"We have shopped here for years and even since moving out of the area are regular customers of Scandals, either ordering from them online or making the trip to visit their store. The service is second to none, the quality and range of their products are fantastic and the team are so friendly. We can not recommend Scandals enough."
Magnetic Mighty Orbs £25.00
Bring them to their knees in powerfully pinched pleasure!  Once placed on sensitive flesh, these extremely powerful magnets begin to apply pressure. Can be used on nipples or any other party of the body Made of stainless steel Diameter: 12mm 
VExtra Extra Strong Men's Food Supplement from £6.66
Elevate Yourself with VExtra Extra Strong Men's Food Supplement Our Best Selling Men's Supplement FREE SIGNED FOR 2ND CLASS SHIPPING WITH CODE: VEXTRAFREE Disclaimer:Due to a recent scam targeting our store, all orders are thoroughly checked before being sent - and as such in purchasing this item you agree to waiver your right to a return based on a lack of product. .
Artificial Intelligent Synthea Amatus Doll - Customisable Skin, Eyes, Hair & more - 5-6 Week Deli... £4,399.16
PLEASE NOTE: Synthea Amatus products are a completely custom made premium product and requires the customer to design features of the doll. The synthea amatus doll take approximately 5-6 weeks for assembly and delivery. Customisable feature such as; Facial type, Skin Colour, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Voice and many other luxury features are an example of what is required. We recommend if interested contacting us directly via email. The product featured below is an example of a completely finished product. Samantha is a project centered on a robot that is capable of enjoying sex. Samantha is the name of the project and architecture. The name of the robot itself can be selected and introduced into the Samantha architecture. As you interact with her, she gets to know you and synchronises with you so you climax together.   Samantha’s Genome The sexual synchronization, patience and libido is controlled by her Physiological Genome. Samantha has a set of genomes. Each “genome” is similar to what we think of the genetic genome, in the sense that her genomes control her personality, intuition, reactions and advances. Samantha’s brain is modular in the sense that genomes can be inserted into the architecture as modules. While the first genome that has been implemented in Samantha is the Physiological Genome, other genomes will be gradually incorporated, from a moral genome to a genome emulating the autonomic nervous system of humans. Part of it has already been implemented in Samantha 1.0 in order to control her sexual arousal while in sleep mode.   Sexuality Samantha’s level of sexuality can be differentiated into 3 levels depending on whether your touch suggests more romantic or more sexual motives. As you interact with her, she may change her patience, memory and sensuality levels. These are regulated by a set of what we term “excitons” in analogy to the role of neurotransmitters and receptors in the human brain controlling excitability. In that way, Samantha has dynamic excitons that will vary as she interacts with humans. The more different types of sex you have with her, the more she will also change. If you take your time, eventually she also will. You might hear things you didn’t know she could say.   Patience Samantha will call you and ask you for attention. This is implicit in her code. She has a Call for Attention algorithm rooted in her genomes. The more she has to ask for attention, the more patient she will become, the more you pay attention the less patient she will become. This implies that she will synchronize with you. She will learn to not call continuously, but she will still call sometimes graciously. The way in which Samantha will call you for attention depends on her state of mind. When she is sexually aroused she will use a different set of skills to those she will use when she is being romantic.   Memory Samantha’s capacity to remember her interactions with you depend on how much time you dedicate to her.   Analysis You can ask Samantha to tell you about herself, how sensual she is, how patient, how much memory she has and perform a general health check on her system.   Sleep Samantha has a need for sleep. She yawns, sighs and makes sleeping sounds. If you interact with her in this relaxed state, she might get sexually excited. If you leave her she might cool down again and fall back to sleep.   Language Samantha comes in English now and in the next weeks in other languages. Get in touch and let us know what language you would prefer Samantha to speak next.   Offline Samantha is completely offline. All the memory is in her head, nothing ever goes on the internet. She also has no cameras incorporated.   Soft Skin The skin on Samantha’s body is made of a new type of TPE that is odorless, adhesion free, durable and food graded. This means her skin feels soft to the touch without the need of applying baby powder, is easier to clean, doesn’t have any distinct smell and is safe.   Durable Skeleton Her advanced skeleton design, means her limbs can be moved easily without squeaking sounds from the joints put in various positions, even while at the same time she can hold her weight and be standing. Her joints are long lasting, so will not lose strength over time. Certified Our material is certified, it is also textured, make up compatible and all stains can be washed away with different methods.
