"We have shopped here for years and even since moving out of the area are regular customers of Scandals, either ordering from them online or making the trip to visit their store. The service is second to none, the quality and range of their products are fantastic and the team are so friendly. We can not recommend Scandals enough."
Miss Mischa Deluxe Realistic Masturbator - Lifelike Feel, Vibrator-Compatible, Latex-Free £16.66
Experience the ultimate pleasure with the Miss Mischa Deluxe Realistic Masturbator. This exquisite piece of pleasure is designed to provide you with a lifelike feel like never before. Indulge in the sensuality of its supple, real feel material that is guaranteed to deliver mind-blowing sensations. With its vibrator-compatible design, you have the freedom to take your pleasure to new heights. Amplify your experience by simply inserting a bullet vibrator into the specially designed hole, allowing for intensified sensations that will leave you breathless. Unleash your desires: Let your desires run wild with this realistic masturbator. The lifelike feel and texture provide an incredibly intimate experience that will leave you craving for more. Latex-free for your safety: We understand the importance of prioritizing your health and safety. That's why this masturbator is made from latex-free materials, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable playtime. Designed with your pleasure in mind, this masturbator boasts an easy hand-held design, allowing for comfortable and effortless use. Explore the internal texture as it engulfs you in a world of exquisite sensations, bringing your fantasies to life. Elevate your solo sessions with the Miss Mischa Deluxe Realistic Masturbator. Immerse yourself in the luxury and pleasure it offers, and let your desires take center stage.
Deep Lace Suspender Belt with 4 Sturdy Metal Clips £9.99
A pull-on suspender belt with a pretty floral lace design. Four suspender straps with sturdy metal clips.
Sunburst Red Lace Suspender Belt - Floral Patterned Satin Backed Design with 4 Metal Clips £8.33
Floral patterned lace and satin backed suspender belt. Includes four metal suspender clips in matching red hardware.
Sunburst White Lace Suspender Belt with 4 Metal Clips £8.33
Floral patterned lace and satin backed suspender belt. Includes four metal suspender clips in matching white hardware.
Black Latex Gloves - Durable and Stylish Unisex Gloves £24.99 £39.16
These long black gloves are a great choice and look amazing when worn with one of your latex outfits.  Unisex Made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergies.
RO-80mm Patterned Bullet Vibrator - 7 Sinful Settings for Intense Pleasure £10.83
Welcome to the world of pleasure and desire with the RO-80mm Patterned Bullet Vibrator. Prepare to be captivated by the tantalizing sensations that this specially designed vibrator has to offer. With 7 sinful settings to choose from, you'll experience intense pleasure like never before. Indulge yourself in the passionately powerful vibrations that this discreet bullet vibrator delivers. Its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go pleasure, while its powerful motor will leave you weak at the knees and craving for more. This special edition bullet vibrator is not only designed to please your senses, but it's also waterproof, allowing you to explore new levels of pleasure in the shower or bath. Let the water ignite your desires as you immerse yourself in pure ecstasy. Choose a design that suits your style and elevate your intimate experiences to new heights. Whether you prefer a sleek and elegant pattern or a bold and adventurous one, this bullet vibrator has something for everyone. Experience 7 addictive sinful settings for a variety of pleasure options Enjoy the freedom of exploring your desires as this vibrator is 100% waterproof Enhance your sensual journey and let the fireworks begin. Revel in the intense vibrations and ignite your senses with the RO-80mm Patterned Bullet Vibrator. This vibrator is perfect for those looking to indulge in luxury and explore their desires to the fullest. Illuminate your senses and feel the fireworks start 7 settings for a variety of pleasure options 100% waterproof for shower or bath exploration Battery not included
Liquid Silk Water-Based Lubricant - Enhance Intimate Pleasure with Premium Smoothness from £6.66
Experience the ultimate in pleasure and luxury with Liquid Silk Water-Based Lubricant. Created with your intimate desires in mind, this premium formula provides unparalleled smoothness and enhances every moment of intimacy. Indulge in the velvety texture of Liquid Silk as it effortlessly glides over your skin, creating a sensuous and exquisite experience. Its water-based hybrid formula ensures compatibility with all condoms, making it the perfect choice for safe and enjoyable encounters. Unlock new dimensions of pleasure with Liquid Silk's non-tacky and non-sticky formula. Perfect for both foreplay and intimate massages, it provides a seamless and friction-free experience that will leave you craving more. Unparalleled smoothness: Liquid Silk's unique formula ensures unmatched glide, offering a silk-like touch that enhances every intimate moment. Compatible and safe: Designed to be used with all condoms, Liquid Silk guarantees worry-free pleasure without compromising safety. Let Liquid Silk be your partner in pleasure, elevating every touch, every sensation, and every encounter. With its premium quality and luxurious feel, it transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Experience the difference of Liquid Silk Water-Based Lubricant and immerse yourself in a world of heightened pleasure and intimacy. Your desires deserve nothing less than the finest, and Liquid Silk delivers.
