Anal douches serve as essential aids for enthusiasts of anal sex and anal sex toys. They function as a means to cleanse the anus before penetration, promoting optimal hygiene and cleanliness for anal play.

By ensuring a clean environment, anal douching not only minimizes messiness but also reduces concerns about unexpected surprises, facilitating a more relaxed and pleasurable experience. Many individuals specifically choose to douche before engaging in oral stimulation of the anus, commonly referred to as rimming or analingus.

What is an Anal Douche? An anal douche rinses water through the anus before expulsion, ensuring cleanliness. Primarily used for anal sex or analingus, douches are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate all experience levels. They are remarkably straightforward to use, even for beginners.

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How to Use an Anal Douche

  1. Lubricate the Tip If you're new to anal cleansing, starting with an anal douche rather than an enema is recommended. Anal douches hold a smaller water volume and are hand-squeezed for easier control.

Applying a touch of water-based anal lubricant to the nozzle's tip ensures smooth and comfortable insertion. Lubricating your entrance with the same product enhances glide. 

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  1. Prepare Yourself Fill the bulb with tepid water by either removing the tip and running it under the tap or squeezing the bulb and immersing it in a container of water to draw it in. Use water only in your douche, and always test the temperature on sensitive skin before insertion.

We suggest using an anal douche while seated on the toilet for an ideal angle and cleanliness, as expelled water goes directly into the toilet.

Stop immediately if you experience pain, adjusting lubrication or angle as needed. Anal play should never cause discomfort.

  1. Squeeze and Hold Once inserted, depress the bulb to dispense water into the rectum, gently cleaning and removing waste material from the lower passage. Start slowly, adjusting water flow by squeezing the bulb gently or firmly based on comfort.

Remove the douche gently and hold the water until the natural urge to expel it occurs. Repeat the process until the expelled water runs clear, usually about 45 minutes before play for the body to settle post-douching. Then, you're clean and ready for anal enjoyment.

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