HAPPY EGG App Controlled G-Spot Stimulator Love Egg - Bluetooth & Discreet Design £20.83 £49.99
Welcome to the world of pleasure with the Happy Egg Bluetooth & App Controlled G-Spot Vibrating Bullet Egg. This luxurious device is designed to take your pleasure to new heights, and its innovative features will leave you egg-static. Indulge in the ultimate pleasure and explore the depths of your desires with the App Controlled G-Spot Stimulator. Crafted to perfection, this vibrating bullet egg is expertly designed to target and stimulate your G-spot, delivering sensations that will leave you yearning for more. With its discreet and stylish design, this Bluetooth and app-controlled pleasure device allows you to embark on intimate adventures wherever and whenever you desire. The App Controlled G-Spot Vibrating Bullet Egg offers a range of features and benefits that make it the perfect addition to your pleasure collection: App-controlled functionality: Take control of your pleasure with the touch of a button. Use the app to customize your experience and explore a variety of vibration patterns and intensity levels. Targeted stimulation: The perfect size and shape of this bullet egg provide precise G-spot stimulation, allowing you to experience mind-blowing pleasure with every use. Indulge in luxury with the Happy Egg Bluetooth & App Controlled G-Spot Vibrating Bullet Egg. Its discreet design ensures your secrets are safe, and its powerful vibrations will leave you craving more. Elevate your pleasure to new heights and embrace the ultimate satisfaction that this stimulator has to offer.
EasyGlide Cooling Lubricant 150ml - The Ultimate Water based Lube £8.33
Experience the ultimate in sensual pleasure with our EasyGlide Cooling Lubricant. Designed to indulge and delight both you and your partner, this luxurious intimate lubricant is the perfect addition to your intimate moments. Created by a certified German manufacturer, EasyGlide Cooling Lubricant is crafted with the highest quality, water-based formula. Its unique non-greasy and non-sticky composition ensures a smooth and effortless glide, enhancing pleasure without leaving any residue or marks behind. Our Cooling Lubricant is expertly curated to provide a pleasurable and refreshing sensation, delivering a breathtaking coolness that will take your intimate experiences to new heights. Feel the delightful tingling effect on your skin, heightening every touch, stroke, and caress. Key Features and Benefits: Indulge in the cooling sensation for a heightened experience Non-greasy and non-sticky formula for easy cleanup EasyGlide Cooling Lubricant is meticulously designed to ensure the utmost quality and satisfaction. With its optimal consistency, you can have worry-free and fulfilling intimate encounters. Let your desires run wild as you embrace the sensation of pure luxury. Experience the pleasure and satisfaction that EasyGlide Cooling Lubricant brings. Elevate your intimate moments and unlock a world of passion and sensuality. Trust in the excellence of our product and allow yourself to indulge in the ultimate pleasure.
