A HUGE Fetish

A HUGE Fetish

Last weekend the giants came to visit our lovely town of Liverpool. Over 1 million people turned out to watch them stroll the streets. But some people may have been enjoying the show a bit more than the rest of us...

Macrophilia, literally meaning "lover of large", is a fetish involving fantasies about giants/giantesses. In some cases this can be fulfilled by someone just a few feet taller than the fetishist, but more often they long for someone to tower over them by hundreds, or even thousands, of feet.

Obviously, this can be a bit tricky to re-create in real life, but that's where the wonderful world wide web comes in! Performers, who are usually women, use camera angles and green screen effects to produce their own featurettes of them storming through towns, throwing around innocent bystanders, and crushing things under their feet.

From this you can gather that macrophiliacs don't necessarily need explicitly sexual fantasies to feel fulfilled. For many it's the feeling of vulnerability and powerlessness, similar to and often interlinked with submissiveness like that in Dom/sub relationships, that drives these scenarios.

Other fetishes that are intertwined with macrophilia include those that focus on the mouth and eating (otherwise known as as vorarephilia), fetishes which involve the other person or their specific body parts growing, as well as feet fetishes, amongst others.

All of these are much easier to re-create now that virtual reality is becoming more available for pornography users. Using VR lenses, macrophiliacs can live out their giant fantasies in the comfort of their own homes, without the risk of being crushed underfoot!

At Scandals we're no stranger to people perusing our gigantic selection of toys, and we're always here to facilitate your fantasies. And if this particular one has piqued your interest, check out the original macrophiliac film: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.


Featured image by Apollonia Saintclair


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