"We have shopped here for years and even since moving out of the area are regular customers of Scandals, either ordering from them online or making the trip to visit their store. The service is second to none, the quality and range of their products are fantastic and the team are so friendly. We can not recommend Scandals enough."
Egg Stroker by Tenga: Pre-Lubricated Soft Squishy Masturbation Egg £7.99 £9.99
Welcome to the realm of pure indulgence with the Egg Stroker by Tenga. Prepare to elevate your self-pleasure experience to unprecedented heights with this exquisite creation. Key Features: Pre-Lubricated for Instant Gratification Soft, Squishy Texture for Sensational Comfort Unleash the infinite pleasure possibilities as you unveil the alluring ona-egg nestled within its discreet container. Surpass your expectations as the supple material molds effortlessly to any size, delivering an unrivalled sensation that transcends boundaries. Experience the luxurious sensation akin to a silk glove enveloping you, harmonized with the warmth of your touch, allowing you to revel in your moment of ecstasy at any place, anytime. Each unique model promises a different sensory journey, ensuring a bespoke experience every time. Embrace the element of surprise as you embark on a voyage of discovery with this highly sought-after creation by Tenga. Bid farewell to mundane contraptions as this innovative marvel graces your collection, promising a world devoid of cumbersome apparatus or unusual orifices. Instruction: Peel the package film off the egg along the perforations. Remove the egg cap, extract the egg white, and apply the provided lubricant. Gently insert your member into the egg. Explore delightful twists and strokes within the egg for an exhilarating sensation. After use, replace the egg white into the cap and dispose of it responsibly.
MISS NIKITA Realistic Vibrating Masturbator with Dual Entry Points £29.99
Indulge in the ultimate pleasure experience with the luxurious realistic vibrating masturbator brought to you by Miss Nikita. This exquisite intimate companion is meticulously crafted to elevate your sensations to unparalleled heights. Crafted with a keen focus on realism and pleasure, the Miss Nikita realistic vibrating masturbator features two lifelike entry points that beckon exploration. Made from a premium real feel material, the touch of this masterpiece is velvety soft, mirroring the feel of genuine skin for an experience that is truly immersive. Experience dual stimulation with two motors offering a range of exhilarating speeds to suit your desires. Enhance your pleasure with the removable dual batteries discreetly housed in the base, ensuring uninterrupted satisfaction. This sophisticated pleasure device is designed to cater to your deepest cravings, providing an experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether you choose to revel in solo sessions or invite a partner to share in the indulgence, the Miss Nikita realistic vibrating masturbator promises a journey of pure ecstasy. Ergonomically crafted for ergonomic pleasure, this masturbator fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for effortless manoeuvring as you explore the depths of your desires. With each sensation and vibration meticulously calibrated for maximum pleasure, every touch of the Miss Nikita masturbator is a tantalising delight. Indulge in opulence and awaken your senses with the Miss Nikita realistic vibrating masturbator, a testament to luxury and pleasure combined in perfect harmony.
Rev-Lite Realistic Vagina Masturbator - Lifelike Stroker for Men £45.99
The Rev-Lite Realistic Vagina - Male Masturbator is the epitome of luxury pleasure. Indulge in a truly extraordinary experience with this exquisitely designed male masturbator. Experience unrivaled satisfaction as you immerse yourself in the lifelike sensation of the Realistic Vagina. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every curve and contour is designed to stimulate and please. Featuring a soft and inviting texture, this masturbator envelops you in pure pleasure. The realistic appearance adds to the immersive experience, making it feel like the real thing. Enhanced Sensation: Explore the depths of pleasure with the Rev-Lite Realistic Vagina. Its unyielding texture provides intense stimulation, elevating your solo sessions to new heights. Customizable Suction: With the convenient twist cap, you can easily adjust the suction strength to match your desired level of intensity. This ensures a tailored experience that caters to your unique preferences. Designed with your satisfaction in mind, the Rev-Lite Realistic Vagina is not only an indulgence but also an investment. Encased in a discreet and sturdy black case, it ensures secure storage and portability, allowing you to take pleasure wherever you go. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. The removable stroker sleeve can be easily rinsed, ensuring hygiene and longevity. With its exquisite durability and ease of use, this male masturbator is truly a man's real best friend. Elevate your pleasure to luxurious heights with the Rev-Lite Realistic Vagina - Male Masturbator. Experience the ultimate solo escape and let your desires run wild.
