No matter your gender or sexual orientation, everyone possesses a rectum, brimming with sensitive nerve endings that can offer delightful sensations when stimulated.

Anal exploration is indeed enjoyable. Why else would we curate an array of toys crafted specifically for your derriere? Moreover, it should never (EVER) cause discomfort and, with proper preparation and gradual advancement, it can introduce a completely new (and potentially more intense) pathway to climax.

Continue reading to uncover our top recommendations for indulging in the delights of your backdoor in the most pleasurable manner conceivable.

So, where should you commence? If you’re uncertain, allow Scandals to lead you through the realm of anal pleasure products, ensuring you embark on your journey correctly.

Before You Begin

Before delving into anal play, there are a few essential facts you should grasp. Join us as we share five top tips for enjoying anal sex that is comfortable, enjoyable, and incredibly gratifying.

Get Clean

Given the nature of your backside's daily tasks, it's evident why anal exploration necessitates some extra preparation to ensure cleanliness. Maintaining cleanliness is not only essential for hygiene or out of courtesy for a partner; knowing that you're thoroughly clean below helps you, as the recipient, relax and fully relish the experience.

For most individuals, cleanliness is as simple as ensuring you've emptied your bowels earlier in the day (to avoid any potential accidents) and thoroughly washing during a bath or shower before engaging in play. If you desire additional reassurance, you can opt to use an anal douche to cleanse your rectum approximately 45 minutes before play. Refer to our guide to acquaint yourself with all the intricacies of anal douching.

For added peace of mind and hygiene, you can also opt to use a condom on your anal toy, especially if both you and your partner plan to utilize it. Regardless of the user or whether it's been shielded with a condom, ensure you clean your toy meticulously following its instructions before and after each use.

Get Used to the Feeling

Typically, we're accustomed to things exiting our behinds rather than entering them, so using anal toys may require some adjustment. Experiment with touching, stroking, and tapping your finger or toy around and on the exterior of your anus to gauge your comfort level.

If it's not your cup of tea, that's perfectly fine! Return and try another day (or don’t). You should never feel pressured or uncomfortable to engage in any bedroom activity that you're not fully enthusiastic about.

While you can test the waters with a partner, we recommend trying it on your own first to ensure complete relaxation and freedom from any pressure to proceed.

Use Lubrication

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its lubrication. Therefore, using lubricant is an absolute necessity when exploring any form of anal penetration. There are no exceptions! We advocate using a water-based anal lubricant.

Not only is a water-based lube compatible with all sex toys and condoms, but an anal-specific formula is thicker and longer-lasting than regular lube, providing superior comfort and pleasure.

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Nothing tightens your anus and potentially leads to discomfort faster than tension. Hence, it's crucial to take some time to relax all the muscles in your body. Practice deep breathing, stimulate your other erogenous zones to build arousal, and find a comfortable position.

Warm Up

Warming up for anal play entails commencing with small, shallow penetration before progressing to larger and deeper penetration, if desired.

When you're prepared for penetration, utilize a well-lubricated finger to explore slowly and gently. This aids in relaxing your anal muscles and preparing them for penetration, should you choose to advance to something larger. Many individuals prefer using a small, tapered anal toy at this stage. A beginner's butt plug is ideal.

Toy Around

Engaging with an anal toy can be immensely pleasurable on its own, and using one does not necessarily imply that anal sex will follow. Explore the complete range of anal toys at your disposal, including butt plugs, anal beads, anal probes, prostate massagers, and anal vibrators, to ascertain what you enjoy most.

If you encounter difficulty inserting a toy to its full depth (and wish to do so), a helpful tip is to apply additional lube and bear down slightly (as if you were on the toilet) while lightly pressing on the base of your toy. Remember that the best toys for beginners feature a tapered tip and slender girth, and all anal toys should possess a flared base to prevent over-insertion.

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After Play

If you've reached climax while wearing an anal toy (particularly a butt plug), the muscles in this area will have just contracted. Consequently, you'll need to wait a moment or two to allow the muscles to relax again before removing your toy. Adding a drop of lube may facilitate the removal process.

If you've prepared adequately and have visited the toilet before play, encountering any mess is highly unlikely. However, if you happen to notice anything unexpected on your toy, don't worry about it. Dealing with poop is an occupational hazard of anal play, and it's simply a part of the experience and better to move on! 


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