Operation Anal Orgasm: Mission Impossible?

Operation Anal Orgasm: Mission Impossible?
What are anal orgasms? Is it just a prostate thing? Are they even real?
First things first, anal orgasms are 100% real. Well, now that that's over with, lets get down to what they actually are.
What the heck are Anal Orgasms?
The chances of having an anal orgasm are slimmer than with direct stimulation of the genitals, but possible nonetheless for any gender. This is due to the fact that a lot of your nerves and muscles in your genital and anal region are entwined, meaning stimulation of either end will leave you curling your toes in ecstasy. 
Is there a magic trick to anal orgasms?
There is no guaranteed trick to anal orgasms, they occur like snowfall. Unexpected but still admired. The best way to encourage an anal orgasm is to relax. Seriously! if your all pent up and expecting an anal orgasm to hit you then your anal muscles will tighten and that means uncomfort and possibly pain. So just ease into things, relax and take your time.
Gimmie gimme gimme!
For those of us with vaginas, anal stimulation is able to stimulate the vagina as well as the g-spot. By having your rectum filled, it decreases the space in your vagina, almost giving you the sensation of being filled everywhere. Soft (or hard, just don't be too rough) stimulation of the front wall of the rectum has the ability to stimulate your g-spot, as there is only a fine wall between both the vagina and rectum. This stimulation, coupled with the stimulation going on over by your anus might just be enough to tip some of us over the edge. Alternatively manual masturbation and anal penetration are also known to work, although whether this can count as a genuine anal orgasm is up for dispute.
For those of us with penises it works a bit different. The fullness you get from having a toy or penis in your rectum will push upon your p-spot, indirectly stimulating it. Now don't be fooled, an anal orgasm is totally different to a prostate orgasm and you will feel the difference if you manage to achieve one. You can combine your anal play with masturbation, however, as mentioned before, this might only lead you to orgasm genitally rather than anally.
What should it feel like?
An anal orgasm should feel like any other orgasm, only in your butt. It will consist of strong rhythmic muscular waves accompanied by a very pleasurable feeling emanating from your rectum, traveling throughout your whole body. Now, I wouldn't class this as cumming, but it is an orgasm nonetheless. That being said, because there is no typical finish with anal orgasms, it is possible to have them over and over again. 
What toys can I use to help?
 You wont want a butt plug, as these are stationary and wont give you a true and pure anal orgasm. You also wont want a prostate massager, as the prostate is not our focus here. There is a lot to be said for a good quality dildo when it comes to anal orgasms and this is exactly what you will need (or a real penis). The dildo doesn't have to have any particular design or curvature, it simply needs to be girthy enough to fill your rectum like a real penis, or bigger if you dare. The Realistic 7" Dildo ,Glass Crystal Superstar or Vac-U-Lock Strap On Set would be perfect. 
What now?
There is nothing else to say! Go and experience an anal orgasm for yourself!
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