Shona River Pornstar Pussy Masturbator £64.99
Experience this horny vixen’s curves up-close and personal with the amazing Shona River Pussy masturbator. This skin-coloured design will take you on the ride of your life, exactly like Shona would. A must-have for fans of the blonde bombshell, the masturbator’s realistic interior texture, and tight vaginal orifice will deliver sensational stimulation, right where you want it. Made of premium materials and adhering to the highest quality standard, the Shona River Ass is a durable, body-safe, and mind-blowing choice in intimate pleasure!
Nanma Envi Live Size Inflatable Love Doll With 3 Holes £34.99
Experience an unmatched level of pleasure with the exquisite Envi Live Size Inflatable Love Doll. Crafted to fulfil your deepest desires, this lifelike love companion awaits to provide unparalleled moments of intimacy. This seductive love doll features a realistic design with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a truly authentic experience. The supple PVC material enhances the tactile sensation, offering a luxuriously smooth touch that intensifies your pleasures. Immerse yourself in a lifelike encounter with three meticulously crafted love holes, each designed to cater to your desires with utmost realism. Indulge in the arousing sensation of hard, responsive nipples that yearn for your touch, adding an extra layer of stimulation to your intimate moments. With the Envi Live Size Inflatable Love Doll, every encounter is a journey towards unrivalled bliss and satisfaction. Let your fantasies come to life with this elegantly designed companion that promises to elevate your sensual experiences to new heights. Embrace luxury and sophistication as you delve into a world of limitless pleasure with this exquisite inflatable love doll. Elevate your intimate moments with a touch of opulence and sophistication, embodied in every curve and contour of the Envi Live Size Love Doll.
Rocks Off 7 Speed Hand-Solo Stroker £24.99
Pure Palm Powered Pleasure Hand Solo is a unique open sleeve male masturbator made with seductively textured inner contours. Hand Solo fits all sizes and with your firm grip will give you long lasting thrilling throbbing sensations that are guaranteed to send you into orbit! It is made with soft flexible body safe silicone with a removable bullet for hygiene and cleansing. 3 constant speeds and 4 vibration patterns offer you a range of ways to reach exhilarating orgasms. It is 100% waterproof for fun in the bath or shower. It's battery ( 1.5 volt N-size / LR1) is included so you can get to grips with it straight away. Feel the force with the Rocks-Off Hand -Solo Male masturbator.
Realistic Anus Male Masturbator for Lifelike Experience - Rev-Lite £45.99
The Rev-Lite Realistic Anus Male Masturbator offers an indulgent escape into the world of intense solo pleasure. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this luxurious toy ensures you experience an unforgettable backdoor adventure. Experience the ultimate realism as you enter the tight opening of this masturbator. The soft stroker sleeve, textured to perfection, envelopes you with tantalizing sensations, simulating the feeling of anal sex with incredible accuracy. You'll be transported to new heights of ecstasy, every time you use it. Enhancing your pleasure further, the Rev-Lite cup features a unique twist cap on top of the case. This allows you to easily customize the suction strength, tailoring the intensity of your experience to your desires. Discover the perfect balance of pleasure and stimulation, personalized just for you. Concerned about storage and maintenance? Rest easy. This masturbator is housed in a discreet and convenient hard case, providing not only a safe storage option but also ensuring the longevity of your toy. With simple cleaning instructions, you can effortlessly remove the soft stroker sleeve, rinse it thoroughly, and let it dry before your next steamy session. Immerse yourself in a lifelike anal sex experience, whenever and wherever you desire. Enjoy complete control over the suction strength, fine-tuning your pleasure to perfection. Indulge in the sensational pleasures that only the Rev-Lite Realistic Anus Male Masturbator can offer. Step behind the curtain and experience the satisfaction you deserve.
