The Best Sex Toy For Your Star Sign

The Best Sex Toy For Your Star Sign

At Scandals, we believe theres a toy for everyone! No matter your shape, size, orientation or ability. There's also a thousand and one different options out there too! So how on earth are we supposed to be able to find the best toy for each one of us? Well, I did a lil' research, and finally my extensive knowledge of the zodiac and astrology is coming in handy!

Just take a scroll to your star sign, (or the sign of your partner!) and enjoy hours of playtime. All items can be found on our website and in store.


You are bold and powerful in life, so you need the most powerful toy to go along with that drive of yours! Try the Doxy Massager Wand, it's mains-powered which means it's the most powerful you can get, and the biggest vibrator of its kind!


The bulls love all things luxurious and treating themselves! So if you're feeling spendy why not take a look at the Callie by Jopen Mini Vibrating Wand? Its super sleek and downright boujie white and gold colours with crystal base is enough to make any Taurus swoon.


You Gemini's can just never make up your mind! Well don't bother your sweet head about any any further, we've got you sorted with the Scandals Rabbit Cock Ring with Removable Bullet. This ring is basically two toys in one! And don't even get me started on the many different ways to use a bullet... Use your imagination!


As the most romantic sign, you crave intimacy above all, so create a close cosy bond with your partner with The Scandals Ultimate Couples Vibrator. This is a wearable vibrator so you can still be super close and intimate, and the remote control is also a mini-pebble vibrator! 


Aggressive and passionate, lions need something absolutey roaring to get them going! Why not try the Real Feel Deluxe 9.5" Vibrator? It's so incredibly lifelike, and the vibrations are insanely powerful. Perfect to get this cat purring.


Virgo's don't need anything too extravagant, they just want to get to the matter at hand! The best toy for this is the Scandals Rabbit Vibrator. No fuss, no bells and whistles, just a sleek, perfectly sized and wonderfully powerful rabbit. She's good to go. 


Libra's are social butterflies and likely don't have the time to be messing around at home! So why not take the pleasure on the go with the We Vibe Jive? This vibrator can be worn and remotely controlled via an app! You can even allow someone else to take control, as Libra's love to co-operate!


Scorpions are the master's of mystery and the unknown and they love to experiment with new things. Tease your lover with these Bed Restraints and let the play-time begin!


The adventurers of the zodiac, sags love to try something completely new and almost absurd to the rest of us! Our range of Electra-Stim products would surely entice any centaur... Our pick is the Triple Dome Gold Dildo. Time for a shock!


These hard-workers deserve a good earned break, and any Cap will love the firm and controlled pleasure of a metal toy! Specifically the Njoy Elevel Steel Dildo, perfect for anal or vaginal play. 


The water-bearers, and usually, water lovers! Aquarians are used to thinking outside the box.. or bed? And shower sex is certainly outside of the bed! Dive deep into watery pleasure with the Scandals Bullet, which is completely waterproof, perfect for shower or bath!


Their lovely intuitive energy means that a pisces doesn't want anything that looks 'too much'. Therefore one of our beautiful glass toys will be perfect! They will appreciate the peaceful and delicate look and they'll certainly enjoy the many ways to use it...! Try our Icicles No. 17 glass Massager. 

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