"We have shopped here for years and even since moving out of the area are regular customers of Scandals, either ordering from them online or making the trip to visit their store. The service is second to none, the quality and range of their products are fantastic and the team are so friendly. We can not recommend Scandals enough."
Bully Boy 7" Realistic Vibrator with Multi-Speed Functionality £14.99
Indulge in unparalleled pleasure with our Bully Boy 7" Realistic Vibrator, the epitome of sophistication and sensuality. Crafted to perfection, this luxurious pleasure device brings your deepest desires to life with every touch, creating an experience beyond your wildest fantasies. Experience the true essence of luxury with our Bully Boy Realistic Vibrator. Its ultra-realistic design ensures a lifelike sensation that will leave you breathless. The multi-speed functionality allows you to tailor your experience to perfection, catering to your every need and desire with precision. Unleash your innermost desires as the Bully Boy Realistic Vibrator glides effortlessly against your skin, replicating the intimate caresses of a real partner. Every movement, every vibration, is designed to transport you to a realm of pure ecstasy. Immerse yourself in lifelike pleasure with the realistic design of the Bully Boy Vibrator. Customize your experience with the multi-speed functionality, tailored to your unique desires. Embrace a world of sophistication and pleasure with the Bully Boy 7" Realistic Vibrator. Whether you're a novice or a connoisseur, this exquisite device will exceed your expectations and redefine your perception of indulgence. Length: 7 inches Material: High-quality, skin-safe materials
Scandals Ball Gag £29.99
With over 15 years in the adult industry, we only put our name to products of the finest quality. Made from high quality leather and metal hardwear, we are proud to introduce Scandals Bondage- the perfect kit to suit beginners and experts alike. Tried and tested by us, it is now time for you to experience Scandals Bondage for yourself! Ball Gag with leather adjustable buckle strap with a black rubber ball gag. Fully adjustable buckle straps 100% Leather Discrete embossed Scandals brand Welcome to the Scandals Club!
Scandals Adjustable Spreader Bar £74.99
With over 15 years in the adult industry, we only put our name to products of the finest quality. Made from high quality leather and metal, we are proud to introduce Scandals Bondage- the perfect kit to suit beginners and experts alike. Tried and tested by us, it is now time for you to experience Scandals Bondage for yourself! Adjustable Leg Spreader Bar with black leather cuffs. Bar without extension is 24 inches. With extension up to 38 inches. The tubular steel leg spreader with leather cuffs, allows you to put your lover in a spread leg position that will help you achieve deeper penetration. You can also hold onto the bar to increase control in face-to-face positions with the added bonus of restricting your lover. The leg spreader works in two ways a) a bondage device and b) a position enhancer. At either end, the spreader bar has a leather cuff that locks tight around each ankle. Adjustable metal spreader bar 100% Real leather Welcome to the Scandals Club!
Spanish Fly Extra Liquid Aphrodisiac 15ml Bottle for Passionate Lovemaking £9.99
Indulge in the ultimate passion with our extraordinary Liquid Aphrodisiac, Spanish Fly Extra 15ml. Embark on a journey of heightened intimacy and unrestrained desire with this meticulously crafted formula. Formulated for those seeking an unparalleled experience, this potent elixir is designed to ignite the flames of passion like never before. Let the intense allure of our Liquid Aphrodisiac envelop you in a world of sensuality and fervour. Experience a surge of desire and intimacy unlike any other. Enhance your connection and explore new levels of pleasure with your partner. Unleash the power of Spanish Fly Extra and surrender to the waves of ecstasy that await you. Each drop of this elixir is a promise of unforgettable moments and heightened sensations. Infused with a blend of carefully selected ingredients, including L-Arginine and vitamin C, this exquisite elixir is a testament to luxury and sophistication. Crafted to elevate your intimate encounters, our Liquid Aphrodisiac invites you to embrace the seduction of the moment. Let go of inhibitions and embrace the thrill of the unknown with Spanish Fly Extra 15ml. Elevate your passion, ignite your desires, and immerse yourself in a world of unbridled pleasure. Discover the essence of true intimacy with every tantalizing drop of this exceptional elixir.
