Pretty In Pink: The Perfect Summertime Vibe

Pretty In Pink: The Perfect Summertime Vibe

Originally published 26/06/2016


The Pretty In Pink rechargeable bullet is a favourite among Scandals staff, the stuff of legend which I'd heard plenty about long before my incredibly generous managers offered me one to try out.

From what I had heard these were tricky toys to track down, and always sold out very soon after they were. Let me tell you, I well believe it now.

I'm normally a pretty lazy masturbator, typically reaching for the power and enlarged surface area of my magic wand to minimise effort on my part. So I was a little suspicious of a toy that might make me exert extra energy because of it's compact size and possibly lightweight vibrations. But I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

This is like no other bullet I've ever tried. In fact, I'm not sure it should even be classed under the same bracket. 


This little pocket rocket produces amazingly powerful, deep rumbly vibrations which come in 7 different speeds and patterns. More than enough for this to do it's job! It's really easy to cycle through these thanks to the easy to access button at the base of the vibe (also the on/off button), which handily lights up in case you were to drop it in the dark.

It's small stature makes it perfect for pin-pointing pleasure and because of this I think this would make a great unisex toy. It could easily be used on nipples, the outside of genitals and for stimulating the prostate through the perineum. Obviously it's not safe for anal insertion because it doesn't have a base to keep it anchored, but you could feasibly use it for vaginal penetration if you so wished. Better yet, because it's so inconspicuous and not likely to get in the way, this could easily be used on the clitoris at the same time as being penetrated.


Even with all that, I'm yet to get to the best part: the pretty in pink is fully waterproof! I've never tried toys in the bath or shower before so this was a fun little experiment, and I can confirm that the strength of it's vibrations are in no way compromised by using this underwater.

My only qualm at first was that this isn't made of silicone, my preferred material for toys. But on further research it's ABS plastic interior and PU outer are perfectly body safe. More-so, these materials actually contribute to the powerful vibrations as silicone can sometimes diminish these by acting as a "cushion".

This is definitely going to be well used this summer and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's attention has been piqued by this write up. It's waterproof performance makes it ideal for the hot, sweaty summer we look set to have. I'm sure this will add lots to both solo play and couple play! As well as this, it's small size makes it perfect for travelling as it could easily be slipped into luggage without raising too many questions at airport security, or stowed in a back pack for a quick weekend away.

To get your hands on your own pretty in pink, click here.

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