Keon Automatic Masturabtor £279.99
Fully-automatic, interactive masturbator adapter Incl. hand-held masturbator 8 stroke speeds, 4 stroke lengths Up to 230 strokes per minute Long-distance sex possible via Bluetooth or wifi   The highest level of masturbation!The Keon Combo Set contains a masturbator adapter (Keon) that can be combined with the (removable) hand-held masturbator. The combined masturbator provides interactive stimulation via Bluetooth or wifi with its integrated KIIROO software. This means that it is possible to use it with the online platform FeelMe.com. It synchronises the masturbator with coded videos, virtual reality, games and webcams. The Keon Combo Set can also be connected to compatible partner toys for realistic long-distance sex. In the interactive mode, the length and speed of the strokes can be controlled using the masturbator itself – the strokes can be adjusted to the partner toy or the online content – it can do up to 230 strokes per minute. The masturbator can also be used in the manual mode: the automatic stimulation with the innovative touch control can be adjusted – 8 stroke speeds in 4 stroke lengths (2 cm up to max. 5.9 cm) provide a lot of variety. The inside of the masturbator is made out of a skin-like material and it has an exciting stimulating texture as well. It’ll feel as amazing as it does during real sex! It can be recharged with the included USB cable. The adapter (Keon) only works with the masturbators from Kiiroo.Adapter (Keon): 23 cm x 13.3 cm x 14.4 cm. Weight 1500 g.Masturbator (Stroker): insertion depth 21.5 cm, Ø 1.5 cm (flexible up to 4.6 cm), outer Ø max. 8.9 cm. Weight 2000 g. PC, ABS, PU, silicone.
Nanma Tereza Barkley Doggy Pose Life Size Love Doll £34.99
Tereza Barkley Doggy Pose Life Size Doll with Inflatable Hair ~ 3 Penetrating Holes. For those who like to take a firm grip on their women, Tereza Barkley is for you. Ready and waiting in the doggy position, she has three love holes and a new inflatable hair shape! She want's to be your dog!
Fleshlight Launch Automaitc Masturbator Machine from £249.99 £282.00
FLESHLIGHT UNIVERSAL LAUNCH & PINK LADY ORIGINAL BUNDLE Strap in and hold on! Automate your fantasies with our universal stroking simulator BUNDLE!  (NOW INCLUDING THE PINK LADY ORIGINAL FLESHLIGHT) The Universal Launch Bundle allows your customers to have an all-in-one automatic mastubator with up to 250 strokes per minute and is also compatible with a variety of other Fleshlight lines! What's Included in the bundle: Fleshlight Universal LaunchPink Lady Original FleshlightUniversal Smartphone MountPower CableQuickstart GuideInstruction Manual Strap in and hold on! Automate your fantasies with our universal stroking simulator! The Universal Launch is designed to fit most of our product line. It controls the length and placement of your strokes, as well as the speed. With its innovative touch control system, just set the controls, sit back and enjoy!  What's Included Universal Launch™ Universal Smartphone Mount Power Cable Quickstart Guide Instruction Manual Choose with OR without Pink Lady Fleshlight Universal Launch is compatible with the following: Fleshlight Go Fleshlight Ice Fleshlight Turbo Stamina Training Unit Original Fleshlight Sex in a Can Fleshlight Vibro Fleshjack Boys Fleshlight Girls ( and other fleshlight shaped masturbators)
Pulse III (SOLO or DUO) from £84.99
Pulse III, also known as Guybrator, is the latest generation of contactless stimulators for men. Ergonomic and with a rounded flexible shape that allows a comfortable fit in the hand adapted for use both individually (Solo model) and with a partner (Duo model).  Pulse III innovative design and clever use of PulsePlate Technology™ means there is no need to stroke. Simply sit back and let the PulsePlate™ take you all the way to a hands-free orgasm. Alternatively, squeeze on some water-based lube to transform it into a next-generation masturbator perfect for stroking. The choice is yours. Fully waterproof and easy to use, it wraps around the penis, with the oscillating PulsePlate™ sitting against the sensitive frenulum. Buttons on the side control the speed and strength (9 levels) of the vibrations. Alongside these features PULSE also comes with:- Magnetic charging – no more messing around with wires- Turbo function – jump straight to max power from any starting point- Speed/anti-stall sensor – for ease of use With this toy you can even enjoy masturbation without erection. Simply put your flaccid penis into the toy and let the PulsePlate™ do all the work. This also makes Pulse III