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Stud Stallion Prolong Cream £9.99
Be a stud with Prolong Cream! This powerful cream allows you to extend your performance and increase your endurance in the bedroom. Apply 10 minutes before and conquer every time with a mess-free experience. Take control and unleash your inner Stallion!
China Brush - Male Performance enhancer - Orgasm Delay £12.99
Indulge in the exquisite experience of heightened pleasure with our premium China Brush oil, crafted to elevate your intimate moments to new levels of bliss. Unleash the art of anticipation and prolong your passion with our meticulously formulated China Brush oil, designed to provide optimal control over your sensory journey. Enhances pleasure with its remarkable orgasm delay properties, allowing you to savor every moment. Crafted with a harmonious blend of natural ingredients to ensure a luxurious and sensual experience. Embrace the allure of sensuality as you immerse yourself in the delicate caress of our China Brush oil, an essential companion for those who seek to explore the depths of intimate connection. Revel in the sophistication of extended pleasure with our China Brush oil, a symbol of refinement and sophistication in the realm of intimate wellness. Experience the subtle art of prolonging ecstasy with our China Brush oil, an embodiment of luxury and sophistication in the art of pleasure. Transform your intimate encounters into opulent experiences with our decadent China Brush oil, elevating your passion to unparalleled heights with its exquisite formula. Unveil a world of unparalleled pleasure and intimacy with our exclusive China Brush oil, meticulously crafted to redefine the boundaries of ecstasy and prolong your moments of connection. Product bottle and applicator may vary.
Stallion Delay Creme - Maximize Pleasure, Delay Orgasm £13.99
The Stallion Delay Creme by Nasstoys is the ultimate solution for maximizing pleasure while providing a delay in achieving orgasm. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this luxurious delay crème is designed to enhance your intimate experiences. Experience heightened pleasure and prolong your pleasure with Stallion Delay Crème. Simply apply a small amount of this exquisite crème to the head of the penis and let the magic unfold. With its powerful formula, Stallion Delay Crème allows you to take control of your pleasure and prolong the intimate moments with your partner. Maximize pleasure while delaying orgasm. Enhance your intimate experiences and prolong pleasure. Indulge in the sophisticated luxury of Stallion Delay Crème. Created with your pleasure in mind, this carefully formulated crème provides a smooth and sensual experience. With its discreet packaging, the Stallion Delay Crème is the perfect companion for those who desire a touch of luxury in their intimate moments. Experience pleasure like never before with Stallion Delay Crème by Nasstoys. Let passion take its course and indulge in the luxurious sensations that await.
Super Dooz 3400 Delay Spray for Men - Longer Lasting Performance £8.99 £13.99
Introducing the Super Dooz 3400 Delay Spray, a premium solution for men seeking enhanced stamina and pleasure in the bedroom. This luxurious delay spray is specifically formulated to prolong sexual activity, ensuring a memorable and satisfying experience for both partners. Experience the power of Super Dooz 3400, the ultimate companion for prolonging your intimate moments. With added vitamin E, this advanced formula offers even more value for your investment. Super Dooz 3400 is the epitome of quality and effectiveness, making it a popular choice among individuals who prioritize exceptional performance. Our Super Dooz 3400 Delay Spray is designed to increase endurance and reduce sensitivity, allowing you to last longer and fully indulge in the pleasures of intimacy. By applying just two sprays of Super Dooz 3400 to the head of your penis 5 to 10 minutes before sexual activity, you can experience heightened control and confidence. Key Features: Enhances stamina for prolonged pleasure Helps prevent over sensitivity for extended performance Unleash the power of Super Dooz 3400 Delay Spray and discover a new level of intimacy with your partner. With its convenient aerosol spray can packaging and a generous 45ml volume, each bottle contains enough for 100-200 applications, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. Elevate your intimate experiences with Super Dooz 3400, the leading delay spray for men. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can have exceptional performance. It's time to take control and make every moment count. Product Specifications: Aerosol Spray Can Volume: 45ml Ingredients: Lidocaine USP + Vitamin E Approximately 100-200 applications per bottle
Super Dragon Delay Spray 6000 for Men - Longer Lasting Lovemaking £9.99 £13.99
Experience longer lasting lovemaking with the Super Dragon Delay Spray 6000 for men. This high-quality delay spray is designed to help you delay climax and prolong the pleasure for you and your partner. With just two easy sprays applied approximately 5 minutes before sexual activity, this delay spray is incredibly effective in enhancing your sexual experience. The Super Dragon Delay Spray 6000 is trusted by thousands of men worldwide, providing them with the confidence to enjoy longer, more satisfying intimate moments. Notable features and benefits of the Super Dragon Delay Spray 6000: Extended Pleasure: The specially formulated delay spray helps to desensitize your sensitive areas, allowing you to last longer and enjoy more pleasurable intimate moments. Increased Confidence: By helping to delay climax, this delay spray for men offers enhanced confidence and reduces performance anxiety, allowing you to focus on the moment. Take control of your pleasure and make each intimate session an unforgettable experience with the Super Dragon Delay Spray 6000. Order now and unlock a whole new level of satisfaction for you and your partner.  

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