Lelo Luna Beads £39.99
By using LELO Luna Beads on a regular basis, you're able to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. A smaller version of the original Luna Beads by Lelo, this set of four weighted Kegel balls measure 29mm in diameter, opposed to the larger 35mm. The Mini's are the ideal size for younger women and those that have not yet had children. Within the beautifully presented gift box you'll find four beads, two blue and two pink. Each coloured pair is a different weight. The pink ones weigh 28 grams and the blue ones a slightly heavier 37g. One of each coloured Luna Beads come with a retrieval string attached, allowing you to use it as a single weight. Perfect for when you're starting out. Begin with just a single ball, if you wish, and try flexing your pelvic floor muscles. As you do this you will lift the weighted ball. Over time, as the Kegel muscles strengthen you can increase the amount of weight you use. Do this by mix and matching the Luna Beads and using the silicone holder to insert two at a time. If you're serious about working those Kegels, then you really won't find a better set. Lelo recommend that these Luna Beads Mini be used by women that need or would prefer something smaller. A slightly smaller larger version – Luna Beads – have been created for women that have experienced child birth.
Lelo Mia 2 £79.99
Can You Keep A Secret? For women who aren’t afraid to indulge their deepest desires, MIA™ 2 allows you to be spontaneous yet discreet wherever you go. The perfect way to keep your pleasure truly to yourself, the USB-rechargeable MIA™ 2 massager possesses hidden power and looks perfectly at home in your purse or bedside drawer. Lipstick-Style Design for Discretion and SecrecyThe disguised body of MIA™ 2 will keep you confident in your pleasure Sculpted Tip for Accurate PleasureThe shape has been specifically molded to target the clitoris for fast, intense climaxes USB-Rechargeable for More Power than BatteriesThe integrated USB charger means you can charge quickly for deceptive strength Materials: ABS Plastic / Silicone Finish: Glossy Size: 111 x 22 x 22mm / 4.4 x 0.9 x 0.9in. Weight: 32g / 1.1oz. Battery: Li-Ion 70mAh 3.7V Charging: 1hr at 5.0V 100mA User Time: Up to 1.5hrs Standby: Up to 90 days Frequency: 120Hz Max Noise Level: <50dB
Ouch! PVC Riding Crop £35.00
PVC cubed crop with striped-handle and metal rivet details. Includes wrist strap for extra comfort and security Perfect for those who love to dominate or be dominated
Deluxe Cat O'Nine £9.99 £19.99
Explore your dominant or submissive side with this leather Deluxe Cat O'Nine and your lover will know who's in charge. It hurts so good! 26.75" (68cm)
Luxurious Leather Paddle with Brass Stud Detail for Harder Impact £30.99
Experience the ultimate blend of elegance and BDSM with our exquisite Leather Paddle With Stud Detail. Crafted to perfection, this paddle is not just a tool of pleasure and pain, but a symbol of sophistication in the world of BDSM. Indulge in the luxurious sensation of the supple Bound Noir Nubuck Leather, designed to caress and punish with equal intensity. The black leather exudes a sense of mystery and allure, while the brass stud detail adds a touch of opulence and style. This Leather Paddle is a versatile instrument that allows you to take control and explore your deepest desires. Whether you are a seasoned dominator or a curious beginner, this paddle is designed to fulfill your every fantasy. Key Features and Benefits: Enhanced Sensation: The smooth and firm leather surface of the paddle delivers a satisfying impact, creating intense sensations that will leave your partner begging for more. Precise Control: The ergonomic design of the paddle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to deliver precise strokes and achieve the desired level of intensity. Our Leather Paddle With Stud Detail is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your BDSM play. Explore the depths of pleasure and explore new realms of excitement. Whether you wield it with tenderness or unleash your dominant side, this paddle is sure to make every interaction an unforgettable experience.