Bully Boy 7" Realistic Vibrator with Multi-Speed Functionality £12.49
Experience lifelike pleasure with the Bully Boy Realistic Vibrator 7". This luxurious pleasure tool is designed to provide ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Made with high-quality materials, the Bully Boy Vibrator is not only visually appealing but also feels incredibly real. With its multi-speed functionality, this realistic vibrator allows you to customize your experience to match your desires. Simply twist the base to explore a range of intensities and find the perfect setting for your pleasure. Featuring a smooth and soft shaft, the Bully Boy Vibrator effortlessly glides against your skin, mimicking the sensations of a real partner. Every touch and thrust will leave you yearning for more. Key Features of the Bully Boy Realistic Vibrator: Realistic design for lifelike pleasure Multi-speed functionality for customized experiences Indulge in the luxury of the Bully Boy Realistic Vibrator and explore every secret desire. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this exquisite pleasure tool will surpass your expectations. Discover the ultimate pleasure with the Bully Boy Realistic Vibrator today.
Jiggle Duo Balls for Enhanced Pleasure and Pelvic Floor Strengthening £6.66
The Black and White Duo Balls are a set of two love balls for women to wear inside the vagina, giving high levels of sexual pleasure. Presented in the clear shades of black and white, the marbled outer surface is attractive and different to the usual pink sexual products for women. The Black and White Duo Balls have a strong and durable pull cord for easy retrieval after use. The use of love balls inside the vagina can assist with sexual health. When used regularly, they can help to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. This can not only help with avoiding health issues such as incontinence but can also provide a more enjoyable and satisfying sex life for both the woman and her partner. Remember to thoroughly clean the Black and White Duo Balls after use with an anti-bacterial adult sex products cleaner to retain optimum hygiene (available separately).
Steel Sperm Stopper - Polished Steel Glans Ring with Movable Urethra - Available in 28mm and 30mm... from £16.66
Glans ring with movable urethra plus. Material: polished, silver-coloured steel Available in 28mm and 30mm ring sizes  Steel Power Tools
Sextreme Steel Urethra Plug with Glans Ring - 28mm £19.99
The brand Sextreme offers here his urethra plug with glans ring - 28mm The conical plug is perfect for beginners allowing a gradual insertion. The more the plug is sinking and the more the ring approaches the glans. The ball on which is fixed the plug is removable and allows the port with or without plug. The urethral plug is a must have in the accessories dedicated to submission.
Classified Novelty Pouches £4.16
Fun novelty gift. Men's Classified Pouches/Briefs.
SXY - Perfectly Bound Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs £22.49
SXY - Perfectly Bound Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs A Revolutionary Cuff for the NXT Level of Bondage Play. - Firm hold for instant control and passionate power play - Unique pivoting cuffs give total comfort however much you resist - Strong Velcro fastening fits all allowing you to take turns being charge - Strategically placed D Ring to expand restraint options
Cottelli Collection Party Blouse £14.16 £22.49
This blouse is full of eroticism! And the wearer knows exactly why she has put it on. Transparent black blouse with long sleeves. The attached pocket, the cuffs and the button-up front are made of slightly shiny material. 100% polyamide.
Sex & Mischief Flexible Coil Restraints £19.99
You don't need to be an expert, or even marginally good at tying knots to securely and sexily truss up your desire's object. The coil restraints from Sex & Mischief comprised of 2 perfectly flexible foam covered wire ties that can be twisted, turned and bent into any shape needed to keep your playmate in their place. Use them to secure wrists and ankles together, or twist them into a slapper loop or collar. The possibilities are practically infinite! The pair of flexible coil restraints measure 86 cm (34 ") in length.
