Explore Male Sex Toys with Scandals

Discover the exciting realm of male sex toys with Scandals! While traditionally associated with female pleasure, sex toys are now increasingly popular among men, offering enhanced masturbation and sexual satisfaction.

Why Use a Male Sex Toy?

Beyond the obvious fun factor, male sex toys offer surprising benefits:

  • Strokers: Train yourself to last longer in bed.
  • Cock Rings: Potentially strengthen and prolong erections.
  • Prostate Massagers: Introduce you to the pleasures of P-spot stimulation.
  • Vibrating Male Sex Toys: May intensify orgasms.

Types of Male Sex Toys

Scandals offers an extensive range of toys tailored to different needs and preferences. Here are some main categories to explore:

Male Masturbators

A male masturbator, also known as a stroker or stroker sleeve, is an excellent starting point for newcomers. With a non-anatomical appearance, these toys offer a comfortable and pleasurable experience without intimidation. They're also easy to clean with warm water and sex toy cleaner.

Fleshlight Launcher

Pocket Pussies & Realistic Vaginas

For a lifelike experience, consider pocket pussies or realistic vagina toys. These handheld devices provide sensations similar to the real thing, offering simple yet effective pleasure.

Pocket Pussy Scandals


Fleshlights are renowned for their discreet design and ultra-realistic sensations. Featuring a variety of textures and openings, they provide an immersive experience that's sure to satisfy.


TENGA offers innovative masturbators designed to deliver unique sensations. With a focus on non-anatomical designs, these toys provide an exciting exploration of textures and ribbing for enhanced pleasure.

Male Vibrators

Experience the thrill of vibration with male vibrators. These toys offer stimulation that your hand alone can't replicate, providing new and exciting sensations.

Prostate Massagers

Discover the hidden pleasures of the P-spot with prostate massagers. Designed to stimulate the prostate gland through anal penetration, these toys can lead to intense full-body orgasms.

Prostate Sex Toy


Penis Pumps

Combat erection issues with penis pumps, which work by drawing blood into the penis to engorge it. Regular use may help strengthen and enlarge erections over time.

Penis Pump Scandals

Penis Extenders

For those seeking extra length or girth, penis extenders offer a cost-effective solution. Simply slip one over your penis for a temporary boost in size.

Cock Rings

Enhance your sexual experience with cock rings, which trap blood in the penis to improve firmness and potentially increase stamina.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Take your pleasure to the next level with vibrating cock rings, which deliver waves of rumbling vibrations for added stimulation.

Experience the thrill of male sex toys with Scandals! Explore our diverse range of products and discover unparalleled satisfaction today.


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