Spectrum Nubby Textured Glass Dildo with 6" Insertable Length & Stimulating Textured Surface £24.99
Indulge in pure ecstasy with our exquisite Textured Glass Dildo, expertly crafted to elevate your sensual experiences to unprecedented heights. Discover a symphony of pleasure as each textured ridge caresses your most intimate desires, igniting a wave of sensations that will leave you breathless and yearning for more. Hand-blown with precision and artistry, this glass dildo is a masterpiece of sophistication and pleasure. The luxurious design of this exquisite toy is not just for visual appeal but engineered to deliver unparalleled stimulation that transcends the ordinary. Experience heightened pleasure with the uniquely textured surface that tantalizes your every nerve ending. Feel the exquisite sensations as the premium glass glides effortlessly, offering a smooth and sensual experience. Immerse yourself in a world of luxurious indulgence as you explore the endless possibilities this textured glass dildo has to offer. Whether you crave a gentle caress or a more intense massage, this elegant toy adapts to your desires, creating a bespoke experience that is as unique as you are. Let the cool touch of the glass awaken your senses or experiment with temperature play for an exhilarating thrill like never before. This textured glass dildo is not just a toy; it is a gateway to a realm of pleasure where your deepest fantasies come to life. Specifications: Stimulating nodules Hypoallergenic glass Easy to clean 6" insertable length Suitable for temperature play
Silicone Cock Chastity Cage £49.99
Cage length 2.5′, total length 4.5′. Waterproof design. Advanced silicone & ABS material. 1* cage portion; 5 * different rings; 2 * locking pins and 4 * spacers; 1 * brass padlock. This is a chastity lock for male made of silicone with 5 sizes of diameter: 1.5”, 1.6”, 1.7”, 1.85” and 1.97”.You can choose one to fit your size. This product is more portable than the metal cage and is exquisitely designed the air vents on both sides.Besides, it is quite convenient to wash. Lubricant the penis, and then put this product on in a relaxed state.
Scandals Metal Butt Plug with Crystal - Temperature Responsive Aluminium Plug from £13.99
Welcome to a world where elegance meets pleasure with our exquisite Metal Butt Plug with Crystal. Crafted to perfection, this anal plug redefines luxury in intimate experiences. Enhance your sensual moments with the impeccable design and superior quality of our metal butt plug. The dazzling crystal adorning its base adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your playtime. Unleash a new realm of sensations with this temperature-responsive anal plug. Whether you prefer a cool, tantalising touch or a warm, comforting embrace, this versatile toy caters to your desires. Experience a luxurious feel with the smooth aluminium body Enjoy easy cleaning and maintenance for long-lasting pleasure Embrace the power of indulgence as you explore the ergonomic design of this metal butt plug. The tapered tip and bulbous body ensure effortless insertion and a secure, pleasurable fit. Revel in the discreet pleasure of this butt plug’s flat bottom, allowing you to wear it with confidence and comfort. Let your desires take flight as you immerse yourself in a world of opulence and sensation. Indulge in the three available sizes—Small, Medium, and Large—each designed to cater to your unique preferences. Now, you can experience tailored luxury in every intimate moment. Small: Length 7.20 cm, Insertable length 6.00 cm, Maximum diameter 2.70 cm, Minimum diameter 0.80 cm Medium: Length 8.4 cm, Insertable length 7 cm, Maximum diameter 3.2 cm, Minimum diameter 0.9 cm Large: Length 9.6 cm, Insertable Length 8.2 cm, Max. diameter 3.8 cm, Min. diameter 1.3 cm
Lelo Tiani 2 Couples Vibrator £149.99
THE MOST THRILLING ADDITION TO YOUR LOVE-LIFE: Share the Vibrations Between Both partners WORLD FIRST IN SENSEMOTION TECHNOLOGY: Create New Vibration Patterns with Movements of Remote SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE WITH AMPLIFIED SIGNAL: 3X Greater Range than All Other  50% more powerful vibrations - features extra-strong motors that emit double the vibration intensity of the original versatile - this couple's toy is always ready for travel or use in the bath or shower Fully waterproof - fully waterproof to 1 m for enjoyment in bath or shower, as well as easier cleaning Body-safe materials - FDA-approved, body-safe silicone and metallic coated abs core   Materials: Matte Silicone / Shiny ABS Plastic Size: 84 X 42 X 28mm / 3.31 X 1.65 X 1.1 in. Diameter: ⌀ 28mm / 1.1in. Insertable Length: 75mm / 3.0in. Weight: 31g / 1.1 oz. Battery: Li-Ion 70mAh 3.7V Charging: 2hrs at 5.0V 70mA User Time: 2 hrs (Tiani™ 2) 10 hrs (controller) Standby: 90 days Frequency: 100 Hz Max. Noise Level: 50dB Wireless Range: Up to 12 meters / 39 feet Link Frequency: 2.4GHz Transmitter: 1mW
