"We have shopped here for years and even since moving out of the area are regular customers of Scandals, either ordering from them online or making the trip to visit their store. The service is second to none, the quality and range of their products are fantastic and the team are so friendly. We can not recommend Scandals enough."
EXS Condoms- Singles from £0.50
Not only do these amazing condoms feature all the safety and comfort of an EXS condom, they are also Vegan AND Cruelty Free! Stocked in a wide variety of sizes, textures and tastes these are a perfect little addition to your basket! 
Oral Dams £2.08
EXS Oral Dams are a great product to use with flavoured lubes for a greater flavourful experience. They are the 1st Oral Dams to be CE Certified and conforms to ISO 29942. They provide a protective barrier when performing oral sex.  
Batteries from £1.54
How Are You Going To Use These Wonderful Toys Without These Essential Little Things. *Brand of batteries may vary from image.
Double Trigger Clip - Strong and Durable BDSM Accessory! £3.33
Enhance your bondage experience with the exquisite Bound Double Trigger Clip. Crafted with precision and elegance, this accessory is designed to elevate your BDSM scenes to new heights of pleasure. Featuring a sturdy double trigger design, this clip offers unparalleled versatility when combined with your Bound bondage gear. Securely attach various restraint accessories and indulge in a world of endless possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned dom or a curious beginner, this clip will elevate your play to extraordinary levels. With its strong and durable construction, you can trust that your sub will remain securely restrained throughout your session. The quick release triggers ensure both your safety and the safe enjoyment of restraint and restriction. Take control and immerse yourself in the art of bondage with confidence. The elegant brass finish adds a touch of sophistication to your toybox. Its timeless appeal complements any cuff, binder, or collar, but is especially suited to the eloquently equestrian look of the Bound range. This double trigger clip is not just a functional accessory; it is a statement piece that showcases your exquisite taste and passion for luxury. Unleash your creativity - Attach various restraint accessories for endless possibilities Secure and safe - Strong and durable design with quick release triggers Elevate your bondage play to new heights with the Bound Double Trigger Clip. Unleash your desires, explore your fantasies, and experience the ultimate pleasure of restraint and control. Order now and embark on a journey of exhilaration and luxury.
Tickler Textured Ring Smoke £4.16
The Me You Us Tickler cock ring set provides pleasure in all the right places! This set features 6 cock rings with differing textures that never miss the mark – from spikes to barbs, blades and bumps! These cock rings are super stretchy for a comfortable fit and are designed to pleasure both partners. The wearer gets a firmer erection that lasts longer as well as an intensified orgasm. His partner will enjoy extended pleasure, plus – the varied textures add extra excitement to shared play. These rings are waterproof and perfect for adventurous lovers that can’t resist naughty novelty fun!
Bad Teacher Ruler £4.17
Take your student and teacher role play (or rule play) to the next level! Yellow, foot-long ruler Made of light, sturdy wood 
Anal Love Beads £4.99
Increase your orgasms with these sturdy yet flexible jelly anal beads! These smooth jelly beads will feel amazing when you pop them in vaginally or anally. Start small and work your way to the top for a more filling sensation. These beads are perfect for foreplay or use during intercourse. For hair raising sensations try extracting at the point of orgasm using the retrieval ring!
Double Trigger Clip for Enhanced BDSM Restraints £4.99
Enhance your bondage experience with the exquisite Double Trigger Clip, a must-have accessory for connoisseurs of luxury restraint play. Designed with precision and elegance, the Double Trigger Clip is crafted to elevate your BDSM scenes to new heights of sophistication and pleasure. Made for the discerning aficionado, this sturdy clip ensures both style and security in your bondage adventures. Effortless Versatility: The double-end feature of the clip allows you to effortlessly attach a variety of restraint accessories, offering endless possibilities for your bondage play. Ultimate Safety: With quick-release triggers and strong, durable construction, the Double Trigger Clip guarantees the safe enjoyment of restraint and restriction, providing peace of mind during intense scenes. Indulge in the luxurious brass finish that seamlessly complements your existing bondage collection, adding a touch of opulence to your play sessions. Whether paired with cuffs, binders, or collars, this clip exudes sophistication and refinement. Experience the eloquent equestrian aesthetic of the BOUND range as the Double Trigger Clip blends seamlessly with the collection's distinctive style, creating a cohesive and visually captivating bondage ensemble. Elevate your bondage repertoire with the Double Trigger Clip and unlock a world of possibilities in sensual restraint and heightened pleasure. Embrace luxury and craftsmanship in every aspect of your BDSM journey with this essential accessory.
