"We have shopped here for years and even since moving out of the area are regular customers of Scandals, either ordering from them online or making the trip to visit their store. The service is second to none, the quality and range of their products are fantastic and the team are so friendly. We can not recommend Scandals enough."
Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil for Sensual and Tasty Couples Massage from £8.99
Enhance your sensual massage experience with Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil. Crafted with the utmost care, this luxurious massage oil is not only designed to nourish the skin but also to tantalize the taste buds. Indulge in a sensory adventure with our hand-selected flavours that will take your couples massage to new heights of pleasure. With the target keyword "edible massage oil" in mind, we have meticulously formulated this exceptional product to create an unforgettable experience. Every stroke of this oil on your partner's body will ignite passion and leave a lasting impression. Irresistible Taste: Our edible massage oil is carefully curated to create delectable flavours that make every touch a delightful experience. Whether you prefer the sweet temptation of strawberries or the exotic allure of tropical fruits, we have a flavour to suit every desire. Ultimate Relaxation: Experience unparalleled relaxation as the soothing oil glides over your skin, easing tension and promoting a sense of tranquility. Let the luxurious scent envelope your senses, transporting you to a world of pure indulgence. Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil is not just a treat for the senses; it is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Rest assured that while you revel in the pleasure of this remarkable oil, you are also making a compassionate choice. Our commitment to using all-natural ingredients ensures that your skin is pampered, without the use of harsh chemicals. Elevate your intimate moments and discover a new level of intimacy with Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil. Immerse yourself in bliss and let the luxuriant blend of flavours and aromas create an experience that will ignite the passion within.
Orgy Massage Oil 500ml - Long-Lasting Gliding £19.99
Indulge in the luxurious pleasures of our Orgy Massage Oil 500ml. This high-quality massage oil, expertly crafted in Germany, is the epitome of sensual bliss. Designed to provide you with seamless gliding sensations, it is perfect for prolonged interactions that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our massage oil boasts nourishing jojoba oil, known for its moisturizing properties, ensuring that your skin retains its softness and suppleness. With its odourless and unflavoured formula, it focuses solely on enhancing your tactile experience without any distractions. One of the standout features of our massage oil is its water-based composition. This makes it incredibly easy to rinse off, allowing you to effortlessly transition from your sensual massage to other intimate moments, without any residue or stickiness. Long-lasting gliding properties for an unforgettable massage experience Water-based formula that is easy to rinse off, leaving no residue behind Not only does our Orgy Massage Oil 500ml provide you with unparalleled pleasure, but it is also dermatologically tested, ensuring it is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day or explore new depths of intimacy, our Orgy Massage Oil 500ml is the perfect companion. Immerse yourself in a world of decadence, where every touch is heightened, and every moment is pure bliss. Experience the ultimate in luxury with our Orgy Massage Oil 500ml - the definitive choice for those who demand only the finest massage oils and lotions.
Shunga Erotic Massage Oil £36.99
Enjoy the pleasures of giving or receiving a sensual and erotic massage using our exclusive blend of cold-pressed oils carefully selected for their stimulating and energizing qualities. • Made from 100% natural cold-pressed oils (emollients) • Vitamine E (antioxidant) • No greasy residue • Does not clog skin pores • Contains no mineral or animal oils  
Slow Sex- Body Massage Oil £25.99
Get ready for slide and glide adventure wherever you desire. With this silicone-based gel, you'll have the perfect lubricious companion to turn any surface - even underwater! - into a massage playground. With skin to skin contact and a silky-smooth effect, you'll have endless fun with your body and your partner's. Who needs a massage table when you have body oil?
Erotic Massage Candle £19.99
Just light the candle to create a sensual mood andthen massage your partner to paradiseIt's time to set the mood with these massage candles from Le Désir! Light up the candle so the wax can melt. Drip the melted wax on your partner to give a heavenly massage. Or, of course, let your partner touch youThe pheromone scent will definitely turn you on. In this way, temperatures will rise even more.So, put on your favourite Le Désir lingerie, light these candles and be prepared for a steamy hot night!
Shunga Massage Candle 170ml - Natural Oils, Sensuous Aphrodisiac Aroma, Lasts up to 40 Hours £32.99
Enhance your moments of relaxation and intimacy with the luxurious Shunga Massage Candle, a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. Crafted with care and precision, this elegant candle is designed to elevate your senses and transform your surroundings into an oasis of tranquility. Indulge in the alluring aroma of this exquisite massage candle, carefully curated to ignite your passion and awaken your senses. Let the warm glow of the flame create an ambiance of romance, setting the stage for a truly enchanting experience. Infused with natural oils, this massage candle offers a sensory journey like no other, providing a gentle warmth that entices and soothes the skin. Experience the delicate fragrance of sparkling strawberry wine that lingers in the air, adding a touch of sophistication to your intimate moments. Unleash your creativity and explore the sensual possibilities as the melted wax transforms into a sumptuous oil, perfect for indulgent massages that nourish both body and soul. With a burn time of up to 40 hours, this massage candle is a luxurious companion for endless moments of bliss. Elevate your self-care routine and pamper yourself with the indulgent experience of the Shunga Massage Candle. Rediscover the art of relaxation and intimacy as you immerse yourself in the sensuous allure of this exquisite creation.
