How to Use a Male Masturbator: Discover Unexpected Pleasures

The name might sound self-explanatory, but there are numerous unexpected ways to enjoy a male masturbator. Our guide is here to walk you through them.

Enhance Your Sex Life

If you're seeking to revolutionise your sex life, male masturbators offer a mind-blowing sensation stimulating and teasing nerve endings in ways a hand cannot match. They're also ideal for first-time users, providing easy use, affordability, and unparalleled stimulation.

Moreover, male masturbators are a delightful addition to couples' play, enhancing hand or mouth action and offering endless enjoyment.

Exploring the Different Types of Male Masturbators

You might be surprised to discover the wide variety of male masturbators available. They range from realistic to non-realistic designs. While some mimic real body parts, others offer neutral yet stimulating experiences, catering to different preferences.

Additionally, male masturbators vary in size, from pocket strokers to larger models offering hands-free entertainment. Regardless of type, the basic method remains the same: slide in and enjoy. However, our guide will delve deeper, helping you maximise pleasure with products like Fleshlight, THRUST Pro, TENGA, and more.

Explore Scandals' full range of male masturbators and other male sex toys for an exceptional experience.

Choosing the Right Style, Shape, and Size

Your intended use of the toy greatly influences your choice. For instance, if you aim to enhance foreplay or oral sex with your partner, consider a short, transparent pocket stroker or one that doesn't mimic anatomy.

Previous customers recommend pocket strokers for partner play, citing their simplicity, pre-lubrication, ribbed interior, and suction-like sensation.

Strokers also offer discretion and versatility, lacking anatomical details, making them universally appealing. They feature textured canals for stimulation and ridged exteriors for a secure grip during use. Some, like the Tracey Cox Supersex Supertight Clear Stroker, offer reversible designs for varied sensations.

Alternatively, if solo enjoyment is your focus, opt for a realistic male stroker to explore your fantasies. Brands like Svakom, Mainsqueeze and Fleshlight offer textured and satisfying options. If realism isn't your preference, consider strokers by Scandals or TENGA. To shop click here.

Lube Up for Maximum Comfort

First things first, you'll need lubricant.

Most male masturbators are designed with stimulating textures that enhance your pleasure beyond manual stimulation. However, to fully enjoy them, lubrication is essential. Strokers can often be tighter than natural anatomy, so using lubricant ensures optimal comfort.

Customers at Scandals agree. "Lube is essential for comfortable use. My first time using one of these was amazing!"

While some male masturbators feature self-lubricating cores activated with water, most require water-based lubricant. Avoid silicone or oil-based lubricants as they are not compatible with the materials used in strokers.

Consider using a Scandals' Water-Based Lubricant. Apply liberally to both the inside of the stroker and your penis. Once adequately lubricated, start by stimulating the head of your penis. Proper lubrication provides a slick and stimulating sensation. When ready, insert into the stroker and enjoy! From there, your journey to climax is entirely up to you.

Enhance Sex with a Partner

Similar to vibrators, male masturbators are versatile toys to share with a partner, enhancing oral sex or foreplay. They're also perfect for mutual masturbation or intimate moments when full intercourse isn't desired.

For added texture during oral sex, slide a shorter pocket stroker along your length. Consider using a transparent sleeve for an intimate view of the action.

Alternatively, hand your favourite male masturbator to your partner and explore new sensations together.

Moreover, if your partner tires during manual stimulation, a stroker can provide relief while still delivering pleasure. Customers express satisfaction with using male masturbators during oral sex, mutual masturbation, or to facilitate multiple orgasms.

Help Boost Your Stamina

Stamina training, also known as edging, involves bringing yourself close to climax before stopping stimulation. It's a method to train your body to sustain high arousal levels without climaxing, thus improving endurance during intercourse or play with a partner.

Certain strokers are designed specifically for stamina training. They feature consistent, highly pleasurable textures along their internal length, accommodating the full length of your penis. Stamina training can also benefit individuals struggling with premature ejaculation by acclimating the penis to consistent stimulation.

Customers at Scandals who've utilised strokers for stamina training share positive experiences. For instance, one customer notes, "It has really helped me last longer with my partner. Using this toy up until I'm about to burst then waiting a little and repeating has amazed me in both the intensity of my orgasm but also how long I last."

Consider a stroker like the Fleshlight Stamina Training Masturbator for enjoyable edging practice.

Fulfil Your Fantasies with a Realistic Male Stroker

If you've considered exploring male masturbators but are unsure about terms like 'pocket pussy,' allow us to clarify.

Realistic male strokers, or pocket pussies, mimic the look and feel of real female anatomy. They boast authentic detailing and internal textures for an enhanced realistic experience.

Available in various styles such as vaginas, asses, and mouths, realistic strokers cater to diverse preferences. For example, if you've desired to experiment with anal sex but lack a willing partner, an ass-style male masturbator is an ideal option.

You'll find realistic male strokers modelled after real porn stars, offering an added layer of excitement. Brands like Fleshlight and Private collaborate with renowned porn stars to create masturbators moulded from their intimate areas, allowing fans to indulge in fantasies.

Satisfied customers attest to the realism and pleasure of products like the Julia De Lucia Private Tube

Consider options like the Muffie Pocket Pussy or Nanma Cooch for beginners. Its tight canal is packed with textures for intense stimulation at an affordable price.

Keep it Clean for Longevity

Proper maintenance is essential for all sex toys, but male masturbators require special attention, especially realistic strokers crafted from lifelike materials.

After each use, ensure thorough cleaning of your masturbator with warm water and a gentle soap. Some strokers may be reversible, allowing you to clean the detailed texture effectively.

After washing, remove excess water and apply an antibacterial sex toy cleaner generously. Allow the toy to air dry completely, or use the ever so handy moisture absorption sticks which dramatically reduce drying time. Once dry, apply a renewal powder to restore its soft texture.

Avoid using any powder other than specific renewal powder for sex toys, as substances like baby powder or talcum powder can degrade the material and shorten its lifespan.

Satisfied customers commend Scandals' sex toy cleaners for their effectiveness and pleasant scent, emphasizing the importance of proper care for longevity and optimal performance.

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