Position of the Week: Dinner Date

Indulge in an unparalleled dinner date experience that surpasses any restaurant meal or take-away. Discover the Dinner Date sex position guide, offering unparalleled oral pleasure for one partner and a unique service etiquette for the other. Elevate intimacy and explore sensations with this gratifying position, enhanced by flavoured lubricants for an extra mouth-watering experience. Adapted for partners using mobility aids, this guide ensures seamless play and maximum satisfaction for all involved. Explore the Dinner Date position and embark on an unforgettable journey of sensual delight.
Position of the Week: Dinner Date

Prepare for an unforgettable dinner date experience that outshines any restaurant meal or take-away. Immerse yourself in a tantalising encounter where one partner revels in incredible oral pleasure while the other takes the lead in impressing their lover with a unique service etiquette.

How? The receiving partner lies on their back, legs raised with hands supporting their lower back. The giving partner kneels with knees facing the receiving partner's shoulders, leaning forward to position their face between their lover's legs and placing hands on their partner's waist for support.

Why? The Dinner Date stands out as one of the most gratifying oral sex positions for both partners. Enhanced intimacy allows the receiving partner to fully savour attention, while the giving partner explores sensations to provide sensational pleasure.

Try Elevate the pleasure experience with flavoured lubricants as an oral sex condiment. With a variety of delectable flavours available, you're sure to enhance your dining pleasure.

Make it easier For partners using mobility aids, adapt the position with both partners lying fully on their backs or seated. Keep plenty of lubricant nearby for seamless play.

Make it even better While one partner enjoys intense pleasure, the other can join the orgasmic journey too. Incorporate a clitoral suction stimulator or male masturbator for external and internal arousal. Consider adding a vibrating butt plug for exceptional anal pleasure.

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