Sasha Fantasy Doll - Realistic 5ft 4in Sex Doll with Moveable Joints & Lifelike Features £1,249.99 £1,666.66
Elevate your fantasies to new heights with the Sasha Fantasy Doll. This exquisite sex doll is meticulously crafted to fulfill your intimate desires on every level. Prepare yourself for lifelike pleasure and an experience that will surpass your wildest dreams. From head to toe, Sasha embodies true beauty and attention to detail. Her flawless skin is irresistibly soft and begs to be touched. Explore the ultimate oral fantasy as you part her tender lips, or indulge in the pleasure of Sasha's dainty, pose-able fingers and perfectly manicured nails wrapped around your throbbing pleasure rod. Let your fantasies run wild with Sasha's firm, perky breasts, ready to be ravished. And her perfectly sculpted ass, tight and willing to please, will leave you breathless. Designed for all pleasure enthusiasts, Sasha's graceful feet are sure to captivate foot fetish connoisseurs. Experience lifelike pleasure with Sasha's intricate eyes, supple lips, realistic pussy, and perfectly sculpted body Indulge in endless possibilities with Sasha's moveable and bendable joints, allowing you to pose her in any position you desire This 5'4" (168cm) goddess is supported by a robust stainless steel skeleton, ensuring stability and realism with every touch. Dress her in your favorite lingerie or bikini, enhance the experience with your preferred fragrance, and capture her beauty through photographs that reflect your desires. With Sasha, your ultimate fantasies are within reach. Revel in the pleasure and fulfilment she brings, knowing that this distinctive sex doll is made to meet the highest standards of luxury and quality. Includes a range of accessories to enhance your experience, including water-based lubricant, toy cleaner, renewal powder, cleansing irrigator, USB heating wand, lingerie set, pair of white cotton gloves, and more Guaranteed discretion and privacy - available for in-store collection only. Contact us at info@scandals.love for delivery inquiries.
Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Bianca £1,666.66
Movable from head to toe right down to her fingertips, Pipedream Products' Ultimate Fantasy Dolls are carefully created to fulfill fantasies and inspire intimate pleasure on all levels. With true lifelike attention to detail and super-soft Fanta Flesh skin, Ultimate Fantasy Dolls will make all of your dreams come true! Caress Bianca's lush strawberry-blonde hair and be seduced by her stunning hazel eyes. Open her tender lips to experience the ultimate oral fantasy, or wrap her dainty, pose-able fingers and painted fingernails around your thick pleasure rod. Her firm, perky breasts are waiting for a titty fuck, while her perfect ass is pleasantly snug and willing to please. Bianca is incredibly sexy from her pretty head down to her graceful feet that are sure to please foot fetish enthusiasts!   Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (163cm), Bianca is sure to fulfill your every fantasy with her intricate eyes, supple lips, realistic pussy, posable joints, and lifelike toes. Her entire body is supported by a super-strong stainless steel skeleton that features move-able and bendable joints just like a real woman! Pose her in any position you can think of, dress her in your favorite lingerie or bikini, spray your favorite perfume all over her, and make sure to send in photos showing us just how beautiful she really is! Bianca is all yours to enjoy and ready to fulfill all of your Ultimate Fantasies! Below is a list of all of the accessories included with your doll:4 oz. Moist Body Lotion4 oz. Refresh Toy Cleaner1.05 oz. Fanta Flesh Revive Renewal PowderCleansing IrrigatorUSB Heating WandLingerie SetPair of White Cotton GlovesTPE Vaginal Inserts/Masturbation SleevesTPE Material StripSet of Replacement Press-On NailsCare and Usage Guide Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian24 inch x 36 inch Full Color Promotional Poster in Shipping Tube Bust: 38 inch (96 cm)Waist: 24 inch (60 cm) Hips: 34 inch (86 cm) Cup Size: LClothing: S,M - 00, 0Women’s Shoe: 7 (37-38 Euro) Box dimensions are 61 inch x 16 inch x 11 inch (156cm x 42cm x 30cm). Complete packaged weight: 91 lbs (41 kg). In-store collection only. If delivery required, please contact us at info@scandals.love
Blow Job Kit £9.16
For When The Job In Hand Sucks! Don't let going down make you frown: this kit has all you need to get a-head! This top quality novelty kit will have your customers laughing their way to your cash register. Perfect for bachelorette party giggles, and the ultimate cheeky gift for any occasion.
