Magic Wands

Magic Wands
We're all familiar with the standard insertable vibrator or even those little bullet vibrators. However, many of us are overlooking the most powerful of all vibrators; mains powered wand vibrators.
The History
The very first wand vibrator appeared during the 60's and was manufactured by a Japanese company called Hitachi. Originally it was created to be a general body massager. However, it soon caught on as an extremely powerful sex toy and was bringing many 60's housewives to orgasm.
These wands pack one serious punch when it comes to powerful vibrations, often delivering around 10x more power than your standard rechargeable or battery powered vibrator (which, for those of us that like intense vibrations, sounds like heaven). These vibrators are mains powered which means they plug into any regular plug socket in your house and run using the main power supply. This means power that is not limited by the length of charge of life of a battery. Simply put, it means endless hours of limitless fun.
Many people I've spoken to have reported never having had an orgasm until they were acquainted with a mains powered wand. Others stated that they were always orgasmic, but now they orgasm quicker, harder and more often, with a mains powered wand. 
The fun isn't only limited to women, ingenuous sex toy designers have invented male masturbator attachments so you can enjoy the powerful vibrations whilst enveloped in a sexy stroker. Strokers and male masturbators not your thing? You can always use the wand to vibrate the shaft or the head of the penis.
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