the perfect sex toy for those with erection problems or for older people who might just like some extra help. The PULSE III DUO comes with all the features of the SOLO, but is designed for couples’ play – an extra vibrator on the outside of the toy means that two can play at the same time. PULSE III DUO has an improved second motor on the outside – 25% more powerful than the last. On top of these features, PULSE III DUO also comes with a remote control, so it’s easy to turn up the power even when you’re in the most imaginative positions. - Size: 11.7 x 6.7 x 7.2 cm- inside diameter: 3,5 cm- color: black (Solo), dark blue (Duo)- material Pulse III SOLO: silicone, ABS plastic- material Pulse III DUO: 100% silicone- USB rechargeable lithium ion battery- fully charged works up to 1 h (fully charges in 3 hours)- wash in warm water with mild soap or clean with a special sex toy cleaner- use only with water-based lubricant The set includes:- Massage device- USB charger- black satin bag for storing toys- remote control (Duo model only), runs on one CR2032 battery (included)
Life-Size Male Sex Doll with Vibrating 23cm Penis - Mr. John Love Doll £25.99 £59.99
Introducing our exquisite male sex doll, the Mr. John Love Doll. Created with the utmost craftsmanship, this deluxe pleasure companion is designed to fulfill your most intimate desires and provide unparalleled satisfaction. Crafted to perfection, the Mr. John Love Doll stands life-size, exuding masculinity and charm. Every inch of this premium doll is meticulously detailed, from the defined muscles to the captivating eyes that will leave you longing for more. Indulge in an extraordinary experience with this inflatable doll that offers an oral opening, allowing you to explore new realms of pleasure. Immerse yourself in delightful sensations as you indulge in passionate moments with Mr. John. Unleash your desires with the 23cm vibrating penis, specially designed to provide intense pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms. Experience versatility like never before with the separate suction cup penis, equipped with a multi-speed vibrator. Adjust the intensity according to your desires and explore a world of limitless pleasure. With lifelike features and meticulously designed details, our Mr. John Love Doll redefines the boundaries of pleasure. This elegant companion is dedicated to fulfilling your deepest desires, providing you with an unparalleled sensory experience. Specifications: Life-size male model Inflatable doll with oral opening Includes separate suction cup penis with multi-speed vibrator Experience the epitome of luxury with our Mr. John Love Doll. Immerse yourself in a world of unbridled pleasure and explore your deepest fantasies with this seductive and irresistible companion.
ManSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Twink £69.99
Get your man. Doc Johnson's Main Squeeze line of hard case masturbators now offers Man Squeeze, a collection created especially for men who love men.
ManSqueeze Chad White Ass Stroker £69.99
Indulge in a world of pleasure with the ManSqueeze Chad White Ass Stroker. Handcrafted to perfection, this exquisite pleasure toy is designed to provide a realistic and sensational experience that will leave you craving for more. Experience the lifelike sensation of ULTRASKYN, as every touch and stroke feels just like the real thing. The tight and textured interior of the Chad's Man Squeeze adds a new level of intensity to your moments of passion. It warms up to your touch, enhancing the realism and pleasure. With its user-controlled squeeze plate, the ManSqueeze Chad White Ass Stroker allows you to customize your experience according to your desires. Every session becomes a unique and breathtaking journey as you explore the various sensations at your own pace. Unparalleled Realism: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this stroker replicates the intimate feel of the human body, providing an incredibly lifelike experience. Discreet and Convenient: The double-cap hardshell design not only ensures the toy remains fresh and ready for use but also acts as a discreet travel and storage case. Perfect for those on-the-go moments of pleasure. Elevate your intimate encounters to new heights with the ManSqueeze Chad White Ass Stroker. It gives you the power to unleash your deepest desires and explore a world of pleasure like never before. Its luxurious design and exceptional craftsmanship make it a must-have for anyone seeking the ultimate indulgence. Let your fantasies come to life with this premium pleasure toy.
