Exploring Ecosexuality for Earth Day

If you've never heard the term ecosexuality before, today is probably the perfect day to get acquainted with it. It was coined by adult performers, artists, and activists Annie Sprinkles and Beth Stephens to describe a movement and sometimes sexual identity related to a deep love and often sexual attraction to the Earth. Ecosexuals believe that by loving, honouring and cherishing the Earth we can save it from destruction.


Ecosexual manifesto


It's a beautiful idea and one which more of us should embrace as we witness more and more the kind of freak weather conditions that climate change and pollution are producing. Moreover, it's a simple yet effective stance to incorporate into the bedroom. Because, hey, change has to start somewhere.

Oh Holy Mary Cannabis Sliding Lubricant Vegan


Going vegan is one way many choose to reduce their carbon footprint as farming has resulted in mass deforestation, excessive methane production, and enormous water consumption. So when it comes to vegan products, this lube is the perfect choice for vegans and lube enthusiasts alike. Using only ingredients extracted solely from natural, vegetable-based sources, this water-based lube is just one fantastic product from our ever-increasing range.

Manila Whip Small


Another way to be more eco-friendly with your sex practise is to use toys made of sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials. Wood is a gorgeous material, often used in well crafted toys. It is especially delightful for kink toys like whips and canes. This Manila whip is constructed in Germany with Manila twigs and a wooden handle.

Glass toys are a wonderful recyclable option for insertables, and something that should last for your entire lifetime with the right care. It's a very hygienic choice, and often the designs are so beautiful you could leave them out as ornaments!


Denber Rubber Latex


My favourite all natural material has to be latex. Latex is tapped from rubber trees and then moulded into fetishwear designs, making it a biodegradable product. This means that latex clothing takes some extra care, but it's all so worth it. Latex acts a second skin, allowing wonderful touch sensations and an incredibly flattering effect on bodies of all shapes and sizes.

The world has given us a treasure trove of sensual materials and products, and earth day presents the perfect day to explore and appreciate these. Immerse your senses in the earth today: smell and stroke her flowers and leaves; dig your toes into the grass and soil; feel the sun, rain and wind on your skin; bite into juicy fruits and crunchy vegetables. Just take a second to appreciate the beauty of the world, and think of what we can all do to help preserve that beauty.

Have a wonderful, sensual day earthlings 🌿


Image source: Elephant.art

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