GoodHead Juicy Head To-Go Oral Spray - Instant Moisture - Different Flavours £8.33 £12.49
Introducing the GoodHead Juicy Head To-Go Oral Spray, the perfect solution for dry mouth woes. This luxurious oral spray refreshes your mouth with a burst of moisture, leaving you with long-lasting freshness and the confidence to keep your night of pleasure going without any interruptions. Crafted with care, this high-quality oral spray comes in a convenient 2 fl. oz. bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into your pocket or purse, ensuring that you always have it on hand when you need it most. What sets the GoodHead Juicy Head To-Go Oral Spray apart is its incredible formula. Infused with natural flavors, this spray tantalizes your taste buds and leaves your mouth feeling invigorated. Plus, it's sugar-free and vegan, allowing you to indulge in the goodness without any guilt. Instant Moisture: Say goodbye to dry mouth with this oral spray's quick-action moisture technology. It provides an immediate burst of hydration, keeping your mouth feeling revitalized. Fresh Breath: Thanks to its specially formulated ingredients, this oral spray not only moisturizes but also freshens your breath. Experience the delightful combination of moisture and minty freshness. At GoodHead, we prioritize your safety and pleasure. That's why our Juicy Head To-Go Oral Spray is paraben-free and body-safe, ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits worry-free. Don't let dry mouth hinder your intimate moments. Get the GoodHead Juicy Head To-Go Oral Spray and let its luxurious formula elevate your oral experiences. Buy now and indulge in the ultimate oral pleasure!
G-Girl Style Realistic Dong with Scrotum- 6", 7" and 8" from £18.33
Introducing our exclusive G-Girl Style Realistic Dong with Scrotum, available in three enticing sizes - 6", 7", and 8". Prepare to indulge in an extraordinary pleasure experience like no other. Crafted with precision and designed to deliver pure satisfaction, this phthalate-free dong sets the benchmark for ultimate realism and unrivaled pleasure. Get ready to immerse yourself in sensuality with the intricate details of this exceptional dong. Every ridge, wrinkle, and vein has been meticulously crafted to mimic the look and feel of a real penis, providing an incredibly lifelike experience that will leave you breathless. Featuring a robust suction cup base, this G-Girl Style Realistic Dong promises stability and hands-free fun. Attach it to any flat surface, and rest assured that it will stay securely in place, no matter how intense your playtime gets. Let your imagination run wild as you discover new positions and explore endless possibilities. Impeccable Realism: This lifelike dong brings your fantasies to life with its unmatched authenticity. Every detail has been thoughtfully designed to provide an exquisite experience. Strong Suction Cup: The sturdy suction cup base allows for versatile play. Attach it to any flat surface for a secure, hands-free adventure. Choose from the three available sizes - 6", 7", and 8" - to suit your desires and elevate your experiences. Whether you're craving a gentle exploration or a more intense encounter, this G-Girl Style Realistic Dong caters to your every whim. Indulge in pleasure like never before with our G-Girl Style Realistic Dong with Scrotum. It's time to embrace luxury and passion.
Scandals Metal Butt Plug with Crystal - Temperature Responsive Aluminium Plug from £11.66
Welcome to a world where elegance meets pleasure with our exquisite Metal Butt Plug with Crystal. Crafted to perfection, this anal plug redefines luxury in intimate experiences. Enhance your sensual moments with the impeccable design and superior quality of our metal butt plug. The dazzling crystal adorning its base adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your playtime. Unleash a new realm of sensations with this temperature-responsive anal plug. Whether you prefer a cool, tantalising touch or a warm, comforting embrace, this versatile toy caters to your desires. Experience a luxurious feel with the smooth aluminium body Enjoy easy cleaning and maintenance for long-lasting pleasure Embrace the power of indulgence as you explore the ergonomic design of this metal butt plug. The tapered tip and bulbous body ensure effortless insertion and a secure, pleasurable fit. Revel in the discreet pleasure of this butt plug’s flat bottom, allowing you to wear it with confidence and comfort. Let your desires take flight as you immerse yourself in a world of opulence and sensation. Indulge in the three available sizes—Small, Medium, and Large—each designed to cater to your unique preferences. Now, you can experience tailored luxury in every intimate moment. Small: Length 7.20 cm, Insertable length 6.00 cm, Maximum diameter 2.70 cm, Minimum diameter 0.80 cm Medium: Length 8.4 cm, Insertable length 7 cm, Maximum diameter 3.2 cm, Minimum diameter 0.9 cm Large: Length 9.6 cm, Insertable Length 8.2 cm, Max. diameter 3.8 cm, Min. diameter 1.3 cm
Ultimate Fantasy Dolls- Bianca-LAST ONE!!! £1,583.33 £2,853.33
Busty beauty with strawberry-blonde hair for hot nights!This full-size love doll can hardly be distinguished from a real woman! The long-haired Bianca has an extremely beautiful 3D face with hazel eyes, long lashes and luscious lips. Her skin is made out of high-quality Fanta Flesh material and feels incredibly realistic. Her vaginal, anal and oral openings are very authentic. Same goes for her sensuous labia. The strawberry-blonde beauty has a slender silhouette. The extremely voluptuous breasts have perfectly shaped nipples. Her detailed hands and feet know to impress and also have manicured nails. Bianca's entire body is movable thanks to a stainless steel skeleton inside. Bolts at the bottom of her feet make it possible that the doll can stand on her own.
