Is The Cervix The New Clitoris?

Is The Cervix The New Clitoris?
For years, the clitoris has been the be all end all of female pleasure. All we see is clit this, clit that. But have we been lied to that this is the main source of a woman's pleasure? Are they're more wondrous treasures to behold just a little further?
Kim Anami is a holistic sex and relationship expert and has also gained social media notoriety from her viral posts about vaginal weightlifting. Yep. This woman can lift a whole surfboard with only her vagina.
What a gal.
She has also been prolific in her quest to get women better orgasms. And is a huge proponent of the vaginal and cervical orgasms. 
 A vaginal orgasm is what we would also describe as a G Spot orgasm. For many reasons, the G-spot's actual existence has been hotly debated. However, it is widely accepted to be located behind your clitoris, inside your vagina. To reach it, simply create a hook with your fingers and do a 'come hither' motion inside. You should feel a spongey section.
The cervical orgasm is what Kim describes as the 'Queen of all female orgasms' and the most 'life-changing-est of them all'. There cervix is connected to the vagus nerve, known as the 'spiritual nerve' of the body and runs straight up to the crown chakra. By stimulating this area, you can awaken your true self, and have a transcendent experience through orgasm. 
Sign me up!
Now, Kim says that a lot of women have 'numb' vaginas and this is they they can't feel a lot when they first get in there. We've starved our poor vaginas to the point of not even knowing what real pleasure feels like basically. 
But there is hope! With re-connecting with yourself and your body Kim believes that ANY woman ANYWHERE regardless of her past CAN achieve any orgasm they want. Some women who prescribe to Kim's methods claim to loose weight, find their life purpose and even enjoy giving blow jobs! 
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Please check out Kim's website, Instagram and her podcast, Orgasmic Enlightenment available on iTunes for free. 
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