Lexi Tyler Love Doll £199.99
The Lexi Tyler love doll is a semi-inflatable love doll made from phthalate free materials that give her a lifelike finish, along with a 3D moulded head, hands and feet for a stunning shape. She is finished with perky breasts for an instant bedroom pick-me-up!Features Include: 3D rotocasted head, feet and hands Realistic ANUS Realistic vagina Perky breast with erect nipples Dimensions & Other Features: 4'7" (143cm) in height Easy clean chamber Foot pump Vibrating bullet for extra intensity!
ManSqueeze William Seed Ass Stroker £69.99
The French-Canadian jackhammering star of Men.com joins the Man Squeeze lineup with a variable pressure hard-case stroker molded directly from his body. Handcrafted in lifelike ULTRASKYN, William’s Man Squeeze features a tight, textured interior that warms to the touch and feels just like the real thing. Play your favorite William Seed scene and become his costar!
Main Squeeze Sasha Gray ULTRASKYN Masturbator for Intense Pleasure £64.99
Elevate your pleasure to new heights with the luxurious Sasha Gray - ULTRASKYN Pussy Masturbator. Inspired by the beautiful Sasha Gray herself, this intimate toy is meticulously moulded to capture every sensual detail of her body, ensuring an incredibly immersive experience. Indulge in the exquisite sensations that only Sasha Gray can provide. The ULTRASKYN material is soft, supple, and incredibly lifelike, giving you the ultimate realistic feel. With every stroke and thrust, you'll be transported to a realm of pure pleasure and ecstasy. This high-quality masturbator is designed to enhance your solo sessions, creating a lifelike experience that rivals the real thing. Crafted with precision, the ULTRASKYN Pussy Masturbator offers unparalleled stimulation and mind-blowing orgasms. Realistic Sensations: The ULTRASKYN material and lifelike texture provide an authentic experience that will leave you breathless. Easy to Clean: The open-ended design makes cleaning a breeze, so you can focus on what's truly important - your pleasure. Step into a world of luxury and pleasure with the Sasha Gray - ULTRASKYN Pussy Masturbator. Designed to fulfill your deepest desires, this exquisite toy is a must-have for any discerning connoisseur. Treat yourself to an experience like no other and unlock a world of pleasure that will leave you wanting more.
Predator Creature Stroker - Sensational Sci-Fi Fantasy Experience £51.99 £54.99
If you crave excitement and are drawn to the allure of danger, the Predator Creature Stroker is the ultimate pleasure-inducing device to satisfy your dark desires. Its sleek and elegant design, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, will captivate your senses. With its soft gray exterior, the Predator Creature Stroker entices you with its textured dimples adorning both sides of its ferocious slit. As you delve deeper into this tantalizing experience, rows of textured ribs, grooves, and nubs will drive you wild, providing unparalleled stimulation and pleasure. Enhanced Sensations: The stroker's strategically placed textures heighten sensations, intensifying each moment as you explore new dimensions of pleasure. Customizable Pressure: With the silicone plug located at the base of the case, you can effortlessly control the pressure and suction. Every pump produces a tighter squeeze, elevating your pleasure to new heights. For your convenience, the open-ended design allows for easy cleaning. Simply remove the silicone plug and rinse the stroker sleeve under water. For a thorough clean, you can remove the sleeve and wash it separately before letting it air dry. Once cleaned, the cap ensures your stroker remains dust and debris-free until your next rendezvous. Delve into your deepest fantasies of the supernatural and embrace the creature within you. Experience the Predator Creature Stroker and unlock a world of luxurious pleasure that satisfies your desires in ways you've never imagined.
