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      Usage of Anal Butt Plugs is growing at a rapid pace as more and more individuals are now aware of the various benefits that this sex toy can offer. While vaginal sex is enjoyed by most individuals, only a few can say no to some anal action. Yes, whether it be men or women, anal pleasure is craved by all. The reason here is that, like other anal toys, an anal butt plug stimulates the prostate, which is located between the penis and bladder in the men, to offer incredible pleasures. While women also get to experience extraordinary pleasures with the stimulation of their anal nerves and the internal structure of their clitoris.

      Anal butt plugs have been regarded as an excellent tool to open you up for anal sex as well as simultaneous stimulation while masturbating; the list of possibilities is just endless. Your imagination is the only thing restricting you here. Moreover, the usage of anal plugs can narrow down the vagina, which ensures increased stimulation for both partners. This allows you the luxury of experiencing not only anal orgasms but also blended orgasms that take place when you experience the orgasm in two locations simultaneously. Just imagine the pleasures on offer for you here.

      Anal Butt plugs have not only a great functional utility, but they also come in a different range of sizes and color options which make them suitable for gifting purposes. You can also choose one or multiple options from the given choices to pump up your sex game. Whatever may be your favorite theme, you can select the most suitable butt plug for your pleasures. Apart from colors and themes, butt plugs are available in a range of materials based on your preferences. At Scandals, we offer you an exhaustive range of butt plugs prepared from high quality materials such as metal, silicone, or glass to choose from. So, why not get different options in different materials, and you will have the luxury of experiencing the joy offered by different butt plugs as per your desires. 

      Do not worry, as you are not doomed to use your hands for anal stimulation. Our exclusive range of butt plugs comes with vibration options to heighten the pleasures experienced by your sensitive anal region. You can set the intensity of the vibrations as per your preferences and let the magic happen; the intense orgasms that you will hence experience would be nothing like anything else. 

      While there are no set guidelines for using female butt plugs, there are certainly some recommendations that you can follow. First and foremost, you must be relaxed while using them for the first time as there are chances that you might panic at the usage. So, unless you are completely at ease, do not insert the butt plug. Secondly, you can use quality lube to increase the pleasure levels on offer. High quality lubes allow for a smooth penetration experience. Last but not least, go slow with the usage. There is no point rushing as there are chances that you might end up with some discomfort just because you did not pay proper attention to the process. Finally, when you are done with the usage, make sure that you clean the butt plug for men thoroughly before you store it in a safe location. 

      At Scandals, we offer you an extensive range of anal toys for enhanced sexual experiences. Hence, whenever you are looking for anal butt plugs, you need not look elsewhere. We offer you a curated selection of butt plugs prepared from the best quality materials and equipped with the latest features. This allows you to enjoy the shopping experience from the comfort of your home without any glances from anybody. All our packages are shipped using trusted shipping partners and are delivered in discreet boxes, taking care of your privacy concerns. We ship across the world and accept online payments through multiple payment modes for your added convenience. 

      If you have any questions or doubts regarding our products, services, or shipping, feel free to get in touch with our team. We will revert in a quick time will the best solutions to your concerns. 

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