Back To Basics: Anatomy 101 For Everyone With A Vagina

Back To Basics: Anatomy 101 For Everyone With A Vagina
After many conversations with my friends (both male and female) I have come to realize that not many of us actually know whats going on, y' know, down there.
It turns out that around 6/10 people I've spoken with don't actually have a basic understanding regarding their genitalia. Which begs the question, what are they actually teaching us at school? Well ponder no more, Scandals is here to take you back to school and back to basics
1. The Uterus: The uterus is about the size of a pear and made up of a number of layers of tissue and muscle. Most important of all these muscles is called the myometrium; a powerful muscle that twists, expands and contracts during labour and perhaps most importantly, orgasm. 
2. The Cervix: This little muscle connects the uterus to the vagina. After sex and during orgasm, the cervix dips down into the vagina to let sperm enter the uterus more easily. Some people with cervix report that stimulation of the cervix itself during deep penetration; either with a partner or a toy is extremely pleasurable and can prompt an orgasm commonly referred to as a cerviacle orgasm.
3. The Fallopian tubes: This pair of little tubes are each connected to an ovary. Their job is to transport eggs towards the uterus.
4.The Ovaries: The ovaries are responsible for the hormones oestrogen and progesterone which help eggs to mature and eventually release. When someone with a vagina is born they have around 2 million eggs in their ovaries!
5. The Crura: These badboys are the sexually sensitive internal wings of the clitoris. These wings run down internally either side of the vagina and under the labia. 
6. The Vagina: The vagina is typically a 3 inch canal that leads to the cervix and uterus. The vagina itself is unfortunately not very sensitive, however, the entrance to the vagina is where the action is at. The entrance to the vagina is packed full of touch sensitive nerve endings, so pay particular attention to this area.
7. The G-spot: An elusive little area said to bring powerful orgasms just by stimulation of this one spot. What is it really? A spongy tissue around the urethra; possible the famous cause of female ejaculation, the skenes gland.
8. The PC muscle: A super strong muscle that supports the pelvic floor and contracts rhythmically during orgasm.
9. The anus: This little "starfish" is packed full of nerve endings and it a particularly sensitive area to touch, be careful to use toys with a flared base otherwise your favorite anal toy could go on an unexpected adventure. 
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