Perfect Period Sex

Perfect Period Sex
In a woman’s life, she will menstruate approx. 450 times, for a total of 2,280 days. If you can do the maths on that, its 6 years total! And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss out on 6 whole years worth of having sex! In fact a large majority of people already have sex while on their period, seeing as how sometimes it even better than non-period sex. You’ve got the natural lubrication, hormone build up, relieves cramps headaches and pains. If you’re down for a little clean-up afterwards then I see no reason to delay happy times!
So specifically for those times, I’ve compiled a little list of some items that aren’t necessary but a happy addition to your time-of-the-month routine.
Purple/Black Luz Aura Double Stimulator
For vibrators while on your period, you’ll want to use a darker colour to avoid staining over time. Colour aside however, these vibrators are some of our most popular available because of the incredible motor powers they have and the unique variations of vibes. They also look pretty sleek and cool too..
Tingly Lube
Although you receive a lovely natural lubrication during your period, adding a different type of lube can make anything a little more exciting! I love to recommend the Holy Mary products to customers in store because seeing their face when it starts to really get going is always a picture! (You can test it in store on your lips!!) This lube can used on your downstairs or on your nipples which are also super sensitive during your period.
Brazilian balls
What would be better than sex during your period? A lovely massage from your partner for sure wouldn’t go amiss! These Brazilian massage balls are so lovely to have rubbed into your back as they melt away slowly and release their different aromas, the Strawberry and Champagne flavour in particular. What a perfect way to start period-sex foreplay!
So what are you waiting for? Throw a towel down and get down to it!
All of these items can be found in our stores and online.
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