Back to Basics: Anal Play 101

How to get the most out of your first anal experience!
Back to Basics: Anal Play 101
Anything anal can be a tad anxiety inducing, especially for beginners and those who have never even considered anal play before. However, anal play is a very pleasurable experience, when done safely and correctly. So we here as Scandals want more of you to find pleasure with this little hot spot so we have created this little guide to help you ease into things (literally). 
1. Anal play must always start with a good quality anal lubricant. You should be looking for a slightly thicker lube such as the 'Easy Glide Anal Lubricant'. Anal lube is thicker and longer lasting than your typical waterbased lube; which it needs to be. Contrary to some myths, the rectum does not self lubricate. If you're still anxious about not being able to relax enough to try anal penetration then we recommend trying the 'Easy Glide Anal Relaxing Lubricant' as it contains ingredients to help slightly numb the area.


 Worried about mess?
Don't! You wont poop yourself, however to find a little bit of mess, the deeper you go, is perfectly normal. If you want to avoid all chances of mess, then we advise that you use a douche to make you rectum squeaky clean.


2. Before we start trying to insert any toys or penises. It's always advised that you warm up the area first; especially if you a beginner. To prepare yourself either have your partner (or yourself) stimulate the outside of anus with a finger, tongue or a small toy. This will help you get used to the sensation. Then gradually start inserting a finger or toy very slowly into the anus. This warm up will help you to avoid injury by getting the muscles used to relaxing when stimulated. 
3. Now its time to really relax. Moving on to a toy or penis. If you are engaging in anal play with a partner then you really want to communicate. Let them know if they're being too eager and ask them to start off slow. The trick to making any anal insertion easier is to generally get used to just the tip of the toy or penis. Just having the tip of the item inside you will stimulate the areas you need most; the ones located in and around the anus.


 Fact or Fiction?

Its a common myth (thank goodness) that when you have anal sex your anus will loose all control and you will never have a normal anus again. This only happens in very extreme cases of "violent" (Doctors words not ours) anal sex over the years. However, this result is some peoples goal and fetish. You do you!


4. You can now try full penetration. Still go very slowly at first so as to get used to the new sensation, then after a while you can gradually increase the pace and intensity. Keep in mind that the anus is used to having things come out one way, so this new sensation may feel like you need to poop. This feeling is perfectly normal and you wont make a mess, don't worry.

5. You've just had your first anal experience! Congratulations! Even if you only managed to get to step 2 you've stimulated what counts. Sometimes anal play isn't always about penetration. 




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