Edge Your Way To Better Orgasms

Edge Your Way To Better Orgasms

Did you know that the average duration of heterosexual penis-in-vagina sex is only 5.4 minutes?

And did you also know that for people with vaginas, it usually takes around 20 minutes to reach orgasm?

Something isn't adding up here.

The market to help men last longer during sex is massive. Viagra alone is worth over $400 million a year, and shows no real sign of slowing down. In Scandals, our most popular products are the herbal supplements we supply that help men stay harder for longer so as to please their partners more. See our best selling Vextra for more.

However, surely there must be a way for people with penises to naturally last longer in bed, I mean we exercise our bodies, why not exercise our genitals too?

The technique is called Edging, and is quite simple. 

You get yourself to the edge of orgasm, and then stop. Then start again, and stop again. Build yourself higher and higher and with frequent training, you can achieve bigger and more intense orgasms. And you can last longer in bed!

Try to aim to last 10 minutes, and then keep going and see how long you can go for! Your partner will love it and so will you.

You can do this training technique au naturale, however we've got a brand new product specially designed for this.

From our very popular Main Squeeze Stroker collection, we now have the Main Squeeze Endurance Trainer.


Designed with the edging technique in mind, the realistic stroker is perfect for training and getting you to that edge!

The Main Squeeze Endurance Trainer is available in store and online now!

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