Halloweenspiration at Scandals

Halloweenspiration at Scandals

The Sanderson Sisters 

Witchcraft is definitely having its moment in the spotlight this year, for better or for worse. If you're up for hexing bigoted politicians, then this may be the option for you! Get your coven together and take your pick of our witchy outfits. A corset adds a nice historical twist, and the boys (and girls!) will love you in one.

Bonus outfits! You can get the whole gang together with a Thackery the cat, and a zombified Billy Butcherson. 

Hannibal Lecter 

We all love a bit of Mads Mikkelson, but you can't beat the classics. And what is more iconic than Hannibal's muzzle? Grab an orange top and you're all set to go. For extra points, turn up to the party with some fava beans and a nice chianti. 

Harley Quinn 

 A couple of years ago Harley was a bit of a cliché when it came to Halloween costumes. But I feel like we've transitioned into her simply becoming a staple part of the season. If men can be the dark knight every year, then women can be daddy's little monster. Come to think of it, let the men be Harley too- bring on the genderqueer jesters! Don't we all love an excuse to unleash our inner psycho?

 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Speaking of queering gender... an adult store is obviously going to be your first port of call for Rocky Horror inspired outfits. A basque and some fishnet stockings make for an easy Dr. Frank N. Furter (heels optional!). Or back comb your hair and throw on a maid's dress for classic Magenta. 


Whether your more of a Pfeiffer, Berry, or Hathaway fan- Catwoman's appeal is transgenerational. Pair your cat ears with a PVC catsuit, or for a more fun and flirty version, try this wet look romper. There's always the more risqué option of wearing a black bodystocking, which brave kittens could wear out with a black bra and hotpants underneath.

The Nurses of Silent Hill

Full disclosure, I've never played this game or watched the film adaptation. And yet these things still haunt my dreams. If you want a truly creepy outfit for this Hallow's Eve, then this could be the one for you. Grab your nurse outfit, bandage up your face, and then splatter some fake blood on there.

I also think there's some room for a great 'dying NHS' outfit in there, if your feeling politically morbid 😉😭


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