Fleshlight Fleshlube Water-Based Lubricant30ml £4.99
Water-based lubricant to soak your Fleshlight masturbator or your partner Good for the sensitive skin, provides a real-feel slip Dermatologically tested Hypoallergenic and free of parabens
Nanma Head Shockers Latex Extension Sleeve Flesh 1in £4.99
Experience a different kind of “shock and awe” with the Head Shockers 1.5 Sleeve! This phthalate-free, condom-friendly latex extension sleeve is here to give you just the *right* amount of "lengthy" pleasure. Add a little oomph to your bedroom escapades with the Shockers!
Prowler Red Cock Strap. Various Colours £5.63
The new menswear and accessory range from Prowler Red is going to get some attention. The Cock Strap is designed to compliment the other items in this leather range. This finely crafted leather strap with three snap fasteners will ensure a snug fit with scope to go tighter if desired. Choose from all black, black with yellow stripe or black with red stripe. Length - 21.5 cmWidth - 2 cm
JO H2O Flavoured Lubricant 30ml £5.83 £7.49
Fruity and tasty, the System JO H2O Flavoured Lubricant is a treat for both partners. Enjoy kissing and licking the apple flavour off your lover’s body, while the silky smooth finish of this high-quality water-based lubricant will enhance sensations and your overall sexual satisfaction. Unlike some flavoured lubricants, the System JO H2O range is free from artificial sweeteners, so won’t leave a sticky residue, or a nasty after taste. Simply enjoy the long-lasting glide that will make those intimate moments with sex toys or a lover feel even better. The 30ml tube is ideal for quick encounters, or if you need a lube that you can store discreetly.
Loving Joy Slide Water Based Lubricant 100ml £5.83
Loving Joy Slide is an ultra-smooth water-based lubricant, specifically designed to enhance your intimate experiences. It has a light, non-greasy texture that won’t stain clothes or sheets, and is suitable for use with all your favourite toys. It’s infused with components that help it to last longer, ensuring optimum pleasure for every session.
Silicone Flogger - Control Sensations with Slender Tails £5.83 £9.99
Experience the ultimate pleasure and pain with our exquisite Silicone Flogger. Crafted to perfection, this luxurious accessory is designed for both beginners and advanced users who seek complete control over their sensory desires. Unleash Your Desires Our Silicone Flogger offers a tantalizing range of sensations, from gentle teasing strokes to playful, passionate whacks. The slender tails, meticulously crafted from premium silicone, ensure every touch will send shivers of delight down your spine. Features Superior Quality: Made from high-grade silicone, this flogger is built to last and provide a truly luxurious experience. Enhanced Control: Comfortably grip the wrist strap for superior control and precision in delivering the perfect level of tickle and spank. Indulge in the art of pleasure and power with our Silicone Flogger. Designed to awaken your senses, it allows you to explore the boundaries of pleasure, whether alone or with a partner. Experience the heightened anticipation as the tails caress your skin, building up to electrifying sensations that will leave you begging for more. This elegant flogger effortlessly combines style and substance, making it the perfect addition to your intimate collection. Discover the pleasure that awaits you with our Silicone Flogger. Order now and experience the ultimate in luxury pleasure.
