"We have shopped here for years and even since moving out of the area are regular customers of Scandals, either ordering from them online or making the trip to visit their store. The service is second to none, the quality and range of their products are fantastic and the team are so friendly. We can not recommend Scandals enough."
Door Swing £41.99
Explore a variety of new positions with an ordinary door. Just place the 2 acrylic tubes over the top of any open door, close the door and lock for safety. Help your lover slide their thighs through the loops and arms through the upper loops. Use the handles for extra safety. No permanent installation needed.
Whipsmart King Size Love Swing - Explore Positions with the Ultimate Sex Swing £399.99 £549.99
The Lovebed Lounger by Whipsmart is the ultimate accessory for adventurous couples seeking to spice up their intimate experiences. Crafted with a blend of luxury and functionality, this King Size Love Swing provides a thrilling and comfortable way to explore new positions and indulge in the world of bondage play. Designed with precision engineering, the Sex Swing offers a secure and supportive experience. The sturdy coil-like hanger and durable nylon cords guarantee stability, allowing you and your partner to experiment with confidence. Its spacious base ensures ample room for uninhibited movement. This exquisite love swing comes equipped with two pairs of adjustable faux fur-lined cuffs, creating endless possibilities for restraint play. Feel the excitement rise as you surrender control or take charge, experiencing the thrill of dominance and submission. Ultimate Versatility: With its adjustable cuffs and spacious base, the Lovebed Lounger caters to all body shapes and sizes, making it suitable for couples of any level of flexibility and experience. Unmatched Comfort: The mattress of the Lovebed Lounger envelops you in luxurious softness, allowing you to surrender to passion without compromising on comfort. And when it's time to clean up, the washable mattress ensures easy maintenance. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, the Lovebed Lounger is built to withstand even the most passionate and adventurous encounters. Designed for a weight capacity of up to 400lbs, this love swing ensures safety and security, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the moment without reservation. Indulge in a world of pleasure and excitement with the Lovebed Lounger - your gateway to unforgettable intimate experiences. Turn your bedroom into a playground of desire, igniting the passion within and making every moment truly extraordinary. Experience the thrill of the Lovebed Lounger and embrace a new level of pleasure today. Order now and elevate your intimate encounters to new heights.
Whipsmart Heart Cushion- Sex Pillow, Perfect for Different Position £69.99 £78.99
Enhance your intimate experiences with the Whipsmart Heart Cushion, the ultimate accessory for passionate nights. Crafted with precision using high-density foam, this luxurious sex pillow is designed to elevate your pleasure to new heights. With its sweetheart-inspired wedge shape, this sex pillow provides the perfect angle for deeper penetration, intense stimulation, and maximum comfort. The firmness of the cushion offers unparalleled support, allowing you to indulge in unrivaled pleasure like never before. Enhanced Pleasure: The Whipsmart Heart Cushion is meticulously engineered to tilt your pelvis higher, providing easier access to the G-spot and allowing for deeper, more satisfying penetration. Intensified Stimulation: The unique heart shape not only adds a touch of romance but also puts your body in an optimal position for ultimate pleasure. Experience heightened sensations and intensified orgasms like never before. Indulge in intimate pillow talk while making use of the Whipsmart Heart Cushion. Its compact size and discreet design blend seamlessly into any bedroom decor, making it perfect for both honeymoons and long-term relationships. The Whipsmart Heart Cushion is your gateway to a world of passion and desire. Elevate your lovemaking to a whole new level with this luxurious sex pillow, designed to amplify pleasure, promote deeper connections, and create unforgettable experiences.

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