Guide To Buying Sex Toys: Part 3

Guide To Buying Sex Toys: Part 3

This is the final part of our Guide To Buying Sex Toys series, so make sure to read parts 1 and 2 before you continue!

In this post I'm going to go over your different options for how to power your toys. Hopefully this, and the previous posts in this series, will aid you in making an informed decision about which toy will suit you best.


The easiest ones to explain are of course those that require no electric power at all. But don't think these are boring just because they aren't motor powered! These will normally be designed to hit exactly the right spots, as with g-spot and p-spot massagers; or to provide a feeling of fullness and pleasurable pressure, like a butt plug or dong; or to even re-create the sensation of another body, as a fleshlight does.

Rubbing, thrusting, pulling, and grinding. Sometimes this is all you need to get you off!

Of course, some non-electronic toys do include weights to simulate a form of vibration, which is especially pleasurable for internal stimulation from plugs or love balls.

These toys are great because you can use them any time: you never have to worry about them running out of charge, and they don't make any noise. Bonus, they're also super easy to travel with.

Battery Powered

Of course, some of us just need or want a little extra-stimulation, and your next step up is going to be battery powered toys.

There is a lot of variation in these, but the basic rules of battery-powered are as follows.

The bigger the battery, the longer it should last. One AA battery may have the same voltage as one AAA battery, but the AA will last slightly longer. However, there are different benefits to smaller batteries. These can allow for smaller, more inconspicuous vibrators. Generally, the size of the toy is the main reason behind it requiring a certain kind of battery.

To get the most out of a battery-powered toy you should always use alkaline or lithium batteries, as they last far longer than others like zinc-carbon. Just check that the voltage matches what your toy needs! Most batteries are 1.5V, so most toys are designed with this in mind. However, some batteries do come in 3V capacity.

Removing your batteries between uses will also preserve their power for longer, though this usually isn't necessary with button cell batteries as they are designed to maintain their power for longer stretches of continuous use.

Rechargeable batteries are always one option, but keep in mind that these are often slightly larger than other batteries so you run the risk of them jamming in your toy. They also tend to have a slightly lower output, so you may notice that the vibrations aren't as strong when you use rechargeable batteries.


Battery toys may seem like the cheaper option at first, but constantly replacing them does add up! To avoid this, rechargeable toys are a wonderful alternative.

Not only are they more cost-effective in the long run, but they also tend to be more powerful than battery toys.

Most rechargeable toys that are designed nowadays use a USB cable for charging. This means that all you have to do is plug them into your computer or get your hands on a mains adapter with a USB port in it. Though some take a few hours to reach full charge, they can then sustain their powerful vibrations for a long long time.

Rechargeable toys are also more likely to be waterproof than battery-powered. So if your into bath and shower play-time then these could be the perfect option for you.

Mains Powered

Even with that extra-capacity, rechargeable toys still run the risk of tapping out half way through a session. One way to guarantee this never happens to you is to opt for a mains powered toy.

These are the most powerful toys available, so if you're a power queen: this is where it's at. 

Of course, these aren't going to be waterproof, you'll need access to the mains when using them, and they will require an adapter if you plan on taking them abroad at any point.

But isn't that worth it when faced with the potential for never-ending, incredible vibrations, blow-jobs, fucking, or even twerking

I hope this series has answered some question for you, but of course you should always feel free to reach out to us if you have any more! We are here to help you, and no question is too silly or embarrassing. I'm always looking for new topics to cover on the blog as well, so if you have anything else that you are curious about and would like me to write about send an email or message Scandals on facebook!

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