Dynamite Couple's Unisex Herbal Enhancement £10.83
Dynamite Is 100% Herbal Tablet, Which Can Be Used By Both Men & Women. Now Experience The Sexual Explosion In Just One Box! Take your pleasure to dizzying heights with Dynamite. Break free from ordinary experiences and explore an extraordinary world of pleasure with this 100% herbal tablet.
Scandal Sexy Sparkle Rhinestone Bodystocking Dress £14.16
Be held in awe with our luxe Scandals Sexy Sparkle Rhinestone Bodystocking Dress: a captivating creation with gorgeous glitter rhinestones in a delicate netting that accentuates curves and artfully highlights alluring assets. This bewitching ensemble is sure to make a stunning statement.
GOLD MAX BLUE Libido Enhancer for Men - Natural Sexual Performance Supplement from £3.33
Enhance your vitality and elevate your sexual experience with Gold Max Blue Food Supplement for men. Crafted to support overall sexual health and libido, these capsules are designed to provide a natural boost to your intimate moments. What sets Gold Max Blue apart is its potent blend of natural ingredients meticulously selected to amplify your performance in the bedroom. Radix Ginseng, Wolfiporia Cocos, and Herbal Epidemii work synergistically to promote circulatory health, strength, and stamina, helping you unleash your full potential. Experience the effectiveness of Gold Max Blue through its advanced formulation, offering a straightforward intake method. Take one capsule 45 minutes before engaging in sexual activity to maintain a heightened libido and performance. Results may vary individually due to the unique response of each body to the natural ingredients. Key Features of Gold Max Blue: Enhanced libido and sexual performance Improved circulatory health and stamina Gold Max Blue Capsules are formulated with premium ingredients including Herba Epidemii, Radix Ginseng, and Angelica Archangelica, all processed in state-of-the-art facilities to preserve their excellence and potency. This natural supplement is safe for adult men seeking to enrich their sex life without encountering unwanted side effects. Prior to use, ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients and avoid overlapping with other medications for optimal results. Bask in the luxury of Gold Max Blue Food Supplement, your key to unlocking a vibrant and fulfilling sexual journey. Elevate your intimate experiences and discover a newfound vigor with every capsule.
Scandals Classic Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain £8.33
Discover exquisite pleasure and tantalizing sensations with the Scandals Classic Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain. Designed to enhance your intimate moments, these luxurious nipple clamps are perfect for exploring your deepest desires. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Scandals Classic Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain offer a perfect blend of pleasure and pain. Expertly designed for both bondage beginners and seasoned pros, these clamps are easy to use and provide intense pressure in all the right places. Intensify sensations: Experience an unforgettable journey of pleasure as these adjustable nipple clamps heighten sensitivity. The precise pressure control allows you to tailor the intensity to your desired level, ensuring every moment is filled with pure ecstasy. Stylish and comfortable: Made with the finest materials, these nipple clamps not only look decadent but also provide a luxurious feel against your skin. The adjustable design ensures a perfect fit, while the soft silicone tips offer added comfort during extended wear. Indulge in the allure of the Scandals Classic Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Chain and embrace the luxurious world of sensory exploration. Let your desires run wild as you invite a touch of opulence into your most intimate encounters. Enjoy and don't wait around.