Sasha Fantasy Doll - Realistic 5ft 4in Sex Doll with Moveable Joints & Lifelike Features £1,499.99 £1,999.99
Elevate your fantasies to new heights with the Sasha Fantasy Doll. This exquisite sex doll is meticulously crafted to fulfill your intimate desires on every level. Prepare yourself for lifelike pleasure and an experience that will surpass your wildest dreams. From head to toe, Sasha embodies true beauty and attention to detail. Her flawless skin is irresistibly soft and begs to be touched. Explore the ultimate oral fantasy as you part her tender lips, or indulge in the pleasure of Sasha's dainty, pose-able fingers and perfectly manicured nails wrapped around your throbbing pleasure rod. Let your fantasies run wild with Sasha's firm, perky breasts, ready to be ravished. And her perfectly sculpted ass, tight and willing to please, will leave you breathless. Designed for all pleasure enthusiasts, Sasha's graceful feet are sure to captivate foot fetish connoisseurs. Experience lifelike pleasure with Sasha's intricate eyes, supple lips, realistic pussy, and perfectly sculpted body Indulge in endless possibilities with Sasha's moveable and bendable joints, allowing you to pose her in any position you desire This 5'4" (168cm) goddess is supported by a robust stainless steel skeleton, ensuring stability and realism with every touch. Dress her in your favorite lingerie or bikini, enhance the experience with your preferred fragrance, and capture her beauty through photographs that reflect your desires. With Sasha, your ultimate fantasies are within reach. Revel in the pleasure and fulfilment she brings, knowing that this distinctive sex doll is made to meet the highest standards of luxury and quality. Includes a range of accessories to enhance your experience, including water-based lubricant, toy cleaner, renewal powder, cleansing irrigator, USB heating wand, lingerie set, pair of white cotton gloves, and more Guaranteed discretion and privacy - available for in-store collection only. Contact us at info@scandals.love for delivery inquiries.
Premium Beer Masturbator £19.99
The Beer Bottle Masturbator has an internal sleeve that feels very soft and can be easily taken out for cleaning. As this flashlight resembles a beer bottle, you can discreetly store it next to your wine collection. Life feels good when sipping wine with one hand and even better by rocking the Beer Bottle Masturbator with the other. Measurements 248 x 70 x 66 mm/ 9.8 x  2.8 x 2.6 inches. Removable Sleeve. 100% waterproof. Made from quality TPE ,ABS.
Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Bianca £1,999.99
Movable from head to toe right down to her fingertips, Pipedream Products' Ultimate Fantasy Dolls are carefully created to fulfill fantasies and inspire intimate pleasure on all levels. With true lifelike attention to detail and super-soft Fanta Flesh skin, Ultimate Fantasy Dolls will make all of your dreams come true! Caress Bianca's lush strawberry-blonde hair and be seduced by her stunning hazel eyes. Open her tender lips to experience the ultimate oral fantasy, or wrap her dainty, pose-able fingers and painted fingernails around your thick pleasure rod. Her firm, perky breasts are waiting for a titty fuck, while her perfect ass is pleasantly snug and willing to please. Bianca is incredibly sexy from her pretty head down to her graceful feet that are sure to please foot fetish enthusiasts!   Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (163cm), Bianca is sure to fulfill your every fantasy with her intricate eyes, supple lips, realistic pussy, posable joints, and lifelike toes. Her entire body is supported by a super-strong stainless steel skeleton that features move-able and bendable joints just like a real woman! Pose her in any position you can think of, dress her in your favorite lingerie or bikini, spray your favorite perfume all over her, and make sure to send in photos showing us just how beautiful she really is! Bianca is all yours to enjoy and ready to fulfill all of your Ultimate Fantasies! Below is a list of all of the accessories included with your doll:4 oz. Moist Body Lotion4 oz. Refresh Toy Cleaner1.05 oz. Fanta Flesh Revive Renewal PowderCleansing IrrigatorUSB Heating WandLingerie SetPair of White Cotton GlovesTPE Vaginal Inserts/Masturbation SleevesTPE Material StripSet of Replacement Press-On NailsCare and Usage Guide Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian24 inch x 36 inch Full Color Promotional Poster in Shipping Tube Bust: 38 inch (96 cm)Waist: 24 inch (60 cm) Hips: 34 inch (86 cm) Cup Size: LClothing: S,M - 00, 0Women’s Shoe: 7 (37-38 Euro) Box dimensions are 61 inch x 16 inch x 11 inch (156cm x 42cm x 30cm). Complete packaged weight: 91 lbs (41 kg). In-store collection only. If delivery required, please contact us at info@scandals.love
ManSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Bear £69.99
Experience pure pleasure with the ManSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Bear. This luxury toy is designed for men who love men, delivering an unrivaled experience of pleasure and satisfaction. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the ManSqueeze Masturbator features an adjustable suction end cap and a squeezable grip, allowing you to control the tightness of each stroke. Its larger exterior ass shape, made from lifelike ULTRASKYN™ material, adds a touch of realism to your fantasies. As you explore deeper inside, you'll encounter a tight and inviting hole that will take your pleasure to new heights. The unique internal texture of this stroker feels incredibly lifelike, making you believe you've conquered the man of your dreams. Not only does the ManSqueeze Masturbator provide unparalleled pleasure, but it also offers convenient storage and travel options. The double-cap hardshell design ensures discreet and safe transportation, keeping your toy clean and ready whenever desire strikes. Adjustable suction and squeezable grip for customized pleasure Realistic ULTRASKYN™ ass shape and tight inner hole for lifelike sensations Invest in the ultimate in luxury and pleasure with the ManSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Bear. Indulge in your desires and experience a level of satisfaction you've never felt before. Use with a waterbased lubricant for a even better experiance. 
MainSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Stud £69.99
Introducing the MainSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Stud, a lavish pleasure device designed to elevate your intimate moments to new heights. Crafted with sophistication and precision, this premium masturbator is a must-have for men seeking unparalleled pleasure. Indulge in Realistic Sensations: The MainSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Stud features a larger exterior ass shape made from lifelike ULTRASKYN™, offering an incredibly realistic experience. The tight entry hole relaxes deeper inside, providing intense pleasure with every stroke. Customizable Sensation: With a suction-adjusting end cap and squeezable grip, this masturbator allows you to tailor the tightness of each stroke to your desires. The squeeze plate enables you to control the pressure, heightening the intensity of your experience. Arriving in a double-cap hardshell design, this discreet pleasure companion doubles as a travel and storage case, ensuring your MainSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Stud stays fresh and conveniently accessible whenever the mood strikes. Designed for sophistication and ease of use, this luxurious pleasure device offers a range of features to enhance your pleasure. The base twists to adjust the suction strength, creating an intensely pleasurable experience. Additionally, the product can be fully disassembled for effortless cleaning, ensuring hygiene is never compromised. With every MainSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Stud purchase, you'll receive complete care and usage instructions, ensuring that you can continue enjoying mind-blowing pleasure whenever desired. Elevate your intimate experiences to unrivaled luxury. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate pleasure with the MainSqueeze ULTRASKYN Masturbator Ass-Stud.
Thrusting Cannon 5 Speeds 10 Telescopic Male Masturbation £134.99 £199.99
Welcome to a world of unrivalled pleasure with our cutting-edge thrusting male masturbator. Designed to exceed expectations and elevate intimate experiences, the Thrusting Cannon King offers unmatched sensations and thrilling functionality. Indulge in a symphony of stimulation with 5 dynamic speeds and 10 telescopic patterns, all orchestrated to deliver ecstasy at your command. Feel the power as the device reaches up to 600 strokes per minute, providing an experience like never before. Immerse yourself in lifelike pleasure with a 3D realistic textured sleeve Experience targeted bliss with 3 fixed points of stimulation Unlock a world of possibilities with 10 modes of thrusting and 10 gear speeds, ensuring every session is unique and tailored to your desires. The ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use, making your pleasure the top priority. With the Thrusting Cannon King, every touch becomes electric, every moment unforgettable. Elevate your solo experiences to new heights of indulgence and satisfaction with this luxurious and innovative male masturbator.

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