Position of the week: Dial L For Love

Experience the exhilarating Dial L for Love position from Scandals, perfect for couples seeking thrilling sensations during intimate moments. Engage your core muscles as you embark on this captivating journey of pleasure.

Discover how to master this pose and enhance your intimate connection. With free delivery over £20, worldwide shipping, and a price match guarantee, Scandals ensures satisfaction with every purchase.

Position of the week: Dial L For Love

Show off your aerobic prowess with Dial L for Love, an enticing position from Scandals designed for couples eager to explore new sensations during penetration play. In this captivating pose, both partners engage their core muscles to deliver an unforgettable experience.

How? The receiving partner reclines on their back, nestled between the legs of their partner. As the giving partner assumes a seated position and enters, the receiver elevates one leg over their lover's shoulder and supports their upper body with one hand.

Why? Dial L for Love's unique angle tightens the receiver's vulva or anus, heightening sensation for both partners. It's particularly beneficial for those seeking increased intimacy or when the penetrating partner has a smaller penis.

Try Find your rhythm and comfort as the giving partner wraps their arms around the receiver's waist, drawing them into an intimate embrace. Experiment with body angles by leaning forwards or backwards until both partners discover what feels most pleasurable.

Make it Easier Ideal for individuals using mobility aids, especially those with balance challenges. For added comfort, the giver can place a sex position wedge under the receiver's hips. Keep water-based lubricant nearby and consider extra pillows for support.

Make it Even Better Enhance play with light bondage, incorporating a blindfold, feather tickler, or nipple suckers for tantalizing sensations. Apply a pea-sized amount of orgasm balm to nipples, penis, or clitoris for heightened sensitivity. Elevate sensations further with a vibrating love egg or vibrating cock ring for an electrifying experience.

Experience lasting pleasure with Scandals, where free delivery over £20, worldwide shipping, and a price match guarantee ensure satisfaction every time.

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