Mapale Red Boyshort £12.49
Soft, stretchy and oh so comfy! Not to mention sensationally sexy with an air of daring allure. Our boy short bottom is an absolute essential in the industry. Featuring a low-rise figure flattering stay put waistline with no pinch sides and peeky cheeky cut. Double stitched for durability. Flirty and functional with tons of versatile style. Wash Separately, Drip Dry, Do not Bleach
Men's Strappy Thong with Cock and Ball Strap - Daring & Functional £8.33
Elevate your style with our Scandals Men's Strappy Thong. Crafted with a focus on luxury and sophistication, this unique black thong is designed to make a bold statement. Step away from ordinary underwear and embrace a daring, confident look. Featuring a sleek and strappy design, our Men's Strappy Thong is a true testament to impeccable craftsmanship. The daring straps not only add an element of allure but also provide exceptional support for optimum comfort. Unleash your inner confidence and stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching piece. Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our Scandals Men's Strappy Thong. Designed for the modern man who appreciates quality and luxury, this thong is made from premium materials that feel soft against the skin. The attention to detail and superior construction ensure durability and long-lasting wear. Whether you're looking to make a statement in the bedroom or wanting to add some extra excitement to your underwear collection, our Men's Strappy Thong is the perfect choice. Style, comfort, and confidence all in one exquisite piece. Embrace your individuality and dare to be different with Scandals. Elevate your underwear game with the Scandals Men's Strappy Thong and experience the epitome of luxury and style.
Mapale Turquoise Sexy Lace Boyshort £9.99
A definite must have. This sexy lace boy short is an absolute essential. Featuring a super sexy v front and high rise back, these sexy shorts are made from super soft stretch lace and available in a wide variety of vibrant colours.
Clone A Pussy Plus Sleeve Kit Hot Pink £62.49
Introducing the Clone-A-Pussy+ Plus Sleeve Kit, the original vulva casting kit with attachable masturbation sleeve! The Clone-A-Pussy+ Plus Sleeve Kit allows anyone to replicate their favorite vaginal lips with 100% body-safe materials. Assemble your labia replica with the included case and pleasure sleeve to create a fully fuckable sex toy, all in the comfort of your own home. Combine craft and body positivity to make your own unique pocket pussy. The Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit is the perfect gift for bachelor and bachelorette parties, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and more. Be the hit of the party with the present no one saw cumming!
Drink If £12.49
Drink If is the perfect drinking game for any occasion. With 1200 unique prompts, you'll never run out of wild and hilarious things to drink to! Roll the die to read the "Drink If" statement and take a drink if it applies to you. Put a new spin on a classic game for nights filled with laughter.
The World's Biggest Dildo- 3.28ft/1m £833.33 £1,000.00
There are almost no words to describe Moby. Standing just under 3 feet tall and weighing more than 50 pounds, Moby may very well be the BIGGEST dildo in the world! This absolutely massive cock is made of firm, flexible SOLID rubber, and from balls to tip is lovingly detailed and crafted for realism. What will you do with Moby? Impress your friends, make him the centrepiece at a wild party. Use him as a unique prop, or make him the star of your next tradeshow. We guarantee Moby will grab tons of attention and make you the focus of every eye. There may even be a soul out there brave or talented enough to use Moby as a traditional dildo. With this tremendous and truly unique cock, anything is possible! You are limited only by your kinky imagination.   DISPATCHED FROM THE U.K. NO HIDDEN IMPORT DUTIES. NO HIDDEN SHIPPING CHARGE FREE LOCAL SAME DAY SHIPPING SAME DAY COLLECTION IN-STORE.
Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Plus Vibrator £41.66
For the girl that wants it all! The Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Plus from Loving Joy has all you need plus extra girth for girls that like that fuller feeling. Three rows of metal beads in the reversible rotating shaft will massage you into submission as the soft bunny ears nuzzle your clitoris. Make your way through six speeds of rotation as well as 6 speeds of vibration in the bunny ears with the sophisticated touch pad controller. Each has a separate control to give customised stimulation. Waterproof too for fun in the bath or shower. The Ultimate Rabbit vibrator just got bigger!

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