Down With The Hand! Behold The Male Mastubator Liberator

Down With The Hand! Behold The Male Mastubator Liberator
It's no secret that males are more open about masturbation than women, after all modern society now encourages masturbation, particularly in males, in order to keep their family jewels hot and healthy.
In and amongst my male friends sex, porn and masturbation are hot topics, nothing is taboo. Or at least that's how it seems. I bring up the topic of male masturbators, suddenly the room goes quiet, there's the odd chuckle but nobody seems to want to discuss the toys. 
I go home wondering why male sex toys are a subject so shied away from amongst my friends. I'm left with a heavy heart and the burning determination that I must share the joys of the male masturbator, move over pocket rocket, its time for the pocket pussy to make an appearance!
Male masturbators are incredible toys designed to mimic the feel of vaginal, oral and anal sex. They are often modeled based upon real vaginas, mouth and anuses. Take the Main Squeeze collection for example:    
The fabulous minds over at Doc Johnson teamed up with your favourite pornstars (female and male) to bring you the Main Squeeze collection of male masturbators. These masturbators are real replicas of your favourite pornstars vulva or anus. Made from super soft Ultraskyn material, these vaginas and anuses are as real feeling as you can get. Each of the masturbators has a uniquely shaped tunnel so you can pick and choose your perfect vaginal canal or rectum. Why settle for yourself when you can have your own pornstar?
Should you not want to engage in a steamy encounter with some realistic naughty bits, then how about a masturbator with no particular form? a sexless tube if you will, capable of being any kind of hole you imagine it to be. Well, we Tenga have you covered! 
Tenga produce sexless masturbators with discreet exteriors, perfect for accidentally leaving out in the open. The Tenga cups are made from super stretchy elastomer making each cup very accommodating to your member. The feel of Tenga is different to that of the Main Squeeze as it has less of a skin feel and more of a slippery silicone, that when accompanied by plenty of lube makes your member feel like its melting into the mouth of an angel. The fact that this cup is sexless really helps bisexuals, homosexuals, pansexuals, demisexuals and asexuals to imagine the cup being whoever or whatever they want. 
Should you want to make the leap into using a male masturbator then Scandals have you covered. Our Main Squeeze collection can be found HERE on our wonderful site. Alternatively our Tenga collections can be found HERE. Both of these collection can be found in store alongside other male masturbators. 
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