Lotta Know About Lube

Lotta Know About Lube

Want to have sex but your not wet enough? Lube! Want to masturbate but you're not physically aroused? Lube! Want to have anal sex? Lube! Want to just improve your sex life in general? LUBE!

Lubricant is probably the most commonly used sexual enhancer today. However, not all people think they need lube. It's not necessarily a case of needing lube rather than it being there just to help things "slide" along smoothly. I do want to stress however, that anal sex definitely needs a good quality lube, no matter what you may think, the anal cavity does not self lubricate. 

Lube comes in many different textures, flavours and sizes. However, not all lubes are the same. For instance tingling lube and anal relaxing lube are definitely not the same. Below is a list of different lubes, their properties and their purposes. 

The types of lube

Silicone: Silicone lube is suitable for those of us with extremely sensitive skin.  Silicone lube is hypoallergenic meaning that most people will not have a reaction to this type of lube. Another bonus to silicone lube is that it lasts longer than regular waterbased lube. It is also a much thicker lube, meaning that shower sex wont wash away your lube as easily. However, silicone lube comes with a downside,this type of lube degrades the silicone on your toys. This causes your toys to become porous and unsanitary, allowing bacteria to grow. We recommend the Just Glide Silicone Lube, for some long lasting shower play.

 Waterbased: Waterbased lube is the most versatile lube on the market. They can be used with almost any sexual activity you can think of, including the use of silicone toys. Waterbased lubes are also incredibly condom safe, with both latex and non-latex condoms. We recommend the Easyglide Waterbased Lubricant for fun and safe play.

Oil based: Oil based lubes are great for those of us that don't want to keep having to reapply lube during the moment of passion. Oil based lube is seriously long lasting! Being oil based and oh so slippery, you can also use oil based lubes for sensual massage. However, you simply cannot use oil based lube with latex condoms. You could also expect a higher rate of infection for things like bacterial vaginosis. 

Tingling: Tingling lubes simply enhance the overall sexual experience. They provide a tingling sensation to the applied erogenous areas such as the nipples, clitoris or the head of the penis. These lubes can help individuals who struggle to reach orgasm by adding extra sensation and stimulation to the area. 

 Flavoured: Flavored lubes are primarily waterbased lubricants, and are edible, as well as great smelling. Flavoured lubes come in a variety of different flavours, such as strawberry, chocolate and passion fruit. The list goes on and on and on. These lubes come in especially handy for oral sex, however if you just want a lube that smells delicious you can equally use flavoured lubes for sex! We recommend the ID Juicy High Performance Lube for some seriously tasty fun. 

Desensitising: Desensitising lubes are designed primarily for anal use. These lube contain a topical gel that gently numbs the area. Desensitising gels come in a variety of styles and even flavours. We recommend the Easyglide Anal Relaxing Waterbased Lube for some numb fun, that's just right for your bum. 

Orgasm gels: Orgasm gels add sensations of warmth, cold and tingling all at the same time. The multiple sensations increase blood flow to the clitoris or penis to help achieve orgasm quicker. These gels are becoming increasingly more popular amongst women who find it difficult to orgasm. 

All in all lubricants are a wonderful creation. They are not only used for sex, but can be used for amazing massage. Lubricants have the power to enhance all aspects of sex. So as I said before, it's not so much that you need lubricant, as you could use with some lubricant. 



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