keep pace, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018.

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It's the biggest change to UK data privacy law for 20 years and creates a single set of rules that better protects personal information for people across the EU. All organisations must review how they manage all personal data, such as customer addresses and staff details, and ensure they meet GDPR requirements.

Data Protection and GDPR at Scandals

We understand that your personal data is exceptionally important to you and when you trust us with it we have a duty to keep it safe and secure.

What we do and don't do:

    • We do use data to provide you with great customer service, which includes tailoring the information we share with you to help ensure that it's relevant, useful and timely.
    • We do respect your privacy and work hard to meet strict regulatory requirements.
    • We do go the extra mile to protect your data.
    • We don't sell your personal data to third parties.
    • We may use data for external marketing information purposes

Why your data is in safe hands with Scandals

1. You're better protected

The new rules make sure that all organisations are set up to protect any personal data they hold, and to act appropriately if something goes wrong.

Rest assured, robust security has always been a crucial part of everything Scandals does.

We regularly review our privacy policy. It tells you how we use your data and what your options are. We've recently updated it and we will update it again if there are other changes relating to GDPR.

2. You have more control

The new regulation supports your right to have your privacy respected and your data protected. It gives you easier access to the personal information organisations hold about you, if you wish to check or change it. It is designed to give you confidence that this information is accurate, up to date and well managed.

3. You can choose who can contact you, and how

In the coming months, organisations may be asking for your consent to contact you with offers, rewards or information about new products. You can control if and how you want to be contacted, for example by email or phone.

As a Scandals customer, we'll be contacting you to ask you to choose how you want to receive updates from us on features, products and offers. If you speak to our customer care team in the coming months we may also ask for your preferences.

4. You can change your mind

Remember, every organisation must provide you with the opportunity to change your mind about the choices you have made. This is intended to give you options and keep you in control. Scandals will ensure that you can update your choices at any time.

5. You have someone here to talk to

If you have questions about data privacy, security or protection you can get in touch with Scandals' Privacy Team and our Data Protection Officer by emailing us at info@scandals.love.

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