Adjustable Silicone Cock Ring - The Tight Spot - Enhance Pleasure £6.66
Introducing The Tight Spot Adjustable Cock Ring Experience luxury and versatility like never before with The Tight Spot Adjustable Cock Ring. Crafted by NMC Ltd, this innovative cock ring takes pleasure to new heights, offering a truly customizable experience for both you and your partner. Made with high-quality, body-safe silicone, this adjustable cock ring is designed to fit comfortably and securely around your shaft. Unlike traditional cock rings, The Tight Spot features two beads that can be easily moved along the length of the ring, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the tightness to your desired level of pleasure. With The Tight Spot, you have complete control over your sensations. Whether you prefer a snug, constricted fit or a looser grip, simply slide the beads up or down to adapt your experience to your specific desires. Customizable tightness: The adjustable design of The Tight Spot allows you to find the perfect level of constriction for intense satisfaction. Comfort and stimulation: The high-quality silicone material provides a comfortable fit while enhancing your pleasure. Indulge in the luxurious pleasure of The Tight Spot Adjustable Cock Ring and discover a level of stimulation that will leave you breathless. Take control and experience unforgettable sensations with this innovative and stylish addition to your intimate collection.
Cocktagon (Various Sizes) £6.66
In the shape of an octagon, with eight fantastic sides and eight awesome angles, The Cocktagon will keep your erection firm and ready for action. Fit it to the base of your erect penis to restrict blood flow, giving you a harder, longer session. Perfect for those about to rock! L - 2.5cm XL - 3cm XXL - 3.5cm
EXS Condoms- 12 Pack from £5.83
Not only do these amazing condoms feature all the safety and comfort of an EXS condom, they are also Vegan AND Cruelty Free! Stocked in a wide variety of sizes, textures and tastes these are a perfect little addition to your basket! 
Hellfire Cock Ring - Enhance Erections, 100% Silicone, Waterproof £6.66
Enhance your intimate experiences with the Hellfire Cock Ring, designed to ignite a fiery passion in the bedroom. Crafted with the utmost comfort in mind, this luxurious cock ring boasts a seamless design that feels incredible against your skin. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, this cock ring is sure to take your pleasure to new heights. Experience the power of prolonged pleasure as this cock ring effortlessly helps you maintain a bigger and stronger erection. The strategically placed silicone material applies gentle pressure to increase blood flow, resulting in longer-lasting and more intense moments of pleasure. Let the Hellfire Cock Ring elevate your performance and bring out the god-like confidence within you. Unleash your desires without worry, as the Hellfire Cock Ring is made from 100% silicone that is completely latex and phthalates free. This ensures a safe and hypoallergenic experience that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Plus, it is completely waterproof, allowing you to take your pleasure wherever your passion leads you. Elevate your pleasure with a comfortable and seamless design Experience longer and stronger erections for intensified pleasure Specifications: Material: 100% silicone Free from latex and phthalates Waterproof for versatile pleasure Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with the Hellfire Cock Ring. Let the flames of desire burn brightly as you take control of your pleasure like never before. Elevate your intimate moments to new heights of intensity with this luxurious cock ring that combines comfort, style, and functionality. Ignite the passion within and experience a level of pleasure you've only dreamed of.
King Cock Moist Body Lotion 3 Pack £6.66
King Cock Insertz are essential to keep Uncut Cocks performing at their best! The thin, extra long tapered tips make application a breeze. Keep your Uncut Cocks moisturized with Moist Body Lotion Insertz!   hese no mess applicators make it easy to get your favorite lotion or toy cleaner to stay exactly where you want it. The thin, extra long tapered tips make application a breeze. They are smooth, easy to squeeze, and best of all, the resealable cap allows you to reuse later. About Moist - Moist Lotion is a friction free, non-irritating, silky smooth personal lotion that will turn your sexual encounters into delightful pleasures! This non-staining, water based lotion is easy to clean up and can be used on your favorite bed sheets without worry. It is also latex and condom compatible, providing long lasting slipperiness that never gets sticky.   Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Polymethacrylate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Carbomer, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, PEG-45M, Diazolidinyl Carbamide, Methylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA. Made in the USA.
