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Premium Artificial Breasts-Teardrop Shape

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Weight/Size: 300g

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Jo Thornton Sexy Teardrop Style 1 Breast Forms - No more tears!

Lovingly crafted from top grade, dermatologically tested silicone, my teardrop breast forms are the perfect prosthetic for those looking to create the wow factor. They are a gorgeous full breast form, to create a full breast and come with a flat back. Slip them in your bra for a youthful silhouette with a wider bustline and full, realistic cup.

Irresistibly soft and supple, but still strong enough to withstand the squeeze of your newest squeeze without losing their shape, teardrop shaped breast forms prove that being a knockout doesn't need to be a pain in the chest.

Each breast comfortably moulds to your chest giving you that feminine profile instantly. What's more, the breast forms features realistic tapering towards the top of the breast and cute coloured nipples, raised to a modest 3mm. Now, whether you choose to wield your new breast forms with the same modesty is entirely up to you!

Jo Thornton 'Teardrop' Style - 300g each (600g for the pair)

Approximately equivalent to a 32D, 34C, and 36B breast

Jo Thornton 'Teardrop' Style - 400g each (800g for the pair)

Approximately equivalent to a 32DD, 34D, and 36C breast

Jo Thornton 'Teardrop' Style - 500g each (1kg for the pair)

Approximately equivalent to a 32E, 34DD, 36D and 36C breast

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