Ass-Berries 7 Speed Vibrating Butt Plug £20.83
Feel full of delicious power with our Ass-Berries Blackberry vibrating butt plug. Delve 7 delicious settings to where you crave them most with a soft textured design for breath-taking blasts of passion.   Ideal for the intermediate to experienced Feel multiple sensations from a textured berry-shape Flared base keeps it in place Powered by the RO-80mm vibrating 7 functions include 3 speeds and 4 pulsing patterns Completely waterproof and fully-submersible Battery included (x1 N-size)  
Pjur Cult Latex & Rubber Dressing Aid £13.33
Are you keen on rubber and latex clothing? This formula is revolutionary, because it makes it easier to put on tight-fitting fetish clothing without any problem, even for those with thick body hair. pjur CULT moreover protects and treats the materials thanks to the special ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the molecular structure of the clothing so that their owners can enjoy them longer. Rubber and latex become soft and smooth. The product goes a long way and has been tried and tested over many years by lovers of these materials. It is the perfect combination of practical use and stimulation for all experts and connoisseurs. pjur CULT is breathable, odorless and contains no oil, fat or perfume. Suited for external use. Compatible with latex condoms. Special dressing aid for latex and rubber clothing Perceptible facilitation even for those with thick body hair Prolongs the lifecycle of the material
Envy Low Rise Seamless Boxer Brief £12.49
Seamless Design Envy's Standard Boxer Shape Performance Engineered Available in Black or White  
Sheer Hold-Ups With Lace Top by Fever £8.33
Sheer Hold-Ups, Lace Tops with Silicone One size fits most.
Opaque Hold-Ups with Bows Mulitple Colours by Fever £5.83
Fever Opaque Hold-Ups with Bows provide the perfect combination of premium quality and stylish appeal. Featuring high quality material and a secure fit that accommodates most sizes, these stockings are available in a range of classic black and white options. Perfect for adding sophistication to any ensemble.
Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump with Firm Suction for Size, Girth & Health £18.33
Discover the power of the Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump, a luxurious enhancement tool designed to help you achieve impressive gains in size, girth, and overall penile health. Elevate your confidence and experience new levels of pleasure with this innovative device. Unleash your potential: The Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump utilizes firm suction and a comfort seal to create a pleasurable and effective experience. With each use, you'll notice increased blood flow, leading to enhanced performance and desired results. Customized comfort: This exquisite penis pump features a specially designed sleeve that offers extra length and textured nubs for ultimate comfort. Enjoy a perfect fit that adapts to your needs, ensuring optimal satisfaction every time. Create a personalized journey towards your desired size and boosted confidence. The Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump is discreetly designed, making it perfect for use in the privacy of your own home or travels. Constructed with the utmost attention to detail, this superior penis pump is built to last. Its sleek and ergonomic design not only ensures impressive durability but also adds a touch of luxury to your collection of pleasure-enhancing devices. Revel in heightened sensations and elevate your intimate moments with the Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump. Experience the pleasure of increased size, improved girth, and overall penile health at your fingertips. Don't settle for less when you can have it all.
Classified Fishnet Thigh High Stockings With Lace Welt Silicone Bands £6.66
Classified Fishnet Hold Up Stockings that are 100% nylon and have a soft toe with a 4 cms lace welt with silicone bands.  Available in other colours. One size fits 90-160 lbs
Classified Suspender Tights £4.16
15 Denier One Size 100% Polyamide Our 100% nylon opaque suspender tights have a soft toe and an stretch waist for added comfort.  Great for a smooth finish under tight garments.  Briefs and shoes NOT included.   Available in other colours One size fits 90-160 lbs
Heavy Metal Bondage Handcuffs with Keys - Authentic and Adjustable Stainless Steel Cuffs £9.16
Experience the ultimate in pleasure and power play with our exquisite Heavy Metal Handcuffs. These handcuffs are the epitome of sophistication and dominance, designed to indulge your deepest desires and elevate your bondage experiences to new heights. Crafted from premium quality stainless steel, these handcuffs offer an authentic and captivating heaviness that will intensify every moment of your role-play scenarios. The weighty feel against your skin will serve as a constant reminder of the thrill that awaits you. Designed for both bondage beginners and seasoned pros, our Heavy Metal Handcuffs feature an adjustable size, ensuring a perfect fit on most wrists. Whether you prefer a snug fit or a looser hold, these cuffs will provide the ideal balance of comfort and restriction. Unleash your imagination: Let your wildest fantasies become a reality as these handcuffs offer endless possibilities for exploration and experimentation. Unparalleled control: Take charge and embrace your dominant side as you assert your authority over your partner's desires and pleasure. With their quick release catch, these handcuffs provide peace of mind knowing that the key is always within reach. You can confidently surrender to the moment, knowing that safety and freedom are just a single motion away. And for those seeking the ultimate thrill, we include a set of 2 deluxe keys for added convenience. Experience the true allure of submission and dominance with our Heavy Metal Handcuffs. Indulge in the luxurious sensation of restraint and take your pleasure to new heights. Elevate your intimate encounters and create unforgettable memories with these exquisite bondage handcuffs.

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