Lelo Alia Clitoral Massager £119.99
For admirers of aesthetic beauty, ALIA delivers sleek, powerful,  and uncomplicated pleasure that takes you to climax in style Different Surfaces for Different SensationsALIA™ is shaped in a way that allows a blend of different feelings, from a smooth surface to a rounded tip Discreet Design for Secret PleasuresThe distinctive silhouette keeps ALIA™ looking innocent and safe from prying eyes Unique Handle for Perfect ComfortThe vibrations and controls are integral to the design, keeping ALIA™ petite yet powerful Pleasurable to look at the gold ABS-plastic detailing and handle makes ALIA as pleasurable to look at as to use Six vibrations patterns with adjustable power to take you from a gentle teasing sensation to overwhelming pleasure Rechargeable for 4 hours of use with travel lock guarantees pleasure when and where you choose Fully waterproof to 1 m for enjoyment in bath or shower, as well as easier cleaning Rechargeable external massager 3-button interface and 6 variable modes Completely waterproof and easy to clean Size: 86 x 57 x 34 mm, weight: 75 g Satin storage pouch and brooch included
Lelo Tara Couples Vibrator £119.99
Smooth and flexible the swirling arm is supple and seductive, making it as comfortable as it is powerful One-touch control, the vibrations are controlled from a single button so it’s simple to enjoy hands free The slender body will stimulate your G-spot during sex to increase the feelings of tightness and intimacy for both partners With your partner or alone wearing TARA during sex offers a distinctive, naturally swirling addition to sex in any position, you can use it with your partner or alone – it’s the versatile pleasure product you’ll ever experience Delivers amazing sensations making love just got that much more exciting with TARA, LELO's premium couples massager that delivers amazing sensations to him and her
Lelo Oden 2 Vibrating Penis Ring £179.99
Worn by Human Hand, Oden is an innovative version of classic vibrating ring and transmits its vibrations to both partners Made from silicone and ABS plastic, pleasing Safe for the body Traditional variable 6 modes of vibration and 2 Sensitive to motion Supplied with AAA batteries, the remote control can be used to turn as because massager vibrates in agreement with the object Oden and its remote control are completely waterproof
Lelo Bruno Prostate Stimulator £119.99
More power for more pleasure - BRUNO is a powerful personal massager for men, designed to offer you a hands-free climax Two powerful motors - explore 6 overwhelming vibration settings at the touch of a button Top size, shape, and performance - shaped to stay in place and stimulate the prostate, BRUNO offers a satisfying pleasure Durable power - enjoy hours of pleasure from a single 2-hour charge without worrying about losing power Feel safe - made from smooth, body-safe silicone, BRUNO feels natural when in contact with your body
Lelo Loki Prostate Massager £149.99
  6 Powerful Settings For Bigger, Better Orgasms Every TimeAccurately targets the prostate to induce more explosive climaxes Anatomically Perfect And Aesthetically Beautiful In DesignSmooth, curved girth with stability ring helps you to reach the perfect spot with ease USB-Rechargeable, 100% Waterproof For Adventurous PlayEasy to clean, with the option of using in the bath or shower, LOKI™ has you covered Thrilling massage - LOKI is LELO's powerful anal vibrator designed for men seeking a more adventurous and satisfying kind of pleasure Simple interface, a lot of power - 6 variable vibration patterns for more exploration, from a strong continuous vibe to a pulse and wave Comfortable pleasure - the shape is formed to offer accurate vibrations straight to the prostate thanks to a thick tip, combined with a narrow body Enjoyable glide - made from silky smooth silicone, LOKI feels comfortably against your skin. It also glides with ease when used with LELO lubricant Waterproof & rechargeable - LOKI is waterproof for use in the bath and shower, USB-rechargeable Materials: Body-safe silicone / ABS Size: 196.2 x 42 x 58mm / 7.7 x 1.7 x 2.3 in Diameter: 37.5mm / 1.5 innsertable Length: 100mm / 3.9 in Weight: 143g / 5.0 oz Battery: 500mAh Charging: 2h at 5.0VUser Time: 1hStandby: 90 days Max. Noise Level: 50dB Interface: 4-Button
Lelo Pino Vibrating Cock Ring £69.99
PINO Couples' Ring Worn When Making Love 10 Stimulation Patterns to Pleasure Both Partners 100% Waterproof & USB-Rechargeable 1-Year Warranty and 10-Year Lelo Quality Guarantee
Heart Crystal Base Metal Butt Plug- Gold KO from £14.99
This stunning polished aluminium anal plug features a beautiful heart crystal. Formed with a tapered tip, smooth bulbous body and slender neck, inserting and wearing your toy is easy. The aluminium is temperature responsive, which means it's cold to the touch, but will easily heat up to the perfect temperature. Heat or cool in warm water or the fridge for extra sensations!