Slow Sex - Shimmering Drying Oil for Hair and Skin £25.99
Highlight your cleavage, butt cheeks or pubic area with this hydrating and shimmering dry oil for hair and skin. Apply as desired, you choose where you want your glow!Highlighting · Hydrating · Shimmering. Content: Intimate Shimmer dry oil. (30ml)
Pride Pecker Rainbow Dick Drip Candle £24.99
Set the mood with this pecker candle, then blow out the flame to really make the evening hot! This penis candle doubles as ambience and as a tool for wax play. As the candle heats up, the paraffin wax begins to soften. The low melting point means that the wax is ready to use quicker and the wax will be cooler, reducing the chance for burns. The candle is unscented so it's perfect for those sensitive to smells. As an added bonus, the wax is moisturizing, so once it's on the body, you can massage it in and play with it while it moisturizes and helps protect the skin from heat.
Amoreane Massage Candle - Dual Function, Skin-Nourishing Oil £14.99
Dual Function: The Amoreane Massage Candle serves a dual purpose. Light the candle to enjoy the romantic glow and fragrant ambiance, and then once the wax transforms into a warm, skin-nourishing massage oil, drizzle it over your partner's body for a sensual and relaxing massage. Skin-Nourishing Ingredients: Crafted with natural, skin-loving ingredients, the massage oil from this candle pampers your skin. It contains high-quality oils like coconut oil and shea butter, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and silky to the touch. Romantic Ambiance: The flickering candlelight creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere, perfect for setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of shared pleasure and connection. Easy-to-Use: The candle is easy to use; simply light it and allow the wax to melt into a warm, luxurious massage oil. The pour spout ensures precise application, making it a breeze to indulge in a sensual massage. Cruelty-Free: Amoreane is committed to providing cruelty-free products, so you can enjoy your intimate moments with a clear conscience. Elevate your romantic and intimate experiences with the Amoreane Massage Candle Sparkling Strawberry. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, reigniting the spark in your relationship, or simply seeking a moment of sensuous connection, this massage candle offers an exotic and unforgettable experience. Surrender to the temptation of desire, and immerse yourself in a world of luxurious pleasure. Order your Amoreane Massage Candle Sparkling Strawberry today and embark on a journey of shared bliss and intimacy. Create an aura of desire with this fragranced candle as the Soy oil melts and pours onto the skin for a seductive touch and massage. Made from Soybean oil which is moisturising and gentle on the skin. Burn time 5/6 hours
Melt My Heart - Afrodisia Massage Candle £19.99
The flame of this candle lights up your desire. From the heat of its soft glow comes the essence of Bijoux Indiscrets, a fragrance inspired by the Kama Sutra that combines rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and oriental spices.Content: Aphrodisia Scented Massage Candle (70g).
Massage Candle £9.99
Just light the candle to create a sensual mood and then massage your partner to paradise!
Natural Vegan Sliquid Balance Collection Vegan Massage Oil 125ml £14.99
Indulge in a truly luxurious and pampering experience with our Natural Vegan Sliquid Balance Collection Massage Oil. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this exquisite massage oil is the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation. Our vegan massage oil is thoughtfully formulated using only naturally derived ingredients. It is 100% vegan-friendly, ensuring that no animal by-products are used in its production. We believe that beauty and ethical values should go hand in hand, and our vegan massage oil reflects this commitment to cruelty-free skincare. Immerse yourself in the harmonizing scents of our massage oil, infused with organic botanical extracts. These aromatic essences are carefully selected to soothe, relax, and invigorate your senses, elevating your massage experience to new heights. Unwind and pamper yourself with our luxurious massage oil Experience the benefits of organic botanical extracts Our vegan massage oil goes beyond luxury and ethical values by also being glycerine-free and paraben-free. We prioritize the health and wellbeing of our customers, making our massage oil hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Experience the power of nature's bounty with our vegan massage oil's premium ingredients. It contains a blend of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil, mango and shea butter, vitamin E, and organic extracts of flax, green tea, hibiscus, and aloe vera. These carefully selected ingredients work in harmony to nourish and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and deeply moisturized. Sweet Almond Oil Coconut Oil Grape Seed Oil Sunflower Seed Oil Macadamia Nut Oil Jojoba Seed Oil Mango & Shea Butter Vitamin E Organic Extracts of Flax, Green Tea, Hibiscus & Aloe Vera Transform your massage routine with our Natural Vegan Sliquid Balance Collection Massage Oil. Experience the perfect blend of luxury, ethical values, and premium ingredients. Elevate your self-care rituals and indulge in the ultimate pampering experience.

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