Oxballs Do Nut 2 Cockring £6.66
The Donut-2 cockring keeps him firmer for longer, giving him a more impressive package that looks great under gear. This ring is made from soft and stretchy material and we love that it’s super smooth - and snaps back into shape when you’re done with play. This ring can stretch to 5 x it’s original size, making it the perfect pick for men who love easy pleasure with maximum rewards. This penis ring intensifies his orgasm, but delays his ejaculation. It is easy to clean and maintain for low effort play.
Prowler Bulb Douche Small 89ml £6.66
Elevate your intimate cleansing routine with the Prowler Bulb Douche Small 89ml. This luxurious douche is meticulously designed to provide a sensual and refreshing experience. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the Prowler Bulb Douche features a PVC bulb and ABS plastic nozzle that ensure effortless cleaning. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting use, so you can indulge in the ultimate comfort time and time again. Effortless and Effective Cleaning: The PVC bulb and ABS plastic nozzle make the Prowler Bulb Douche incredibly easy to clean. Simply remove the nozzle and hold it under running water for a quick and hassle-free cleansing experience. Compact and Portable: With its small 89ml capacity, this douche is perfect for on-the-go use. Its size ensures discreet storage and transport, allowing you to maintain your intimate hygiene wherever you go. Embrace a new level of comfort and hygiene with the Prowler Bulb Douche Small 89ml. Its flat base enables it to stand upright when needed, providing convenience and accessibility during use. Add a touch of luxury to your self-care routine and enjoy the exquisite experience this douche offers.
Prowler RED Puppy Muzzle £7.08
Transform into your K9 alter ego with the perfect puppy muzzle in red. Made of super soft and stretchy neoprene, it conforms attractively to your face. Wear this playful muzzle with the puppy hood of your choice, it snaps on and off easily for convenient wear. Whether you are a bad dog or a well-trained pet, this puppy muzzle will help you accept your role at your owners’ feet.
Dragons Tail £7.49
This beaded anal bead cord is made from a soft, yet strong material. It is 10" in length and beads get bigger as it gets deeper. 
Glycerine Free Slix Water Based Lube 100ml - Non-Irritating Glide £7.49
Enhance your intimate moments with the Glycerine Free Slix Water Based Lube 100ml by You Me Us. Experience the ultimate luxury in intimacy as you indulge in the smooth and silky texture of this premium water-based lubricant. Crafted with care, this Glycerine Free formula prioritizes your comfort, ensuring a gentle and non-irritating glide. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace pure pleasure without any compromises. With its advanced formula, this water-based lube provides long-lasting lubrication that stays slick throughout your intimate encounters. No need for constant reapplication. Fully immerse yourself in the moment, letting your desires guide you to new heights of pleasure. Uncompromising Comfort: The Glycerine Free Slix Water Based Lube is meticulously crafted to prioritize your comfort during intimate encounters. Say goodbye to any potential discomfort and embrace pure pleasure. Long-lasting Lubrication: Experience the luxury of long-lasting lubrication with this premium water-based lube. Stay in the moment without interruptions, allowing for a truly immersive experience. Additionally, the Glycerine Free Slix Water Based Lube 100ml by You Me Us offers unrivaled peace of mind. High Quality Ingredients: Crafted with the finest ingredients, this lube is designed for those with sensitivities. Experience a gentle and non-irritating glide that enhances pleasure without any compromise. Easy to Use: With its convenient 100ml size, the Glycerine Free Slix Water Based Lube is perfect for travel and discreet storage. Elevate your pleasure anytime, anywhere. Elevate your pleasure to new heights with the Glycerine Free Slix Water Based Lube 100ml by You Me Us. Experience the epitome of luxury in intimacy. Order now and indulge in an unforgettable experience.

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