Triple Ripple Silicone Anal Beads Set - Gradually Increase for Sensory Pleasure £14.99
Unlock a world of exquisite sensations with the Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, these anal beads are a luxurious addition to your intimate play collection. Indulge in the opulent pleasure that these anal beads offer, meticulously crafted from premium, hypo-allergenic silicone for a velvety-smooth touch that glides effortlessly. Allow yourself to explore newfound delights as each bead increases in size, guiding you on a journey of escalating pleasure. Experience heightened sensations with the gradual expansion of the beads, tailored for your ultimate satisfaction. Enhance your sensory play by adjusting the temperature of the beads, providing a thrilling contrast between warmth and coolness.                Featuring a sturdy pull cord for safe and easy retrieval, these anal beads are not only a symbol of sophistication but also a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Let go of inhibitions and embrace the allure of sensual pleasure with every ripple.          Incorporate the Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads into your intimate moments and elevate your sensory experiences to unparalleled heights. Delight in the luxurious feel and decadent pleasures that await, making each moment an indulgent escape into realms of blissful ecstasy.
B Yours 360 Rotating Rabbit Vibrator £29.99
Let this Beginner's Bunny rock your body! The B Yours Beginner's Bunny is a petite sized rabbit designed for the woman who wants a smaller sized rabbit.This rabbit has multiple rows of rotating pleasure beads and the gyrating shaft's multiple speeds are controlled by an easy to use slide control. All functions are independently controlled, including the rabbit ear's speeds.Phthalate and latex free.Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).Length: 8.75 in. (22.225 cm)Insertable length: 4.5 in. (11.43 cm)Width: 1.25 in. (3.17 cm)
Anal Love Beads £5.99
Increase your orgasms with these sturdy yet flexible jelly anal beads! These smooth jelly beads will feel amazing when you pop them in vaginally or anally. Start small and work your way to the top for a more filling sensation. These beads are perfect for foreplay or use during intercourse. For hair raising sensations try extracting at the point of orgasm using the retrieval ring!
Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension Sleeve with Ball Loop from £12.99
Enhance your intimate moments with the luxurious Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension Sleeve, designed to elevate your pleasure to new heights. Crafted with precision and sophistication, this extension sleeve is a game-changer in the realm of intimate accessories. Experience an extraordinary enhancement in size and performance with this meticulously engineered sleeve. The Penis Extension Sleeve is meticulously designed to add a significant 3 inches to your length, while also increasing girth by up to 25%. Revel in the confidence that comes with knowing you can deliver unforgettable pleasure. Instantly adds 3 inches in length for enhanced satisfaction Increases girth by up to 25%, ensuring a snug fit and maximum stimulation The cleverly incorporated ball loop ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to immerse yourself in the moment without any distractions. Its clear design offers a visually intriguing experience, creating a heightened sense of intimacy. The anatomically shaped extension, complete with a bulbous head and raised veins, provides a lifelike feel that intensifies internal stimulation. For an effortless and seamless encounter, pair the sleeve with water-based lubricant to enhance the glide and comfort. Made from stretchy and body-safe TPE material, this sleeve prioritizes your safety and pleasure above all else. Total length: 22cm/8.66 inches Insertable length: 10cm/3.93 inches Width: 4cm/1.6 inches

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