Scandals Travels: The Vagina Museum

Scandals Travels: The Vagina Museum

When I heard that there was a Vagina Museum in London, I knew I had to check it out on my next visit. And it did not disappoint!

The Vagina Musem is a wonderful pop-up museum and shop located in the vibrant Camden Market. Ran by women, for women and about women, ALL women!

It is the first and only museum dedicated to the wonderful world of vaginas, vulvas and all encompassing gynocological anatomy. The musum consists of really interesting facts and 'Muff-Busting' information, to break down lies we've been told and embrace inclusivity. 

If you're ever in London, do go and check it out and support these incredible humans, buy a racy post-card or even a T-Shirt! Also take a look at their website for all their info here

Also follow them on Instagram for amazing vagina art and info!

Let us know where we should visit next, maybe the Penis Museum in Reykjavik?

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