Depression, Sex and...Me

Depression, Sex and...Me
Depression and mental health issues affect our everyday lives in all aspects. So it comes as no surprise that depression can seriously affect our libido and even the way in which we have sex. Which is a real bummer considering that the endorphins released into our body during orgasm is just the ticket to help us feel that bit better.
Nope, it isn't just you!
One in five of us suffer with depression at some point in our lives, although studies suggest that people over 65 seem to be even more at risk. Some people have an inherited tenancy to develop depression.
Stuck in a rut
People with depression often lose interest in sex amongst other things that they used to enjoy. The tiredness that comes hand-in-hand with depression can leave you felling more "Ugh" than "Ooh", leaving you with little energy for any physical activity, never mind sex. The lowered brain activity can also make it very difficult to reach orgasm, making sex seem like a lot of effort for little reward.
It has been studied and shown that CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) can be as effective as antidepressants for libido. Unfortunately many antidepressants can lower libido, which is why therapy is being more and more utilised by doctors. However, by far, the best course of action for when you are finding it difficult to get in the mood, is to talk to your sexual partner. A good understanding of what you're going through on their part can help ease the burden on yourself You may find that your partner takes on more of a responsibility to make you orgasm or spice things up in the bedroom.
It gets better
As your depression is treated and you start to feel better you will find that your interests slowly seem, well, more interesting. You will start to enjoy your hobbies once again, more importantly your sex drive will start to make a return. This new found interest in sex is evidence that your condition is improving.
For now
If you're finding that sex just can't wait for recovery you may want to try inviting some new products into the bedroom to help increase libido. There are several libido enhancers on the market you can try. A list of some of my favourites are as follows:
  • Pink Max  is a herbal supplement for her designed to increase sexual desire and libido. Pink Max can increase your sex drive, lift your energy levels and help improve blood flow in and around erogenous zones making it easier to find that satisfying release.
  • Viaroot libido enhancer (sold on our site) is designed a male libido enhancer and is made from all natural ingredients. 
  • Vextra is our best selling male libido and erection enhancer. As its made from natural ingredients it wont leave you feeling the same ill effects of Viagra, but will leave you naturally invigorated and ready for action. 
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