The Prostate Awakening

The Prostate Awakening

Women have been blessed with many pleasure zones on our bodies, the clitoris for example is the only body part in either gender that is solely for the pleasure of its owner. However, don't be fooled into thinking men's bodies dont have secret hidden pleasure holes too! 

We get a lot of men coming into our stores, purchasing a wide range of toys. And some are enlightened to the experience of prostate stimulation, but a lot aren't. 

And that's okay! As young adults, none of us where ever taught how to pleasure ourselves, only how to reproduce. So why would we know about it?

I'm here to shed a little light on this subject so those willing to explore it, can.

Men have a beautiful little walnut-sized body part called a prostate gland. It secretes fluid inside their reproductive system to nourish and protect the sperm. The fluid is squeezed out through the urethra during ejaculation. 

Now, how does this become a pleasure spot? Well the gland is full of nerve endings which make it a very sensitive spot, so when rubbed and stimulated it can result in a full body orgasm quite different to just stroking the penis, they are deeper and can last longer. 

As I said, we have a few men coming into our stores, and some of them are in the know about prostate stimulation, however the ones who aren't really take a lot of convincing to try it. Let me set the record straight, IT'S DOESN'T MAKE YOU GAY TO LIKE YOUR PROSTATE TOUCHED. All men are born with this pleasure spot and should be something to be experimented with, enjoyed and celebrated! 

If you and your partner are both comfortable and take it slow and steady, you too can experience these spine-tingling, full body, super long orgasms that awaken your soul. Join the prostate revolution today, all it takes is a finger!

And when you're ready to go the next step, we have SO many incredible products for prostate stimulation. 

Here's some of my fave products that I always recommend to customers, from beginners to masters:

3" Prostate Plug: Perfect for beginners wanting to try it out themselves! 

The Scandals G-Spot and P-Spot Massager: A must have for all bodies, it will find a female G-spot AND a male P-spot. With it's rotating head, intense vibrations and dual motors. A perfect 10.

The Rebel Play Kit: An assortment of amazing goodies, to try all the shapes and sizes you desire!

The Electro-Shock Prostate Massager: Definitely for those more experienced users, this Electric Stimulation product vibrates on your prostate AND delivers intense electrical surges that keep you coming!


*Full disclosure, this blog was written by a female.


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