Embarking on a career path often feels like setting sail on a ship bound for adventure, but little did I know that my voyage would take me from the depths of marine science to the shallows of... well, let's just say more "intimate" waters.

Picture this: a wide-eyed girl, mesmerised by the wonders of the sea, dreaming of unlocking the ocean's secrets. Fast forward a few years, and that same girl finds themselves knee-deep in textbooks, pursuing a PhD in marine biogeochemistry. Spoiler alert: it's not all dolphins and sunsets.

Now here's where the plot twist comes in: Turns out my family had a little side hustle— a charming adult store called Scandals. As the dutiful daughter, I found myself lending a hand whenever needed, appreciating the unique contribution our store made to the local community. Suddenly, my days shifted from uncovering marine mysteries to, well, delving into the intricacies of human delight.

So there I was, torn between test tubes and... well, let's just say "toys." But hey, who am I to resist the siren call of adult retail? With my partner by my side (who coincidentally shares my love for both science and sauciness), we decided to take the plunge and dive headfirst into the family business.

But wait, it gets better. Not only did we transform Scandals into a modern-day pleasure palace, complete with all the bells and whistles (and, ahem, other assorted accessories), but we also managed to juggle PhDs, parenthood, and a whole lot of "research" along the way.

And the best part? We're not just selling sex toys—we're selling empowerment, education, and a barrel of laughs. Because let's face it, life's too short to take it all too seriously, especially when you're waist-deep in rubber dicks and rampant rabbits.

So here's to embracing the unexpected, charting our own course, and proving once and for all that when it comes to life's grand adventures, sometimes the most surprising detours lead to the greatest destinations. Cheers to Scandals, where the only thing we take seriously is pleasure!

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