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10% off for new customers with code: LOVE10
10% off for new customers with code: LOVE10


Supporting Each Other

Together we make a difference - When you shop online with us 1% goes towards supporting a great cause. You choose where you want to see our contribution go after the purchase.
We currently are supporting two fantastic charities. Hear from them below.


"We were founded in 1967, amidst growing realisation of the extent of the homelessness crisis across the UK. Politicians, homelessness groups and social activists came together to mobilise support for homeless people and campaign for an end to the scandal.  Crisis was never intended to be in existence for this long.  We don't intend to be in existence in 50 years' time." 


"Terry Higgins was one of the first people in the UK to die of an AIDS-related illness. He died aged 37, on 4 July 1982 at St Thomas' Hospital, London. By naming the trust after Terry, the founder members – his partner and friends – hoped to personalise and humanise AIDS in a very public way.
Terrence Higgins Trust campaigns about and provides services relating to HIV and sexual health. In particular, the charity aims to end the transmission of HIV in the UK; to support and empower people living with HIV, to eradicate stigma and discrimination around HIV, and to promote good sexual health (including safe sex).

The Trust is generally considered the UK's leading HIV and AIDS charity, and the largest in Europe. It is also the lead organisation for Public Health England's HIV prevention partnership HIV Prevention England."