Position of the week: Love Train

Hop aboard the Love Train for an exhilarating journey to Pleasure Town. Perfect for throuples or intimate fantasies, this position offers thrilling penetration from behind. Secure your suction-cup dildo and explore sensory play with Scandals!
Position of the week: Love Train

Hop aboard the Love Train and journey straight to Pleasure Town, fuelled by an abundance of steam to propel you towards your desired destination. Perfect for throuples or for re-enacting intimate three-way fantasies, this penetrative position serves as your exclusive ticket to an exhilarating ride.

How? Secure your chosen suction-cup dildo onto a flat, smooth surface. All participating partners assume a bended-knee position in tandem. Facing the same direction, the partner behind eases into the dildo while penetrating their front-seat lover.

Why? Love Train reigns supreme for those who relish penetration from behind. It adapts seamlessly to multi-partner scenarios, offering an alluring option for fantasy role-play enthusiasts.

Try For couples, a suction-cup dildo is indispensable for maximising the thrill of this steamy stance. With a spare hand, introduce sensory play elements like a feather tickler, flogger, or nipple suckers for added delight.

Make it Easier Ideal for individuals using mobility aids, especially those with balance or standing challenges. Ensure ample water-based lubricant or water-based anal lubricant is readily available. Additional pillows can provide extra support if needed.

Make it Even Better Elevate the experience with erotic literature, adding a touch of inspiration to your encounters. Explore a tantalising collection of 52 positions to enrich your sensual adventures further.

Get ready for your Love Train journey with Scandals!

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